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India Custance went on a community mission
Community mission

Just the one shade of grey

Fri 9 Apr
Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

A real task, with real life people inside and not a vaccine in sight... What a treat!!

North End Foodbank is becoming North End Pantry which called for a face lift to the entrance area and the stairs. I wasn't sure we'd get it all done but I forgot about the GoodGym team superpowers and everywhere has had a first coat.

Vicki took a break from painting at home to paint in a church instead and ended up lying on the stairs to paint the skirting. Sarah did the taller jobs and had to get on the step ladder to give the upper walls their paint. India rode her nice new bike to the church and I managed to get paint on me by leaning on a bit of wall I'd already painted (why do I always do this?).

Tonight we learned about India putting her bike in the loft, Vicki's sausage casserole & sloe gin (Judy didn't get ALL the sloes at Great Salterns!) and Sarah's requirements for a partner. We didn't get as far as writing her dating app profile, maybe next time!

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Community mission

Painting at North End Larder

Fri 9 Apr 17:00 pm
North End Baptist Church, 195 Powerscourt Road, Portsmouth, PO2 7JH
Get the Larder ready to open.

Painting the hall and stair walls to freshen up the entrance to North End Church.

This is the site of the old foodbank which is converting to a "Larder".

The church has bought some extending paint rollers so there shouldn't be any/too much ladder climbing.

Please bring a face covering as you will be inside.

(📸 2019)

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India Custance went on a community mission
Community mission

Banking a good deed.

Fri 2 Apr
Report written by Jo Kitching

Eli, India, Jo and Rosie headed to the beach early in Good Friday morning to clean up any litter that was there after the last few days of good weather. We started on the west side of the pier and soon started filling our bags with bottle caps, napkins, wooden forks and spoons. We found a painted pebble but didn’t realise that there are some hidden and when you find it you take a photo and hide it again. We went to the other side of the pier and walked east picking up litter as we found it. As usual we found underwear, face masks, more painted pebbles and general takeaway food packaging. Eli found a tennis ball and kept hold of it until she spotted a dog and then give it to the dog after the owners said it was okay. All in all quite a productive morning and great to meet up again with more than 1 person from a household.

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Community mission

Good Friday Litter Pick

Fri 2 Apr 09:30 am
Speakers Corner, Southsea Esplanade, Southsea, PO5 3PG
Keeping the beach clean

A beach clean on Good Friday to help pick up any litter left from more people being on and around the beach due to the warmer weather and the lockdown restrictions changing.

Meet at Speakers Corner (beach side) at 0930. Please bring any bags, gloves and your own litter pickers if you have them.

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India Custance went on a community mission
Community mission

Feeling Crabby About Litter!

Sat 6 Mar
Report written by Portsmouth runner

Another beautiful day for a litter pick. A sunny welcome to Jonathan and Darryl, this being their first Goodgym mission. Huge congratulations to Eli, who with today's beach clean has reached 10 missions - well done Eli. And a big thank you to Sinéad for the pun.

Here is where everyone went:

Darryl and Jonathan went to Southsea beach this morning and did their litter pick as part of a morning run - a great combination. The beach was very clean so it was quite hard to find any rubbish but they still managed to fill half a bag, so definitely a worthwhile task.

Katie and Paul met at College Park and caught up/put the world to rights whilst finding the usual clothing: sock, bobble hat, glove. Interesting objects found were glasses & sunglasses both with only 1 arm in different parts of the park. A wing mirror (moped may be?) There was lots of re-cycling and they utilised the handy bottle banks to get rid of the glass found. A couple of people thanked them, and one lady even offered them a cup of tea or coffee. When they said no thank you, she told them where she lived and said to knock on her door if they changed their minds. This is such a nice thing to happen!

Eli and friend Sarah went to the beach next to South Sea Angling. They found a pair of underpants and a screwdriver! They also collected 3 bags of rubbish.

Rachel and Jo K were on Southsea Beach. Interesting finds were Apple ear pod holder. Otherwise not much litter found at all.

Mel ventured to Farlington Marsh Car Park area and filled 2 bags of the usual rubbish just around the shrubby area by the traffic lights. Hardly any re-cycling, and no interesting items of clothing or other unusual finds, just lots of small fiddly plastic bits! Tipped the first bag of rubbish in the handy bin nearby before taking a photo!

