Broom to Maneuver

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Brent
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Monday 19th February

Report written by Josh Stevens

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With a small group pre meet of just two at Beer & Burger, Tabitha led the group of Josh at a blistering pace in training for future race pace. To the welcome sight of Samina & Cherian patiently waiting at the task site. Only arriving to learn the famed powerful jet washer was feeling a little under the weather and wasn't showing face for work that night.

Not to be deterred Group Leader Tabitha got into gear with the back up task of improving the cleanliness and safety of the children's play area at the school. The group collected Beatriz and Lee to fill the team at full-strength.

Tools of instruction in hand the battle of astro turf versus sand grains begun. Quickly learning how to optimise the group put manufacturing lines to shame with efficency at top regard... after safety. With teamwork, learnings from mistakes and a few beads of sweat, the group turned the playgrounds undesired desert into appropriate child's play areas clean from sand.

After such a contribution the team parted ways, Samina, Beatriz, and Cherian home. Whilst Tabitha took Josh on a training run through the rolling hills of Gladstone Park. Only for backmarker, Lee the athlete he is to make it to Beer & Burger first!

Session Leader
Run leader
Cherian Li
Josh Stevens
Lee Worth
Tabitha Skinner
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GG Brent - Mora Primary - Painting and cleaning task
🗓Monday 29th April 6:45pm

Helping our local community with this important task

Tabitha Skinner
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