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Mon 18 Oct
Sophie Hastings went on a group run
Group run

Bulb Fiction

Tue 12 Oct
Report written by Michael

Our biggest group since the lockdown ended, and what a wonderful group they were!

Ashley & Flo

Welcome to goodgym Cardiff

Jamie, Hayley and Rosie

Welcome Back for your second group

Tonight, we welcomed the return of Marie, who surprised us all at the virtual marathon at the end to cheer us to the finish. It is good to have you back in Cardiff. Two teams splitting up, the regular runners led by Michael taking a slightly longer route to make up the km and the super chatty walk / joggers led by Ellen who would make their way straight to the task.

19:00 and we had arrived at the task, once again Lorraine (the task organiser) had put up whiteboards with our tasks for the evening. If only all task started with a list of tasks like this

So many tasks tonight, it was a very satisfying evening.

  • Remove the remaining Crocosmia from the raised beds at the front of the yard.
  • Cut off the bulbs from any Crocosmia removed and add to the 'bucket of bulbs'.
  • Remove the old plants from the hanging baskets and then make up new ones.
  • Move a slab table into a new position.
  • Sweep up any leaves from the yards.
  • Touch up the paint in the tearoom.
  • Touch up the paint in the kitchen.
  • Plant daffodils and tulip bulbs in the newly emptied raised beds.

A lot of tasks, but we are GOODGYM let’s DO THIS. We split into our groups and got to work, it was a remarkable sight as plants vanished and new ones popped up, bulbs removed and new ones planted, the tearoom started to glow with the bright refreshed paint and a heavy table moved to create a more accessible path to the garden space.

Plenty of chatting tonight as new people were welcomed into the group, and before we knew it the time had gone, and snacks had appeared from Lorraine. Time for a quick social, only a small journey home tonight so we could afford the extra time to get to know each other.

5-minute countdown

Food down, smiles on, let’s get our group photo before heading back. A quick journey to our end location and a stretch for those that were not continuing their runs home.

Join us next week as we go back to school.

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Sophie Hastings completed a training run • Lunch Run
Sun 10 Oct
Sophie Hastings went on a mission

Mow missions like this please. It was strimmply fab!

Sat 9 Oct
Report written by Ellen

Sophie and Ellen met at the home of Mrs S on a mild autumn Saturday. This was their first older person's mission since lockdown, and it was fab. We met the lovely Mrs S who had moved from London years ago, and told us a bit about her family and background. It's always nice having a quick chat with those we help - we meet the most interesting people!

But we had to get on with the task - mowing and strimming the considerably overgrown lawn. She showed us into her tidy garage - amazingly she had 2 lawn mowers and two strimmers, including a push one! Plus a brand new rake and garden broom, to sweep up clippings. We were in garden tool heaven!

Sophie took to the lawn mower, and Ellen handled the strimmer. But first we had to move a few garden ornaments out if the way, including a pink ceramic tortoise (Sorry, no pic - I'm so out of practice!) But then, after just over an hour, we had the lawn looking much tidier, so that Mrs S could safely go outside and enjoy her garden without fear of getting her walking frame snagged in the long grass. Result!

The lovely Mrs S was so grateful, she offered us each a box of chocolates! Of course we declined, but it was nice to know we had made a positive impact on her quality of life. 😄

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Sophie Hastings signed up to a mission • Grass Cutting for Mrs S
Sat 9 Oct
Sophie Hastings signed up to a group run
Group run

St. Monica's Primary School

Tue 19 Oct 18:20 pm
Big Moose Coffee Co, 4-5 Frederick Street, Cardiff, CF10 2DB
Keep the school looking good for the kids

It's been a very long time since we last got schooled a St. Monica's Primary, today will be our very happy return to help out once again. The situation is still one that requires masks and hand sanitiser to keep to the schools rules - if you do not have masks they will be provided.

The task will be to wax the doors again, we have done this for them before so it shouldn't be difficult if we wplit into smaller groups.

  • 18:20 - 18:30 Meet at start location and catch up
  • 18:30 - 19:00 Active travel to the task
  • 19:00 - 19:30 Task as above
  • 19:30 - 20:00 Active travel to the start location

Afterwards we will head to the local for food / drink whatever you fancy - all welcome to join.

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Sophie Hastings completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Thu 7 Oct
Sophie Hastings completed a training run • Morning Run
Sun 3 Oct
Sophie Hastings completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Wed 29 Sep
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