Ash Road Area Residents Association

Residents Group looking at ways to improve and enhance the area
Addressing issues which negatively affect the community as a whole as well as individuals e.g. litter, Anti Social Behaviour, graffiti/tagging - but also encouraging initiatives/projects/tasks which enhance/uplift the area and make it a more pleasant and positive place to live e.g painting of BT/Virgin boxes, placing planters at the end of streets, supporting the managment of the local Batcliff wood in collaberation with an LCC Countryside Ranger

13 GoodGymers have supported Ash Road Area Residents Association with 9 tasks.

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Painting Large Stones for Grass Verges

Wednesday 6th March 2024 6:00pm - 7:40pm

Woodhouse Moor Park Run, Coffee & Headingley Litter Pick

Saturday 6th April 2024 9:00am - 12:00pm

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LauraHelen NoyesKatie PresleyAdam RichardsKatie Lees

Will he find us?!

Wednesday 8th November 2023

Written by Laura

Tonight the GoodGym Leeds gang headed back to Ash Road Residents to help finish off washing the Telecoms boxes & removing graffiti in the local area.

We were concerned that Adam wouldn't find us roaming the streets but thanks to technology he managed it!

It was lovely to meet Nisha on her first GoodGym mission; welcome to the madness Nisha!

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LauraHelen NoyesKatriona GoldmannKatie PresleyKatie LeesJenny

The Bucket List

Wednesday 1st November 2023

Written by Laura

Tonight 5 GoodGymers plus an honorary member went to help Ash Road Residents Association clean the beautifully painted telecoms boxes in the local area.

It was a physical task that involved carrying buckets around the streets of Headingley. We made a good start and will go and finish the rest next week.

It was my 30th GoodGym mission tonight, Helen and Katie are both at 119, Katie is on 43 & it was lovely to welcome back Jenny who's on 74! What a great achievement, well done everyone.

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KharaEmilyAmeliaMary Orobosa-OgbeideMiaAdam Richards

Even if we're just Paintin' in the Dark

Wednesday 11th October 2023

Written by Laura

Tonight it was great to see two newcomers Emily & Amelia at GoodGym Leeds! Welcome ladies.

6 GoodGymers ran to down to help Ash Road Residents Association to continue to paint the very long green fence we've been working on for a few months! It got a little dark towards the end & we struggled to see if we were painting in patches so hopefully it will look OK in the cold light of day!!

Jane from the Residents Association helped us & had a smile on her face as always :)

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LauraHelen NoyesKatie Lees

Park & Pick

Saturday 30th September 2023

Written by Laura

This morning 3 GoodGymers headed to Woodhouse Moor park run where Katie & Helen ran & Laura volunteered & did some leafleting for GoodGym. This Parkrun was the first outside London to set up & was super busy with hundreds of people running.

We then went for a coffee & met up with Ash Road Residents Association to do some litter picking.

So, we had a run, a social & a community mission all in one go. Well done guys, it was a great morning!

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LauraKatie LeesJack Da Silva

The Green Mile

Wednesday 16th August 2023

Written by Laura

Tonight we ran back to support Ash Road Residents Association with painting a very long fence!

It was great to welcome Jack from GoodGym in London who came to see us, come back anytime!

We also ran down to Canterbury Drive in Headingley to see the amazing mural you see on the pictures. Do go and see it if you can!

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LauraHelen NoyesKatie LeesJinCheryl Nathan

The Fence is Always Greener

Wednesday 19th July 2023

Written by Laura

Tonight 4 GoodGymers ran from Heart in Headingley to help Ash Road Area Residents Association (ARARA) with community fence painting. We started the job a couple of weeks ago & we're making progress but there's still more to do so we'll go back again soon.

Well done team! 👏

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