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Ninety nine solutions, but rain ain't one

Sat 18 Jun
Report written by Sam Lefevre

39 GoodGymers and their friends (two and four legged) came together for the first GoodGym London North vs South of the river rounders tournament.

Teams were split into roughly those from GoodGym boroughs North and South, but there were a few more Southerners, who in the end represented the winning team...but more on that later.

We had No Runs Northerners versus Southern Softies in the first semi, where Ed smashed all his shots for a rounder and posted a 13 1/2 score. Unfortunately, No Runs Northerners could only score 7 1/2 rounders before being caught all out.

The next semi final saw Ninety Nine Problems, but a Northerner ain't one play Southern Spitballers and this wasn't a close affair as the Northerners put 14 rounders on the scoreboard leaving the Southerners with a difficult task to beat them. They managed 5 rounders before the whole team were caught or were run out.

We came to the 3rd/4th place and Southern Spitballers batted first, but could only manage 2 rounders as the rules changed to five outs and then we swap over. No Runs Northerners had a bit of a scare as they were 1 1/2 rounders from victory, but the Southerns had to get two more out. With grit and determination, the No Runs Northerners pushed and ran their half rounders to eventually score 2 and 1/2 rounders to win 3rd place!

By the time, it came to the final, misty rain swept in to make the surfaces slippery as a few players found out... Ninety Nine Problems, but a Northerner ain't one smashed 7 & 1/2 rounders. Which ended up being enough to secure the tournament as Southern Softies, even with big hitting Ed could only manage 5 rounders before five team members were caught out.

The team celebrated their victory with a "Champagne shower". Well done to Paul, Claire, Laura, Anna, Sam Smillie, Aaron, Maia and Jake (all Sam's friends) for winning with Ninety Nine Problems, but a Northerner ain't one!

We're on for the next rounders social in Victoria Park on the 16th of July! Sign up if you can make it. Watch out Northerners...the southerners will be practicing ⚾👀

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Summer Social Rounders: Clapham Common (Home game) - North vs. South of the River

Sat 18 Jun 16:00 pm
Community Garden, Windmill Drive,, Clapham Common, London, SW4 9DE
An inclusive game(s) of social rounders in the sunshine (hopefully) - bring a picnic, BYOB and mates (if you want)

What's the best way to get GoodGymers from across London together over the summer?

Organise a social in the park with (hopefully) the glorious British summer sunshine and an added element of a nostalgic game of rounders.

Of course, there's always some sort of competition, but in a fun environment. Come along to meet other GG members from across London for a picnic and a social rounders game between GG members from north of the river against GG members south of the river (we're not strict about this and if one team need more players, we can "loan" them for the afternoon PLUS don't forget we may have non-GG friends).

We know everyone cannot make this date due to other commitments or location, so there will be a second social rounders on Saturday 16th of July in Victoria Park. Consider this the "Home" game and that second social date, the "Away" game. Sign up to both, if you can make it!


  • What: Social Rounders (with picnic, BYOB and invite your non-GG mates)
  • Where: Clapham Common (exact spot)
  • When: Saturday 18th of June from 16:00 onwards
  • Why: Enjoy an afternoon in the park, play social rounders, eat, drink, meet GoodGymers from other areas and possibly get a sun tan (not promising anything). Importantly, have fun!

Don't know how to play?

Firstly, we welcome all! Just because there's a "North vs. South of the river" narrative, it's all for one is winning any medals or prizes. If you haven't played before, not to worry, the majority of us have forgotten the rules, so the written rules are here and there is also a video. I'll explain the rules again on the day. In summary: it's a no-fuss version of Baseball.

Can I still come if I can't make the start?

Have other commitments earlier or like to be fashionably late? That's fine. It's all social, so come and go as you please! We might start off with a practice hit around before our "socially competitive" games. If the rounders is all over by the time you arrive, just come and chill with a picnic. I'm sure a few of us will stay until the sun starts to set.

Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please put it down in the "Discussion" below and I'll get to you ASAP. Otherwise, you can email me at

UPDATED: Schedule and Team Roster can be found here

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Training session

Morning GG Online yoga with Paul Thursday 6.55AM

Thu 19 May 06:55 am
Not Known, ???, ???
Morning strengthen, stretch and relax the body

Half hour on line yoga session at 7am Join at 6.55 This is a simple beginners / intermediate online yoga session designed to both strengthen, stretch and relax the body. It will be an 1/2 hour session using some simple yoga poses both static and dynamic, and the focus will be on mindful breath and movement. Please wear loose clothes, you need a yoga mat (or similar) and may be a thin blanket for relaxation. Please let me know if you have any questions or if its your first time. I will email a link out on the day before or on the Yoga whatsApp group. ( let me know if you what to go on the Whats App group.)

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

One-off mentoring at 'Moving On' project

Thu 14 Jul 15:30 pm
The Utilize Project, Tayside House, Isle of Dogs, London, E14 9RP
Can you spare an hour to make a difference at this new project?

