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Ellie Dove
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Fri 24th Jun at 1:30pm

(Un)pot It Like It’s Hot

York Report written by Ellie Dove

5 GGers met Teena at York Hospital Outpatients Garden to plant up their lovely new raised beds (which had been installed since out last visit). A small herb garden, lots of lavender, a few palms and a lot of flowers were planted, along with one tiny ‘characterful’ Christmas tree.

Once all the plants were in, we spread lots of mulch around whilst chatting away (and hopefully not distracting the staff who had their windows open. Thankfully the weather held off so after a quick water of the plants we were done.

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Ellie Dove
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Fri 24th Jun at 1:30pm

Laura BarrettVickyBarbara Griffin
Ellie Dove
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Fri 27th May at 3:00pm

Mind your bed!

York Report written by Laura Barrett

We arrived at Mrs A's house and met a neighbour and the nurse to find that there had been a few changes of plan with the new bed. However, the old bed still needed taking upstairs out the way. We started by seeing if we could take the bed to pieces. Abi handily had a screwdriver on her but there were too many different types of tools needed so we moved it as a whole. It took a bit of manoeuvring to get it up the stairs, round corners and through the door frame but taking it a step at a time we succeeded.

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Peter Van TongerenAbi Perrin
Laura BarrettBecky
Ellie Dove
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Fri 27th May at 3:00pm

Barbara GriffinLaura Barrett
Ellie Dove
Ellie Dove went on a community mission

Sat 21st May at 10:30am

You’ve Been Bamboo-zled

York Report written by Ellie Dove

7 GGers met Griselda from York Hospital to help prep two gardens for renovation next week. The first garden had some plants (mainly bamboo and grasses) which needed removing and the second garden needed the ornaments and benches removed.

We cracked on with garden number 1, where the instruction was to 'clear everything' - but Max was slightly disappointed that he could only prune the bush with the pretty white flowers on, rather than hack it to pieces.

Ben, Paul and Antonia got down to digging up what can only be described as chunks of bamboo and adding them to the pile, whilst Ellie, Tay and Emma attacked the grasses. Soon, the garden was cleared of plants (but looking arguably messier) so it was on to garden number two!

Garden 2 is behind the chaplaincy, so has lots of lovely pots and memorials that needed to be kept safe. The goal was to carry them to (another) garden for safe keeping, so soon there was a little line of Goodgym Army Ants carrying things back and forth to pass through an access window. Fortunately, Griselda had warned the cleaners and so we didn't feel too guilty (but still felt a little guilty) about the trail of mud!

Once we were done (although Ellie is still confused about how the benches went though the window), it was time for goodbyes and onto lunch!

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Barbara GriffinLaura BarrettPaul KellyJohn Bourton
Ellie Dove
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Sat 21st May at 10:30am

Clearing Hospital Staff Garden

Clear the yard prior to construction work to create a staff garden at York Hospital.

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Leanne AllsoppLaura Barrett
Ellie Dove
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Thu 19th May at 4:00pm

Clearing site to prep for construction of Hospital Staff Garden

Clear the yard prior to construction work to create a staff garden at York Hospital.

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Barbara Griffin
Ellie Dove
Ellie Dove went on a group run

Mon 9th May at 6:15pm

🦎Isaac Newt-tonne🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️

York Report written by Nicky Woodall

🙌19 excellent GoodGymmers arrived for our double-deed group run today. We were thrilled to welcome Madeleine for her first session with us and hope you enjoyed it 👋

🎤After a quick round of "What did you want to be when you were younger?" (which featured Blue Peter presenters and pop singers), Mitch led his team in a running warm up as they set off for Heworth Without. Here's what he had to say about what they got up to...

⚡So despite the far distance, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five arrived at Jubilee Wood. Unfortunately, some vandals had removed some trees, so we were first tasked with planting some new ones 🌱

💪After a quick 15 minutes of digging, we had the trees all planted!

🌳Since we'd made quick work of the trees, we were then tasked with filling in some low spots with bark. These are getting waterlogged in rain, so needed topping up. Not wasting any time, we got straight to work, barrowing and spreading the woodchip. After 30 minutes, we'd made a massive start, but will need to come back to fill in the rest of the low spots 💦

🚚Meanwhile, the rest of us warmed up round the car park then set off for West Bank Park. After leading us to the wrong entrance (sorry everyone), we eventually tracked down Kristina and the van. The rain threatened but luckily didn't really materialise into anything significant (which Ed was particularly grateful for). And what a treat she had in store for us, with not one but two "interesting" tasks for us 🤔

🌊Half the group were tasked with clearing the pond. Armed with heavy metal spikes (aka fake mics for the wannabe popstars among us), we started off watching Ed and Stef stab holes in the pond liner, whilst being on frog and newt watch. Sadly, this wasn't overly successful so other tactics were employed. These included shovelling out stones, digging trenches and eventually organising a bucket relay 💨

🤢Oh, and all of this with the background smell of pond water and the very real risk of being splash with/falling into said smelly pond water. We like to live on the edge here 🤠

🦎On the plus side, a newt and a frog were both rescued from the pond during our work 🐸

💡Kristina has a number of ideas of what she'd like to do with the pond. One idea is to build another pond, with various options for alternative lining material (possibly concrete). Another is to build a bog area 🐾

🤺Meanwhile, the less mucky crew were constructing a fence. Dom and Martin banged fence posts in while Claire, Madeleine and Amy foraged for and cut up brash, which will eventually form part of the fence. The background to this task was the satisfying clunk of the fence posts being pushed in 👌

😳 Both our West Bank Park tasks revealed themselves to be bigger than we'd bargained for. And when we realised that all the pond tools should probably be cleaned before being put back in the van, we sadly had to sacrifice our intended hill reps. Everyone was pleased to learn that there was still a hill on the route back to base though, so we got some fitness in there (along with the mattocking, malloting, shovelling and barrowing that was part of the tasks) 👍

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️A slightly speedier run back to base minus a few people who decided to head straight home meant that we were less late back than we might have been, and were nearer in arrival time to our Heworth friends 😁

🥳Thank you for your hard work tonight everyone. We may not be able to say that the West Bank Park pond looks better than when we arrived but it's in a position for the work to be continued by Kristina's group on Thursday. And I understand that there may be another session at Heworth to finish the work there too 😎

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Ellie Dove
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Mon 9th May at 6:15pm

VickyLaura Barrett
Ellie Dove
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Fri 8th Apr at 10:00am

More Sovereign Park sprucing

Improve the appearance of the local play area

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VickyLaura Barrett