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Tabitha Skinner
Tabitha Skinner went on a group run

Mon 28th Nov at 6:45pm

Post Run Drink!

Brent Report written by Liz James

Pete, Samina, Tabitha and Liz met outside Papagayo for a short warm-up. They quickly set off to meet our host Shuwanna from Queens Park Community council. Kash joined the group with a perfectly timed arrival at the start of the task. Upon arrival, each team member was given 80 leaflets.

The task was to POST the leaflets through the letter boxes of the local residents. Pete and Samina posted leaflets along Portnall Road, while Kash, Tabitha and Liz posted leaflets along Bravington Road. Together, the team delivered 400 leaflets!!!!!

This was followed by a RUN back to Papagayo for a DRINK.

The group enjoyed their well deserved Post, Run Drink very much!!

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Olivia WallerHarvey GallagherKash

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Wed 30th Nov at 1:58pm

Nice one ! :-)

Tabitha Skinner
Tabitha Skinner signed up to a group run.

Mon 28th Nov at 6:45pm

Tabitha Skinner
Tabitha Skinner went on a group run

Mon 21st Nov at 6:45pm

HIIT and Run

Brent Report written by Tabitha Skinner

Monday's Task was cancelled but this didnt put off Pete, Tabitha, Becka and Liz, who met for a run and workout on Monday evening .

We started with a much needed warm up to stop us shivering, then Tabitha led us on a 4k run through the local area .

We then stopped for a HIIT session , choosing one exercise each : Squat punches , knees to elbows , jumping jacks and Skaters . 40 seconds of intense exercise and 20 seconds rest, repeated three times for each .

We then stretched out and headed off home / to Papagayo for warming hot chocolates and mulled wines , perfect for a cold November evening .

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Olivia WallerPete

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Thu 24th Nov at 10:12pm

Nice report 👍👏

Tabitha Skinner
Tabitha Skinner signed up to a group run.

Mon 21st Nov at 6:45pm

Tabitha Skinner
Tabitha Skinner went on a community mission

Mon 14th Nov at 6:00pm

Fast Traid

Brent Report written by Tabitha Skinner

Kilburn Traid had finished their regular sale so called on Goodgym Brent to help clear their stock , ready for a fresh delivery of clothes .

Amy arrived first and was shown what to do , take the clothes off the hangers , dropping them into piles … and don’t waste any time folding things neatly .

Tabitha and Lee arrived soon after and got to work , it was a successful sale so there weren’t too many clothes left . We had to stuff the piles of clothes into huge cardboard boxes ready to be sent to the next store .

Once the clothes were away we put away the hangers too . Becka and Pete joined us , and helped with the final sweep and tidy

The Traid team were very grateful for our help and would love for us to come again next time . This was Tabitha’s 200 mission so we celebrated the achievement across the road with a drink and chips !

Great job everyone

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Tabitha Skinner
Tabitha Skinner signed up to a community mission.

Mon 14th Nov at 6:00pm

Help TRAID in Kilburn close out their sale period

Refresh the shop ready for the next lot of bargains

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Tabitha Skinner
Tabitha Skinner went on a group run

Mon 7th Nov at 6:45pm

Abbey Ending

Brent Report written by Pete

Liz, Tabitha, Louise, Pete and Sabina all met by Papagayo Cafe at 6.45/7pm. Louise had come from East London to join GG Brent for the evening (hoping to build a shed and socialise).

We started with some warm up exercises.It was to be Liz's last session as an official resident of Brent and after several years as run leader, we want to say a huge 'thank you ' to her for her committment, leadership and friendship. It has been a lot of fun and we have done many tasks together helping the communities in Brent :-) (Although Liz will still be coming to Goodgym Brent when she can :-) )

We then ran to Abbey Community Centre and met up with Bekah and Lee, then went with the lovely Simone from the centre to the new building in order to build their shed for them. Unfortunately there was a communication mix up and the security guard did not know we were coming!

After much conversation he decided he would not let us in so we ran back to Papagayo Cafe, not downhearted and finished with drinks and pizza and a great goodbye and thanks and applause to Liz!

See you all next week or soon !

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Harvey Gallagher