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Park Village Oasis
🗓Today 6:45pm

📍PrintHouse Bar, 133 High St E15 2RB

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Newham Report written by Brahma Pochee

Over to Hackney Adventure Playground, been a while since I said that. A huge hearty welcome to Alice for her first session in Newham, slotting seamlessly into the task, hope you enjoyed it. Our old pal Chris is back in Stratford too, after a few years away it was great to have the man back. We broached the topic of guilt once more, this time in a musical sense. Whilst some of you claimed to have no guilt re music, you understood the assignment nonetheless; Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, S-Club 7, Lil Wayne, Peter Andre and Dolly Parton all providing us some auditory pleasure, but at what social cost?!

Rambling over we jooged through the QEOP and down the canal towards the playground and a well overdue reunion with Ange. She explained how Sport England money is supposed to be paying for a new ground, ten years in the making. Our job was to clear some materials Ange had hoarded for future use (makes you rethink how bad it is keeping that sentimental mug ). Namely these huge wooden poles and fire doors, these things had serious mass, we needed the full GoodGym gun-show yesterday to make it happen. There's no doubt you've made a very useful difference to a marvelous local service, for that I salute you.

Next week we head to Park Village Oasis, sign up here. We're going to finish blitzing a tiny green area to prepare it for some fruit trees.

Till then,


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Rebecca Joskow
Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince signed up to a group run.

Wed 14th Feb at 6:45pm

Kevin Prince
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Wed 31st Jan at 6:45pm

GGN Removals LTD

Newham Report written by Brahma Pochee

The church hired a skip to coordinate with our visit, there was a certainly a slight expectation on us to deliver the goods. By that I mean provide enough people, energy and can-do spirit to clear out a densely packed room full of furniture, boxes, obsolete electrical bits and more.

With just Hils, Rebecca and myself jogging it in from base, it could have been a long eve, but we had confidence the squad was showing up on the Romford rd. "Favourite thing about British culture?" An easily amended question off the back of last week's francophile brainstorm. Queues, sarcasm/wit and this week's winner from culture.

The team showed up at the other side, five more power-houses of benevolence ready to get stuck in; including a long-time absentee, Miriam, a lovely surprise to have you back. We got straight to business, decanting the old out of a store room, through a narrow and ancient church passageway, and a door befit for the vertically challenged. Took us a good fifty minutes to load it all into the skip, breaking it down when necessary with screw-drivers and highly technical Kung Fu kicks.

The church are hugely thankful, a job that's "given them nightmares" for so long. You guys rolled in and nailed it in less than an hour - just another example of what this little regular outfit in Newham does so well.

Next week I've reshuffled our plan to go to Abbey Gardens, instead we'll help assist Cody Dock with event set-up.

Till then,


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