Ellie went to Goatee Beach in Southampton (sounds better than it actually is!) and although there wasn’t too much rubbish on the beach itself, managed to collect lots on the way down and back. This was Millie the dog’s 3rd litter pick of the year. A potential friend for Tess, our other canine honorary GG member, when we can get a larger group together perhaps?

John & Vicki were at Tipner Ranges end of Whale Island. Best finds were a shopping trolley, a nice men’s boot and a yellow rose. 3 very full bags of recycling, 1 packed bag of rubbish. Ran out of bags to do anymore. Definitely a place to keep going back to!

Sinéad was on the beach opposite the rose gardens. There was more litter than usual, mostly sweet wrappers and booze related, and lots of dead crabs. A 4 year old boy got chatting to her and even picked up a few bits of litter too (a Goodgymer in the making methinks!) His grandparents were telling him he couldn't follow her around, but perhaps getting him a small litter picker would be a great way to keep him amused!

Jo C and India went to the rock gardens and Southsea common for a sunset litter pick where they found Tonnes of litter! Check out the sunset photos - stunning!

Val and Judy walked the beach between Emsworth and Langstone Mill. Nothing of interest, just the usual litter, 1 beer bottle and a few blue plastic cotton wool buds.

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India Custance went on a community mission
Community mission

Book'em Dano

Thu 25 Feb
Report written by Portsmouth runner

This morning we were very happy to have a new Good Gym member. So a very big welcome to Emma Bleach. The Covid Clinic team were also joined today by India who took up position in the church. It's been a while since we last met, so it was lovely to see here again.

On the back door of the church were the father and daughter team , Paul and Emma. I hope Emma enjoyed her first GG task shepherding people to the back door to get their jabs.

You may be wondering about the mission title. Today was my Hawaiian (50th) good deed and Katie had very kindly dropped off a special 50th rossette for me to wear. I did indeed wear it with pride but a few people did mistake it as my 50th Birthday badge.

During my stint in the car park I spotted a familiar face approaching. It was Tracey Dean reporting for her jab, so I grabbed the chance of a quick selfie. Great to see her fit and well.

We were relieved of our duties by the afternoon shift consisting of Sarah, Lucy, Susan and Harry.

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Community mission

Assisting with covid vaccination clinic Thursday 25th am

Thu 25 Feb 08:00 am
Southsea Medical Centre, Carlisle Road, Portsmouth, PO5 1AT
Help roll out the vaccine

Please arrive 30 minutes early for your COVID test

We will be assisting the social prescribing team with the administrative side of the vaccination clinics.

Areas of work:

  • standing outside welcoming & directing patients to the check in desk (WARM CLOTHES NEEDED)
  • helping the waiting area run smoothly - making sure it's first in, first out for vaccinations and that seats are cleaned once vacated
  • assisting patients from the church hall to the surgery (short distance across a car park - another outside job, warm clothes required)
  • directing patients from the clinic rooms to the post-vaccine waiting area

PPE will be provided if needed. Even the indoor jobs can be a little cold as the doors are open for ventilation so please bring plenty of layers. Tea and coffee is available as well as a supply of biscuits!

All our volunteering will be overseen by social prescribing staff from the You Trust, please report to them if you cannot find your other GoodGym volunteers! (please note Katie will not be present at this clinic)

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India Custance went on a party

GG Tossing Championships

Tue 16 Feb
Report written by Samantha Belfrage

What a fun Tuesday evening we had at the Annual GG Tossing Championships. I'll let you enjoy the photos and be inspired by our range of sweet pancakes and savory crepes. The highlights from the evening have been rewarded with the following accolades: Top Live Tosser 2021 Rachel Top Speed Tosser 2021 India Top Turning Tosser 2021 Sarah

See you next year Top Tossers ❤

Keep flipping ✌

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India Custance went on a community mission
Community mission

We Couldn’t Have (Litter) Picked a Better Day!

