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GG Brent - Mora Primary - Painting and cleaning task

Monday 29th April 2024 6:45pm - 8:30pm

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Broom to Maneuver

Monday 19th February

Written by Josh Stevens

With a small group pre meet of just two at Beer & Burger, Tabitha led the group of Josh at a blistering pace in training for future race pace. To the welcome sight of Samina & Cherian patiently waiting at the task site. Only arriving to learn the famed powerful jet washer was feeling a little under the weather and wasn't showing face for work that night.

Not to be deterred Group Leader Tabitha got into gear with the back up task of improving the cleanliness and safety of the children's play area at the school. The group collected Beatriz and Lee to fill the team at full-strength.

Tools of instruction in hand the battle of astro turf versus sand grains begun. Quickly learning how to optimise the group put manufacturing lines to shame with efficency at top regard... after safety. With teamwork, learnings from mistakes and a few beads of sweat, the group turned the playgrounds undesired desert into appropriate child's play areas clean from sand.

After such a contribution the team parted ways, Samina, Beatriz, and Cherian home. Whilst Tabitha took Josh on a training run through the rolling hills of Gladstone Park. Only for backmarker, Lee the athlete he is to make it to Beer & Burger first!

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Raking new (play) ground

Monday 20th November 2023

Written by Tabitha Skinner

On Monday we met in Willesden and jogged to Mora road Primary School where our task for the evening , be leaf it or not , was sweeping the playground so the children can play safely outside .

We used brooms , dustpans and rakes to clear the leaves unbeleafably fast . we emptied them into bins and admired our work .

Then we tested out the clean playground by playing bulldog , Lee started in the centre and our first winner was Kat , excellent work ! we played a Second round and Louise was the next winner ! We ended with a team photo , returned the brooms and then headed back for a well earned rest

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Unbeleafable Day Back at School 🍃🧹

Monday 11th September 2023

Written by Tabitha Skinner

This week Goodgym Brent were very pleased to welcome a new runner to the group, Couros! We were equally pleased to welcome back Xenia for the second time !

We had been promised a bit Mor-a painting at Mora School , but it was all finished before our visit. The school were still grateful for our help as they have a huge playground that needed sweeping so after our hellos and warm ups we jogged to Mora School .

On arrival we had a few minutes to spare while waiting for the brushes, so we played a fast paced game of British Bulldog , taking some of us back to our primary school days . We then got started on the task of sweeping the playground to ensure the children can play safely in a clean playground , free of litter and leaves .

Once the playground was swept, we re grouped for some fitness exercises . Pete led the group with some jogs at increasing speeds across the playground. Following this, we took it in turns to master our football skills weaving a ball in and out of cones. As the night started to fall we ended with a wall sit challenge , congratulations to the champions Xenia and Pete !

We then jogged back to Willesden for a well deserved cold drink. Well done everyone , Bra vo !

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UnLock and Roll

Monday 4th September 2023

Written by Tabitha Skinner

Big numbers for a big task tonight. We welcomed lots of new faces, including Xenia and Katy. It was a lovely late summer evening, and we jogged through Gladstone park to arrive at Mora Primary School. There we waited patiently for them to notice the shouting, waving and phone calls and they UnLocked the door and welcomed us in.

Then we all got into one room and rolled the paint on

We rolled down the floor cloths, put our painting gloves on and rolled the paint smoothly down the walls, using the finer brushes to create that final polishing touch. Everyone who could see colours painted, everyone else... scraped the old paint off. sensible job allocations, team!

As the sweat dripped down our brows, down this paint crawled, down this paint crawled.

With only two rollers and some very small brushes we managed to finish one of the rooms, ready for a second coat on our return next week. We packed up, washed up , brushed the floor and jogged back to Willesden

Thank you everyone for joining! Hope to see you again soon

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No wash-out at Goodgym, not even with the school run

Monday 24th April 2023

Written by Pete

3 intrepid Goodgymers braved the wet conditions to head out to Mora primary school. Samina, Josh and Pete met at Brent Mencap did a warm-up then ran over to Mora Primary school. There we met Isabelle who kindly provided us with buckets, cloths, soap, a rake and a brush, thanks to Samina's great Spanish skills. We then washed the infants playground walls where little darlings had scribbled on the white walls in coloured crayon, we then moved over to the play area and cleared up some of the mess of the loose chippings and raked it over and Pete and Josh had a go at clearing some of the sand off the path and fake grass areas, not too bad on the path though impossible on the fake grass. We got a little wet, so quickly cleaned the buckets, left all tools in reception and by green barriers, then jogged back to Mencap and did a quick cooldown. Then walked back to beer n burger for a quick drink. Distance covered 4.49 km Well done you guys for turning up in the pouring rain and doing a great job!

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Chat GG

Monday 6th February 2023

Written by Tabitha Skinner

Goodgym Brent, a group so fine, Ran to Mora School on Monday night divine. Tidying a store cupboard with a might, Becka found a rubber duck, what a sight!

Lizzie and James stacked boxes so high, A triangular pyramid, up to the sky. With a mission to help, they didn't delay, Their kindness and hard work, brightened the day.

Afterwards, back to the pub they did trot, A well-deserved drink, for what they had wrought. Goodgym Brent, a shining light, Bringing joy and help, day and night.

(credit to chat gpt)

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