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Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince went on a group run

Wed 30th Nov at 6:45pm

This is Not a Drill

Newham Report written by Brahma Pochee

Winter weather during a winter run, whilst not headline news, it's nice to feel the seasons after a mild old autumn. A last minute flurry of sign ups got us to a solid seven. "If you could heighten any sense - which one and why?" We all just used the question rather practically, as if the wish could be granted, offsetting our sensory decline with age; hearing and seeing better the clear favourites. Our winner this week goes to Brad, who'd continue to be blind as a one-eyed bat, but would rather have a sixth sense to see ghosts, obviously.

Off to The Up Garden we went, discussing along the way super-auditory benefits, reproductive biology and Reynolds tubing. After a few mins waiting we began a large list of jobs, emptying plant pots, filling plant pots and tubs, putting drainage in plant vessels, digging in stumps and laying scaffold. All in half hours work, we rattled through it as we do, not too much to report in hindsight, which is perhaps no bad thing.

Next week is our Crimbo Social - sign up here. We'll play some games, have a feed and plenty of laughs - get on down!

Till then,


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Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince signed up to a group run.

Wed 30th Nov at 6:45pm

Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince went on a group run

Wed 23rd Nov at 6:45pm

Keep It Shrimple

Newham Report written by Brahma Pochee

Our task changed, as did our route, late yesterday afternoon, when Basia informed me of a crane at Cody Dock that was hogging all the fun. No problem; a call later to Jimmy at Nomadic Gardens and we had a back up plan ready to roll out.

Ruth, Rosa and I, jogged the 'long' way round to the gardens, because we just bloody love the miles. Hils and Kev intercepted us outside and we rolled in together. A two course menu for the evening, a wood chip spreading starter to warm up the muscles. Hils, Kev and I loading the wheel barrows in rhythm as Ruth and Rosa spread the contents. The main course was a new one, painting an old shrimping boat, armed with a variety of colours and given unusual autonomy - we set about the making our mark. We painted most of the available wooden structures, with a punchy unsymmetrical style, allowing for a vibrant haphazard chic look - all the rage, darling.

Think we did a pretty stellar job, hopefully the work stands the test of daylight! Ruth and I seemed to get more paint on ourselves than the boat - let's see if this 'acrylic' paint comes off eh.

Next week I'm trying to lock in Cody Dock, just awaiting confirmation, should have the rest of year wrapped up today too. Any task requests just let me know.

Till next week,


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David MansfieldPeter Van Tongeren
Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince signed up to a group run.

Wed 23rd Nov at 6:45pm

Cody Dock

Do good - Get fit

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Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince went on a group run

Wed 16th Nov at 6:45pm

Salt of The Earth

Newham Report written by Brahma Pochee

A biblical battering of rain began just before the start of our session. I quietly expected everyone to cancel... I will never doubt you fine, hardened folk again. I couldn't conceive of a fresh Random Weekly Question on route, perhaps due to directing all focus on pushing forth into driving heavy rain, perhaps not. We did discuss favourite biscuits, a recycled golden oldie. Choc digestives for our returning mate, Lil. Custard Creams for Matt and Shaz. Oreos for our returning-to-regular-runner, Charlotte, though she now goes by Char. Ginger biscuits for Gualti and Bourbons for me, fun fact - I used to dip these in apple juice as a kid, oh that sweet sugary rush. Lemon Puffs, this week's undisputed winner for being so very niche, Kev's a hipster and he doesn't even know it.

Over to Abbey Gardens we went, skipping puddles unsuccessfully and stoically chatting away, as the weather tried to beat us into submission. Alice and Hils were awaiting us, we got given the instructions and off we went. Excavating one of the beds; shovelling the heavy saturated clay soil out and 'carefully' ripping apart the bed frame. It was hard work, wheelbarrows were filled, shovels were dug in tirelessly, heavy loads were transported precariously and huge rotted wooden frames were snapped innovatively. A roaring success; turning horrific conditions into an incredibly productive - and I'd go as far to say, fun - evening. There's an undeniable and unspoken bonding that occurs on those character building days, unique to those people at that time and place. You my friends, smashed it.

Next week, we dash off down the canal to Cody Dock, sign up 'ere

Till then,


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Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince signed up to a group run.

Wed 16th Nov at 6:45pm