Sat 6 Feb
Report written by Portsmouth runner

Well what a glorious sunny day for our virtual Beach Clean ….. and for Maxine’s birthday yay with her celebrations starting with the beach clean! Find her birthday message amongst the photographs attached. Beautiful sunshine and the tide was out which meant everyone on the beach found it easier to make space for others, and we were able to pick up rubbish that might normally have been covered by water – win/win. Lots of reports of non-Goodgymers also out with their litter pickers which is great to see. There were varying amounts of rubbish found, but with the usual interesting finds and items of clothing of course – all listed below:

Duncan & Lucy visited the path north of the creek at Foxes Forest. Managed to collect a full bag of recycling and a 2nd of rubbish. Not enough space to pick it all up, so definitely a place to go back to.

Eli & her better half (her words) walked from Coffee cup to Southsea Marina and managed to find a kayak seat, boat cleat and a stick covered in anti-fouling

Jen and Alice visited Tipner where they saw Vicki & John. In true Goodgym fashion they found a sock and most interesting find was a scatter cushion from a sofa. Too much rubbish to carry home on the bike and struggled to find a bin. Another place for a litter pick re-visit. Alice thought it was definitely sunny enough to request an ice-cream, and fortunately for Alice, Jen had some posh lemon sorbet in the freezer when they got home – happy days!

Jo and India started at the Briny and headed west to Clarence Pier. Some good finds between the rocks and bits near the concrete ledges and near Mozzarella Joe’s. India wanted to dive into the Southsea Castle moats as loads of unreachable rubbish behind the fence. Most exciting thing found was a snorkel mask. Jo also managed to pap Tim out for his run, in the shade with the sun behind – apparently that’s his ‘best’ side (according to Tim 😊)

Jo & Kat met up and headed to Milton Lock well wrapped up for the cold but were warm once they got there. Found an item of clothing immediately (a sock) along with ear bud sticks, pieces of shoes, buff, plastic, cans and a comb. Had to empty out their bags into 1 large one and then head back to continue as they found so much - they also found part of the Kings Theatre pantomime poster. Heading for a walk along the shore line, they spotted a man and a bike sat amongst the mud flats. No idea why.

Judy & Val started at Emsworth Marina and included a marvellous 10k walk as well as doing their litter pick around the Marina area! Not too much rubbish and mainly dome fishing line and food/sweet wrappers caught in the seaward.

Katie C-R waited for low tide so that she could visit the area in front of Salterns Harvester and walk up towards the Memorial. A few plastic cups, cans, other plastic bits. Most interesting finds were a plug in a socket, and the bottom part of a garden parasol which doubled as a bag carrier for the rest of the pick. 10/10 for re-cycling!

Lynn made her way to the Hovercraft landing area and Clarence Pier area. Found mostly bottles and cans and just 1 mask.

Maura & Mel started half-way between Eastney and Coffee Cup and walked East with Maura showing Mel some new parts of the beach not previously seen, including the nudist beach! No nudists out today even though it was sunny, just lots and lots of dogs and their owners. Saw a few swimmers and someone about to go out on their paddle-board – the sea was sublime. A couple of horses with riders enjoying the low tide over on Hayling beach in the distance. Found a pair of tights, a plastic sunflower spout from a child’s watering can, a pair of sliders, and something rubbery, but not recognisable!

Maxine found lots of buried rope and plastic bags. Tons of plastic lids and some other oddities like a glass lens and rusted metal which is definitely unsafe for kids and dogs! I hope she’s now enjoying a lovely day with family, friends and cake (this at least doesn’t need to be virtual)!

Rachel – Prom edge of the beach. Too many clothes layers, but good to feel the sun. Lots of plastics and wrappers.

Rosie and Aaron were behind the RNLI Lifeboat station Ferry Road. Lots of polystyrene, bottle tops, boat and fishing bits, including a net and obligatory pants! And a little heart (see photos) ahead of Valentines day next week. This is a particularly bad spot for rubbish, so if anyone is looking for an area for future litter picks, this is the place to go!

Vicki & John were at Whale Island/Stamshaw with the bonus of seeing Jen and Alice 😊. Collected a pair of specs and what looked like a piece of jet-ski or bike! Just a few items of re-cycling * Paul stayed local and picked either side of the footpath linking devon rd and hilsea Station. 1 hr of continous collecting which only managed two thirds of the length of the path. Lots of thank yous and the bonus of finding a £1 coin too!

Summary of places to re-visit for litter picks: Whale Island / Tipner Ferry Road and area around the RNLI Lifeboat Station and Hayling Ferry Foxes Forest and north path creek area

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