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Count the bugs and butterflies at Southall Recreation Ground Tiny Forest 🌳🐛🌱
🗓Sunday 26th May 11:30am

📍Southall Recreation Ground UB2 5PE

Survey wildlife at your local Tiny Forest

KashBeataAnuj SharmaHarvey GallagherIjo TStephDucat
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Tue 11th Jun at 8:15pm

Bowling Social - Goodgym Ealing

Come join your fellow goodgymmers for a few games of bowling and a catch up after the task

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Beata (she/her) went on a community mission

Sat 4th May at 10:00am

As Snug as a Spud in the Mud

Ealing Report written by StephDucat

The Goodgymers were not only welcomed by our 2 and 4 legged friends(cats, dogs, goats, pig, chicken), but also by the sun 🌞😎. Welcome Nick to the Goodgym Family : 1st mission today!! Anuj and Beata have previously been at the farm and joined the crew after a Park Run at Northala earlier in the morning. First visit for Penny and Kate at the farm too. Several tasks for the team with some work to be done on the potato patch that GG Ealing put in place in previous missions which Steph Ducat attended. The potato patch put the team to their knees as weeding to be done between the onions and potatoes. Compost had to be wheelbarrowed from behind the cabin to the potato patch : mission was to create a hill around the potatoes to avoid them being above the ground and becoming green. were the team creating the hills of Northala??They grow and push themselves above the soil. The team realised it was muddy and the compost had mystery mud and a lot of straw. While 4 members were looking after the potatoe patch, Anuj and Beata were playing with compost, smelly compost!!! Not Jean Paul Gauthier fragrance!They were returning compost over from one box to another. After a hard session, a group photo and a pun discussion they all went for pizza, sausage roll, cheesy twirls, crafted beer and coffee in the sun. They bumped into Harvey who came over for a lovely pizza too.

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Harvey GallagherSevanKashBeataAnuj SharmaStephDucat

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Sat 4th May at 8:56pm

It's lovely to see such a big group again at Horsenden! Thank you for leading Steph 🙏 and welcome to Nick! Great to have Kate returning for more GoodGymming so soon! After all the sessions at the potato patch, we need to get those fries 🍟 😆


Sat 4th May at 11:05pm

Pizza and fries 🍟 😋

Beata (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Sun 26th May at 2:00pm

May session @ Bixley Field Allotments 🌱

Help out a lovely community allotment in Southall

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StephDucatAnuj Sharma
Beata (she/her) went on a community mission

Sun 28th Apr at 10:30am

Just kidding!

Southwark Report written by Southwark runner

Today, 5 Goodgymmers went to help out at Surrey Docks Farm. After a slow start, we found Pat, who gave us a series of sweeping tasks. Pat told us that was particularly impactful because the farm some troubles with drainage, so sweeping the paths meant that dirt and hay won't get washed away in the rain causing blocked drains.

We worked like a team on one of those cleaning transformation shows on TV, turning paths, gutters and goat yards sparkling clean. We made 5 wheelbarrows of dirt/poo/hay and we took them down to the muck heap. The goat yard had baby goats in, which was different to usual.

At the end, we had a special treat to see the "orphaned" lambs and then we fed the sheep and the goats.

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SevanStephDucatHarvey GallagherKashMariaAnuj Sharma
Beata (she/her) completed 10 good deeds with GoodGym. 🥳

Thursday 25th April

Easy 10

Easy 10

Beata (she/her) completed 10 good deeds with GoodGym.

Beata has done 10 good deeds. They are a trusted GoodGym runner and are now eligible to join their local TaskForce.

SevanStephDucatHarvey GallagherMariaAnuj SharmaKash

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Thu 25th Apr at 9:15pm

10 good deeds already! Beata, you're on fire! 👏

Beata (she/her) went on a community mission

Thu 25th Apr at 6:30pm


Ealing Report written by StephDucat

Thursday evening and 5 goodgymers paws-tive(ly) meet at Acton station to then distribute leaflets around the station for the next Reduce and Recycle Hub at Acton Market on the Saturday 4th of May. Fur-tunately the rain stopped and the team walked from house to house for leafletting. As usual, the crew were welcomed or not by the pawdyguards. Who(of) are you? Dogs and cats alert on the goodgymers when approaching the letter boxes. Was it pawsible to deliver all the leaflets without being chased by our furry friends? Alot of dogs barking, luckily from inside but we had some brave cats defending their houses too!! Fur-ocious 4 legged friends and no Goodgymer was hurt during the mission. Appaws for the 5 goodgymers who covered roughly around 3km each and distributed all the leaflets. Pawsome mission!!

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SevanHarvey GallagherStephDucatBeataAnuj SharmaKash
Beata (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Sun 26th May at 11:30am

Anuj SharmaKashStephDucat
Beata (she/her) been to three different GoodGym areas. 🥳

Wednesday 24th April



Beata (she/her) been to three different GoodGym areas.

A Tourist likes nothing better than exploring new areas and meeting new people, and that's what Beata has been doing. Beata has been to three different GoodGym areas now - nice!

KashSevanStephDucatMariaHarvey GallagherAnuj Sharma