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Miriam Payne
Miriam Payne completed their first weekend mission. 🎉

Sunday 25th February

Mission Possible

Mission Possible

Miriam Payne completed their first weekend mission.

Miriam has forgone the usual weekend routine. Instead of lie-ins, roasts and strolls around the park Miriam has dropped everything to run a GoodGym mission for someone who needed help. Respect

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Miriam Payne
Miriam Payne run their first missions with GoodGym. 🥳

Sunday 25th February

Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished

Miriam Payne run their first missions with GoodGym.

Miriam has just done something they've never done before. Miriam has just run a mission; they've changed their running route and run to help someone who really needed their help.

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Miriam Payne
Miriam Payne went on a mission

Sun 25th Feb at 4:00pm

For bedder or for worse

Ealing Report written by Kash

Today Miriam officially became a mission runner, completing her mission number one, while Kash evolved into a mission beast, reaching a good deeds count of 666.

Kash remembered Mr A's and his wife's house, where she did grocery missions for the elderly couple, and later came with Sevan to relocate a bed to make space for Mr A's new hospital bed. Today, Kash returned with Miriam to complete the most challenging task for Mr A: swapping said hospital bed upstairs with the older gentleman's bed downstairs.

The good news was that Mr A's son, Dr S, was at his parents' house to orchestrate the operation and help move his dad onto the hospital bed. The bad news was that both beds to be swapped were occupied!

I don't think we can do the move today, said Dr S, coming to the living room on the ground floor from the bedroom upstairs. The tenant is sleeping.

Do you mean we will be too noisy? He is not sleeping in THE bed, right?

He is.

After that announcement, Mr A and his wife had an animated discussion with their son. Miriam and Kash didn't understand a thing from what was said, but they understood well what was going to happen next. Dr S went upstairs to negotiate with the tenant. He was successful.

Miriam and Kash apologised to the tenant for the disruption. He seemed reconciled with the situation and helped them move the mattress. That was the easy part. Miriam started taking off the headboard, and Kash started to think about the steps they needed to do to complete the task and whether there were any blockers. One blocker was a broken stair lift, stuck permanently at the top of the stairs. There was hardly any way around it. Dr S proved he was not only the brain but also the muscle. He helped the GoodGymers lift the bed above the stair lift and take it downstairs. To be frank, it was not a real hospital bed but it had features like a reclining mechanism, which made the bed extra heavy.

Another hoop was the mystery of how to fit the bed through the door to the living room. Mr A was getting anxious and even felt like cancelling the task at some point. Dr S convinced him that he and the GoodGymers knew what they were doing. After moving a few pictures and a heavy cabinet, it became possible to get the bed into the living room.

There was one more tricky thing to do: move Mr A from one bed to another. Kash noticed Mr A changed a lot since her previous visits. After coming back from the hospital, he seemed much smaller and frail. The team needed a way to move him gently from one bed to another without a hoist and avoid putting him into a wheelchair. Dr S decided to slide him, together with his current bedsheet, onto the new bed. It was very smooth and Mr A did not suffer discomfort.

After dealing with the heavy hospital bed, moving Mr A's old bed upstairs felt like a breeze - it was super light! The GoodGymers slid the new bed with Mr A towards the wall and the seemingly difficult task was completed in less than an hour!

The grateful family offered the GoodGymers soft drinks and introduced them to Dr S's eight-year-old son, who was in the house and wanted to know the names of the nice volunteers he saw in action.

Miriam did amazingly on her first mission, showing a positive attitude, strength, determination, and kindness in everything she did. For Kash, it was a pleasure to do a mission with Miriam. Hopefully, they will team up very soon again to do more good!

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Mon 26th Feb at 9:50am

Well done Miriam!!

Miriam Payne
Miriam Payne signed up to a mission.

Sun 25th Feb at 4:00pm

Transfer of bed to support Mr A (WK1)

This will help Mr A greatly both physically and emotionally.

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Miriam Payne
Miriam Payne been Mission Verified. 🎉

Wednesday 14th February



Miriam Payne been Mission Verified.

Congratulations to Miriam who is now Mission Verified. They're now ready to start running GoodGym missions to help older people and running alone to community mission. Give Miriam a cheer to kickstart their mission running career.

SevanStephDucatAlan ArmstrongKashHarvey Gallagher
Miriam Payne
Miriam Payne went on a community mission

Sun 4th Feb at 2:00pm

The Task That Never Was

Ealing Report written by Kash

Despite best efforts to finish the manure-move-manoeuvre at Western Road Urban Garden a.k.a. filming the Poopa's Delight documentary, the GoodGym team was low in numbers and seemed slightly overwhelmed by a massive pile of... manure.

Mani, the manager of Feeding Ealing, and the mastermind behind today's project to secure a plastic sheet of a polytunnel and then move the horse dung inside the construction, had to make a tough decision. He called his regular volunteers from Bixley Allotments and said he was cancelling today's session, redirecting all hands to Western Road. Three GoodGymers: Miriam, Steph and Kash, were already there, shovelling and whellbarrowing like crazy.

