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GG Brent - Abbey Community cardboard wrap up
🗓Monday 3rd October 6:45pm

📍Papagayo Cafe NW10 2SL

Helping our local community

Liz James
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Liz James
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Mon 3rd Oct at 6:45pm

Liz James
Liz James signed up to a group run.

Mon 26th Sep at 6:45pm

Liz James
Liz James went on a community mission

Tue 20th Sep at 6:00pm

Into The Fold

Brent Report written by Danny

After a week of cascading prices, TRAID in Kilburn's sale ended on Tuesday night so we went along to help the staff and other volunteers close it out.

Now the sale is over, the stock has to go back to TRAID's warehouse, where it will be kept until next year when it's back in season, and sent out to a different branch.

With experience of a few different TRAID sales between us, there are different methods by branch. On this occasion, our brief was to fold the goods, or at least lie them flat in the boxes such that they'd fit a bit more efficiently. Amongst our 'fold medallists,' we were lucky to have help from TRAID Community Mission veteran Emily, and Analiese over from Hammersmith& Fulham GG, thanks for visiting!! 🤝

With 10 or so pairs of hands on the job, it took a little over an hour for us to get 3 big boxes of clothes filled, just in time for the drivers from TRAID to arrive and take them away on the wagon.

Thanks for coming team, and to Kat and Emily for some puns. 🙏

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DannyKatSam Lefevre
Liz James
Liz James signed up to a community mission.

Tue 20th Sep at 6:00pm

Help TRAID in Kilburn close out their sale period

Refresh the shop ready for the next lot of bargains

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Liz James
Liz James went on a group run

Mon 12th Sep at 6:45pm

World weed web

Brent Report written by Liz James

On a late summer's evening Lee, Liz, Pete and Tabitha met for a warm-up outside the cafe. The team voted to enjoy the summer's evening and take the scenic route around the WORLD (AKA through the park).

When the team arrived at Clitterhouse Farm, they found Becka and Guliano already working hard with Anika. There were a lot of WEEDS which needed uprooting! Becka found a spider sitting on his WEB.

Soon, the light faded and the team ran back to base for a well earned beverage and a quick glance at the world weed web!

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Sam Lefevre

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Tue 13th Sep at 9:58pm

Good report 👍👏

Liz James
Liz James signed up to a group run.

Mon 12th Sep at 6:45pm

GG Brent - Group run

Helping our local community

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Liz James
Liz James went on a group run

Mon 5th Sep at 6:45pm

The Run before the Storm

Brent Report written by Tabitha Skinner

On Monday evening Liz welcomed us all to Goodgym Brent, and it was great to have her back with us again. Liz led Samina, Tabitha and Pete through a warm up to get us all ready for the run, then we set off for the short sprint to Brondesbury Park Station .

Energy Garden supports communities to install and maintain gardens on railway stations across London, and they had requested the help of Goodgym to help water the plants. When we arrived at the station we met Amy who we were very happy to see. We had received instructions of what to do so managed the first task of letting ourselves in to the garden where there were a number of watering cans waiting for us. We used these to water the vegetables in the gardens, while trying to guess what was what... squash, runner beans, kale, chilli, something green looking...

We were shortly joined by Energy Garden's regular volunteer Beatrice who showed us how to connect a hose to the water Butts, as well as fill the watering cans directly from the Butts. (I am sure there are lots of puns about Water Butts, but I will avoid those).

Our final Goodgymer Becka arrived shortly after and quickly learnt the ropes. The team then shared the jobs with filling and re filling watering cans to ensure the whole garden was well watered. The garden runs along the full length of the platform, and the vegetables, flowers and fruit trees all welcomed the water. Unfortunately, the full Energy garden had not survived the earlier summer heat wave as the Butts had not collected enough water to keep the garden on the opposite platform alive. They are hoping it will revive shortly, now the weather has cooled and the rain is returning.

Once the ground was suitably wet we regrouped for a team photo then ran back to Willesden for a cool down, and then a drink and some celebratory cake!

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Tue 13th Sep at 1:17am

Good report, thanks 👍

Liz James
Liz James signed up to a group run.

Mon 5th Sep at 6:45pm

Liz James
Liz James went on a group run

Mon 25th Jul at 6:45pm

HIIT in the park

Brent Report written by Liz James

Unfortunately, the task was canceled at very late notice. However, the team put the time to good use with a fitness session.

The evening began with some warm-up exercises. The team then sprinted to the park. At the park, the HIIT session began. 5 exercises, 3 rounds: - Knee to elbow hops - Russian doll - Squat punches - High-low plank - Skaters This was followed by a short run around the park and then a run back to base for some cool down stretches.

At the cafe, we celebrated Pete's belated birthday with lots of cake. Happy Birthday Pete!

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Tue 26th Jul at 10:04pm


Liz James
Liz James signed up to a group run.

Mon 25th Jul at 6:45pm