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2 Goodgymers helped their local community in Ealing
Miriam Payne
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Monday 22nd April

Report written by Madhan

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Miriam was assigned the ladies' section when I entered the Monday evening soup kitchen. The clothes have been already laid out for display.

Emma assigned me to the kitchen, where Clair was in charge of cooking today. There was a young kid who was already doing a great job being the kitchen assistant. We formed a line and started packing the tuna pasta and veggie pasta and delivering them to the front.

The tuna pasta was going out at a faster pace and we couldn't keep up with the packing.

After the rush hour, things settled down and we packed, cleaned, and finished all by 7:45 pm.

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Ealing Soup Kitchen
A faith-based Soup Kitchen that provides food, advocacy, & practical help for the vulnerable & homeless

Ealing Soup Kitchen is a registered charity set up to help the vulnerable and homeless in the area. Nine local churches support our faith-based Soup Kitchen, which has been running since 1973.

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Miriam Payne
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