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Kevin Prince
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Wed 21st Sep at 6:45pm

On The Up

Report written by Brahma Pochee

Hils, Louise and I caught up on the Stratford road, as we jogged north east, to The Up Garden. Points of discussion; tastiest fuel for endurance sport, recommendations for a tourist in London and commercialisation of public spaces. The time flew by, we reached the gardens with Paul, Dimple, Kev and Sharon awaiting.

We were to decant bags of shingle into tonne bags. The irony that we packed the shingle bags a few months back was not lost on us, however, new ideas and change of direction is natural in a developing space, so we were more than happy to roll up our sleeves - and get ripped. A steady supply of stones was wheeled over, thanks to the tireless efforts of Dimple, Hils and Louise. Sharon, Kev and I lofted the bags up and dumped them into their new tonne bag home. It was a pretty seamless effort. First proper return to darkness this season and no eyelids were batted, I quite enjoyed whipping the head torch out, although that may change come January...

Finally, big birthday love to the main man, Kev. Honoured that you'd want to spend your birthday with us, moving heavy bags of stones in the dark. That's commitment people! Love it.

Till next week (I'm going to do a block booking now - will update asap)


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John Shirley

Thu 22nd Sep at 11:58am

not the first time GoodGym have had to un-do a previous task...

Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince signed up to a group run.

Wed 21st Sep at 6:45pm

Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince went on a group run

Wed 14th Sep at 6:45pm

Fly-ering Visit

Report written by Brahma Pochee

Everyone's favourite local organisation, Cody Dock, our destination for yesterdays task. We had the pleasure of welcoming Louise to her first GGN session, a veteran of York, who has now embraced East London as her home.

We missed Basia's energy yesterday due to some communication failures, but the orchestrator of Cody Dock's operations, Simon, was there to dish out some flyers. A rare chance to evoke memories of my past life as a paper boy, getting my hand bit at and jamming papers through stiff letter boxes.

Shaz, Kev and I, too Star Lane and all to the east of it. Hils, Rosa and Louise took to the west. Roughly half an hour later and we had delivered all the flyers to the local residents, giving the community a handy notification of the upcoming Lighting Up The Lea event.

Next week we go to The Up Garden, a chance to help with the awesome upcycled green area, centered in a housing estate that could hugely benefit. Sign up here

Till next week,


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Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince signed up to a group run.

Wed 14th Sep at 6:45pm

Cody Dock

Do good - Get fit

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Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince went on a community mission

Fri 9th Sep at 4:00pm