Mani hands make light work

Mani rolled up the sleeves himself and got to work. Small shovels, flat tyres of the barrows - nothing could stop the combined power of GoodGym Ealing and Mani. Except for the time. Because the GoodGym gang had been working non-stop at the 2-hour task before, seamlessly blending themselves into the replacement Bixley session, Kash made a deal with Mani to drop the tools at 3 pm. After all even GoodGymers need to eat and rest. Sometimes.

The manure pile shrunk significantly after the relentless effort of the team, and the ground inside the polytunnel had a decent fertiliser coverage. Mani was grateful for the help he received from GoodGym today and offered the volunteers samosas, pub lunch or at least chocolates as thank you. The last option was taken. Yet another determined effort to make the community food-growing vision a reality!

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SevanHarvey GallagherAlan ArmstrongStephDucatKash
Miriam Payne
Miriam Payne went on a community mission

Sun 4th Feb at 11:30am

Poolywood Boulevard

Ealing Report written by Kash

Western Road is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

GoodGym Ealing presents
a Feeding Ealing production


Miriam as Female GoodGymer in Red
Harvey as Male GoodGymer in Red
Steph as Male GoodGymer in Black
Kash as Female GoodGymer in Black
Mani as Mani

Casting Director: Kash
Music Composer: Wind & Sirens
Costume Designer: GoodGym
Associate Producer: StephDucat
Director of Photography: Kash
Producer: GoodGym
Writers: Life
Director: Mani

The Sunday's task at Western Road promised an easy way to stardom. Apart from being a part of the Feeding Ealing project to finish setting up a community polytunnel in Southall, four GoodGymers who joined the session were daring enough to come and claim some small-screen fame! A one-person film crew was supposed to come to the site and film the exploits of the mighty GoodGym Ealing! Sadly, the professional filmmaker was defeated by the broken Elizabeth Line and didn't make it to Southall.

With no cinematographer in sight, Kash decided to take an opportunity and become the Director of Photography and camera operator. Mani, the lead of Feeding Ealing and Southall Transition, took the role of the Director. He briefed the actors about what was going to happen. There was a polytunnel job, of course. Steph quickly volunteered to be the male lead in that feature film, citing his height as his advantage. The rest of the cast ended up deep in... manure.

A brown carpet, rather than a red carpet, unfolded in front of Miriam and Harvey, who bravely picked up the tools and got to work like real farm people. They performed with passion and authenticity, ignoring the fact that the tools they got were... well, props. Tiny spades in place of shovels and three flat-tyred wheelbarrows didn't deter them at all as they kept digging and moving the horse poo inside the polytunnel. Kash became a part-time manure shoveller too, dividing her attention between filmmaking and the task. Harvey, also wanting to contribute more to the production, took the initiative in directing by adding eclectic elements of a pirate movie: GoodGymers walking the plank when entering a polytunnel!

After Steph and Mani fixed the tape protecting the polytunnel's plastic sheet from metal poles (that can get very hot in the summer), the climax of the movie ensued. Mani drilled holes in wooden planks that would become the polytunnel's doorframe. Then, four GoodGymers had to pull the plastic sheet inside the construction, so that Mani could attach the planks to a maximally extended sheet. That isometric hold exercise seemed to take forever as Mani's electric screwdriver was... well, a prop. Finally, the doorframe was in place, and the GoodGymers were released. That was the most difficult scene to act.

There was still the epilogue to perform, in which the bottom of the polytunnel sheet had to be secured with the weight of soil. A prison-style scene was enacted, with Miriam and Steph digging a trench before wheelbarrowing the soil and unloading it onto the sheet.

After two hours of filming work, the cast started losing their hopes for the Academy Award, but they felt that the real reward was in the service to the community.

You start off thinking you're gonna give something, you're gonna help out, you're gonna volunteer, but actually, you'll soon realise you'll get more back than you put in, and that's a really unexpected surprise. - Harvey

GoodGymers are some of the best volunteers I work with. Unwavering, spirit to serve, tireless, and I can't seem to praise you enough! - Mani

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Sun 4th Feb at 9:56pm

Quite!!! We are filming. Take 1 !! Great scenes and that's a wrap.


Sun 4th Feb at 10:26pm

Nominating for the festivals this season

Harvey Gallagher

Sun 4th Feb at 10:35pm


Miriam Payne
Miriam Payne signed up to a community mission.

Sun 4th Feb at 11:30am

Southall Transition Opus Magnum: Set up the Greatest Polytunnel in Ealing! 🏗️

Help a charity build a polytunnel to grow food for the community.

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Miriam Payne
Miriam Payne completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym. 🤩

Saturday 20th January

High 5

High 5

Miriam Payne completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym.

Miriam is a now a pretty committed GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the fifth time

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