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Michael went on a group run
Group run

The return to Tenovus

Tue 26 Oct

Tenovus Cancer Care is a Welsh cancer charity that supports cancer patients and their families, funds cancer research and works to raise awareness of how to prevent cancer.

We will be volunteering in the shop on Clifton Street, it's been a very long time since we were here last. There may be some painting involved but we will confirm this soon.

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Michael signed up to a group run
Group run

Goodgym Poster Run

Tue 2 Nov 18:15 pm
Big Moose Coffee Co, 4-5 Frederick Street, Cardiff, CF10 2DB
Help us to get more people involved with goodgym

We will split into groups and walk / run Cardiff looking for businesses that will let us put up a goodgym poster on their community board.

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Michael went on a community mission
Community mission

Wat-er phenomenal day!

Sun 24 Oct
Report written by Emma Hughes-McEwan

Aimee, Emma, Fiona and Michael joined a team of volunteers at the Nash Road water station for Newport's Marathon.

An early start and rainy weather didn't put off the runners or volunteers. The team's task was to provide water for runners at miles 3 and 21 but with added cheer and encouragement.

A great atmosphere and amazing determination by all runners today made the long day fly by.

A massive shout out to all who ran including Goodgym runners at both the Marathon and Newport 10km.

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Michael completed a ride • Afternoon Ride
Sat 23 Oct
Michael completed a ride • Lunch Ride
Sat 23 Oct
Michael completed a ride • Morning Ride
Sat 23 Oct
Michael went on a community mission
Community mission

Lost and Found in Grangetown

Sat 23 Oct
Report written by Cardiff runner

On a fresh, autumnal day, just as the trees were beginning to lose their leaves, we began with the loss of one of our crew: Karolina, being a dutiful citizen, was following public health advice by getting a PCR test instead.

Finding our way

The three remaining GoodGymmers, Sean, Shaun and Mikey, met at the specified property. However, the resident returned a lost expression at the mention of Cadwyn or GoodGym. Sean phoned the contact only to find we were expected at a different address! (Note to self: double check the task location next time). We found our way to the correct address, and, with some perseverance, Mikey found a way to lock our bikes up securely.

Our contact N showed us to the garden, which was lost to a thicket of weeds, junk and neglect. She explained the vision for the garden: a shared space safe for children and accessible for a wheelchair user. To assist in realising this ambition, we would:

  • Cut back the overgrown weeds
  • Remove litter and junk
  • Even the ground where possible

Making up for lost time

We quickly made up for lost time, cutting down weeds and removing as much litter and junk as possible. We found a VHS tape, a cassette tape, various toys, and an over-sized England football. All the while we got lost in conversation on topics from birthday plans to Batmobile dreams.

Then, while Mikey got to work on chopping down the dense sea of nettles, Sean and Shaun conspired to flatten the earth. This involved loosening the soil and ripping out roots that seemingly ran to the centre of the Earth. Mikey discovered some weed suppressant sheets, and we used them to cover the freshly flattened ground.

After a customary group photo and promise from N of a shout-out on Cardiff Radio, it was time for us to get lost (or so we thought).


In the process of securing our bikes, Mikey had lost a wheel-nut. Shaun navigated us to a local cycle repair shop, where they found a spare part, allowing Mikey to cycle off to his second mission of the day over in Rhymney. Finally, a short while after exchanging goodbyes, Sean and Shaun found themselves queueing at the same café, and reflected on an eventful morning over a hot drink.

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Michael signed up to a mission • Help tidy up Mrs N's garden
Sat 23 Oct
Michael completed a training run • Lunch Run
Thu 21 Oct
Michael signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Garden Clearance for Play-space

Sat 23 Oct 10:00 am
124 Clive Street, Grangetown , Cardiff, CF11 6NH
Mental health and wellbeing will be improved and children will be ale to utilise safe space to play

The Goal: create a suitable outdoor space for children at the shared residence to play in and enjoy.

The Graft: clearing and cutting back weeds. Our mission contact Emma will provide some gardening equipment. Gloves provided or bring your own. We completed a very similar mission earlier this autumn.

The mission address is close to the Grangemoor Parkrun - perfect timing if you wish to combine the two!

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