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19 runners ran 6.3km to help the Global Gardens Project in Cardiff.

  • Alexander Kenmure
  • Lydia
  • Emma Wilkins
  • Benjamin Annear
  • Cardiff runner
  • Ellen
  • Su Fernandez
  • Martin Graff
  • Rosie
  • Peter Gillibrand
  • Cardiff runner
  • Emily Cotterill
  • Adam Hammond
  • Mike
  • Cardiff runner
  • Sophie Hastings
  • Cardiff runner
  • Meri
  • Emily Brown
Tuesday, 2nd of July 2019
Led by Benjamin Annear

On a glorious summers evening, 20 GoodGym runner took to the streets to combine their running with doing good!

Another Tuesday, another AWESOME GoodGym! Tonight we had two new runners joining us and a very special visitor who came across the border, all the way from England, to join GoodGym for this evening's run.

Let's get warmed up

To get warmed up we started this evening's run with some technique drills. We followed this up with a game of 'Captain's coming!' Runners were encouraged to scrub the deck, catch parrots, climb the rigging, run from port to starboard and mark the arrival of captains girlfriend with a big "oooooooooooo."

Head count

Whilst jogging, we did our headcount and announced what our favourite spread was to put on toast. We had Elvis Presley fans stating that they like peanut butter and jelly, we had some runners who love the taste of butter, other runners who like jam and we have Alex who likes potato on his toast, yes potato - "Smashing," Ben said! - Don't knock it until you've tried it! We wished a MASSIVE welcome to Meri and Emily. We hope you enjoyed this evening's run and will come back again. Emily got herself a red lace #LifesGoals for bringing Meri along. ((Rumour has it Mo Farah is also trying to get his hands on a red lace because, if the tales are true, it will help him run even quicker)).

Running to the task

Ben led runners to the task whilst Emma and Ellen both backmarked.

Welcome to the Global Gardens Allotment

Poppy welcomed everyone to the allotment. She explained the vision of the Global Gardens Project is to create a growing space that supports community-based sharing of food and cultures. At the Global Gardens allotment site, where we were for this evening's task, Poppy is cultivating an organic kitchen garden, celebrating crops from around the world.

Poppy gave runners the following tasks to help out with at the allotment:

  • To water the plantation beds
  • Turn the soil
  • Get stuck into weeding the plantation beds
  • Cut back overgrown bushes to make room for a composting toilet

Everyone was given 30 minutes to complete the above tasks. It was amazing how quickly everyone worked together over that time to make sure the tasks were completed. There was much discussion from those weeding about what's a weed and what isn't. Those cutting back the overgrowth ready for the installation of a compost toilet had the most delightful discussions about who's used a compost toilet before and what compost toilets smell like; Lydia shared her wisdom that sprinkling sawdust over your business helps prevent it from smelling,

It's time to run home

Okay, not quite literally home, but sadly it was time to wave goodbye to Poppy and leave the allotment. We ran back as two groups. Ben led the speeder runners and Ellen led the sexy runners. The speedy group ran SUPER speedy so that Alex didn't miss his train... and fortunately he didn't :)

The RunPunStiltskin Award

Ellen came up with tonight's pun for the run and win the virtual RunPunStiltskin award - Well done! *You are a punny one!

The Tweet Off Leaderboard

Well done Lucy - You've proved that you are still a force to be reckoned with in the Tweet Off! Here are the current standings on the tweet off leaderboard -

  • LM 9
  • MG 3
  • DRN 3
  • EW 3
  • NS 2
  • MJ 2
  • BA 1
  • NI 1
  • AG 1
  • WD 1

Report written by Benjamin Annear

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Benjamin Annear
Led by Benjamin Annear

Hello, i'm Ben! I'm the trainer of GoodGym Cardiff! Please get in touch with any questions and click support to follow updates.

Runners helping out
  • Back markers

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Emma Wilkins
    • Ellen
  • Photographer

    Take photos for the run report

    • Mike

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