Training session

Giving Roger a run for his money

20 runners ran 3.0km on a training session in Oxford.

  • Cassy Fiford
  • Anwen Greenaway
  • Bethan Greenaway
  • Trev
  • Julia
  • Sarah
  • Sarah Morris
  • Jessica Lorimer
  • Vicky Arnold
  • Matt Burton
  • Ben Foster
  • Kieran Venner
  • Louise Hall
  • Venetia Lipscombe
  • Zoe
  • Laura Brown
  • Oxford runner
  • Matty Holder
  • Meysam
  • Rachael M
Wednesday, 22nd of September 2021
Led by Anwen Greenaway

Roger Bannister eat your heart out with your sub-4 minute mile!

After thorough warm-ups and 5 minute sessions led by Sarah, Ben and Trev we launched into a pyramid interval session on the track, and I'm sure some of you were faster than a 4 minute miler at times!

Well done everyone for pushing yourselves out of your comfort zones and thank you for helping Sarah and Ben get the footage they need to complete the UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness qualification. I'll be keeping my eyes pealed for funding to get more of you enrolled as Run Leaders, so if that interests you do let me know.

Here's our pyramid session in case you want to repeat it another time:

10 minute warm up - jog a couple of laps, then do some drills (high knees, bum kickers, lunge walks etc). It's important to get your muscles warmed up before launching into faster running.

Main session - 200m fast (0.5 lap of the track), 30 seconds static rest
400m fast (full lap), 1 minute static rest
600m fast (1.5 laps), 1.5 minutes static rest
400m fast, 1 min rest
200m fast, 30 sec rest
200m jog back to start/finish point

Cool down - at least one slow jog lap of the track (preferably 2 laps) and some gentle stretches. This is important even if you are tired after the session as it will help prevent your muscles seizing up or cramping. If you can't face jogging then a brisk walk will do!

Report written by Anwen Greenaway

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