Please note: we are currently taking sign-ups who are interested in contributing to this programme, which starts in June - you will be contacted after you have signed-up, to fix a date. Please ignore the date on this listing.

What's involved

  • Moving On is a new project from Trapped in Zone One and The Utilize Project based in E14. Aimed at young adults aged 16-30, the project is designed to improve skills, boost confidence and encourage young people who are seeking work, or looking to make a new career choice.

  • We're looking for GoodGym members to offer one-off guidance or personal experience in the form of a short talk, on a wide variety of subjects, including:

1) The career benefits of volunteering.

2) Social media in the workplace (if you've got any social media experience, we'd love to hear from you!).

3) Writing and/or reading CVs (again, any experience at all would be helpful).

4) How to choose a career: did you know what you wanted to do from an early age, or did you 'end up' in your current career?

5) Any experience of being self employed.

What you need to know

  • The sessions will be led (independently) by Area Activator, Laura and Bablu Miah, of Trapped in Zone One, who will both be there on the day to support you.

  • The sessions take place every Thursday between 3-5pm at Tayside House, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9RP. You will only be required to stay between 3:30 -4:30 pm.

  • Sessions start from June.

  • This is a one-off Community Mission - it's not a weekly commitment!

  • Interested? Please sign-up and Laura will be in touch.

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Group run

Loughborough Park Educational Garden Part 2 - Tuesday's Group Run !!

Tue 24 May 18:45 pm
Papa's Park, 10-17 Pulross Road, London, SW9 8AF
Create an educational space for the community

The team at Urban Canopy are helping out Friends of Loughborough Park throughout May to create a new educational garden within the park.

The space that we are due to work needs a lot of weeds and old plants removed, but it also has a lot of mature trees, which means we are restricted in terms of the tools we are able to use, so there's a lot of work to do!

Tonight is part 2 of a big task which we will complete over two weeks on our Group Runs.

Get signed up and watch the space take shape from start to finish!

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Community mission

Helping with lunch service and other jobs at a centre for the homeless

Fri 27 May 11:30 am
Ace of Clubs, St Alphonsus Road, London , SW4 7AS
Lend a hand at this amazing resource centre

Ace of Clubs in Clapham is a brilliant place which supports people struggling with homelessness. They offer a hot lunch every day and need some help with the service as well as lots of other jobs so they can keep offering services such as healthcare, clean clothes, vet care and advice. Going forward we will be helping them on a weekly basis on a Friday lunchtime - please stay as long or as short a time as you'd like!

When you arrive go straight to the front of the queue, go into the centre and ask for Martin.

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Theresa Joseph has completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym. Wed 4 May 2022

Theresa is a now a pretty committed GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the fifth time

Theresa Joseph went on a group run
Group run

Liv a little

Tue 3 May
Report written by Ealing runner

On a mild spring evening, GoodGymers from far and wide descended on Walpole Park in Ealing. Our mission, to shovel woodchip, mulch beds and celebrate Liv's last task as our great leader!

Tonight we welcomed Branwen to the group for her first GoodGym session. She was great and instantly felt like she's been a member of the group for years!

After some silly warm up games and a little run and walk through Ealing's finest green spaces we soon had shovels in hand and wheelbarrows at the ready. We tackled the task in two group on opposite sides of the park.

Adam said the night had 'top bantz!' what more could we ask for?!

Milly was having so much fun dancing around between shoveling that she fell down the mulch heap. Even topper bantz!

The task flew by and before we knew it Liv was subjecting us to her last fitness session which of course finished with Sally Squats!

We ended up in Brewdog to share food, drink and memories. The best of bantz!

Thanks Liv, we’ll miss you very mulch!

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Group run

Group run and walk to help with mulching in Walpole Park - Liv's last GoodGym!

Tue 3 May 18:45 pm
Bodyline Studio, 5-6 Spring Bridge Mews, Ealing, W5 2AB
Join us for a group run and community task in Ealing - plus a cheeky fitness session too!

This week we'll be meeting at 6:45pm at Bodyline Studios to go for a group run or walk to help with a lots of physical outdoor tasks in Walpole Park!

The Task:

Think pushing barrows of mulch around, digging, and shifting lots of woodchip. It'll be a great workout for sure! Please bring gloves if you have them otherwise all tools will be provided.

The Run/Walk:

The run/walk will be suitable for all abilities, we'll do a longer route around the parks for those who are up for it and a shorter walking option too. Basically, if you want to run or walk at whatever pace you'll be catered for!

Fitness session:

We'll also sneak in a little fitness session after the task, it'll be a quick 10 minute blast leaving us well and truly glowing for the evening!

Liv's Final GoodGym!

I have spent 5 wonderful years leading GoodGym in Ealing but the time has come for me to hang up my trainers and lead GoodGym for the final time! I'm not going anywhere and will definitely still be involved but this will be the last session I lead as the Trainer for GoodGym and would love to see as many of you there as possible. We'll be going to the pub afterwards so please do come along for a drink too.

Sign up for the pub after here - we've booked a table so it would be good to know numbers!

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