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Brad Purnell
Brad Purnell went on a group run

Wed 3rd Apr at 6:45pm

Cresstal Maze

Newham Report written by Brahma Pochee

Finally we got some evening light back, as Rebecca noted, whilst realising she'd never seen us under the harsh reality of daylight. We spoke about our most watched film; Flash Gordon, A Bridge Too Far, Lion King, Die Hard (2?), Lord of The Rings and Home Alone but to mention a few.

Somewhat of a smellier Greenway trip than normal, as works were being carried out, we arrived at Abbey Gardens before our leader, Xuan. In the meantime we opened a lock, found a key, opened another lock, and then took out some tools for our task, Crystal Maze style. Hils and Matt launched into some heavy duty compost turning work, Brad and I worked on some easy weeding and conversation, whilst the others cleared a few beds of weeds. A surprise cameo from Rosa, was a nice treat to see her at a session. We also ate some rather strong and punchy cress, which is where the random title comes from, if you had wondered.

Next week we hit up Cody Dock again, but following on from news of a finger being bitten off, by an old GoodGym runner nonetheless, please apply caution when flyering. It was an absolute freak accident, but no harm being extra cautious.

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ps. Huge congrats to Matt, he's expecting a little person in August! pps. Good luck Rebecca on your HM, enjoy the challenge.

Till next week


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