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Julia went on a community mission

Sat 6th Apr at 1:10pm

Book delivery for Mrs H no.27

Oxford Report written by Julia

Mrs H has been having some problems with her balance recently, and the very strong winds aren't helping! Other than that she is doing well and enjoying the books.

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Julia went on a group run

Wed 20th Mar at 6:00pm

Pod save the plog

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

We have eyes and ears everywhere, and this week it was Axelle's turn to direct us to the litter hot spots of West Oxford. After a pleasant jog the back route to our rendez-vous point we exchanged podcast recommendations as this weeks ice-breaker. For your listening delight here are the GG Oxford Top of the Pods:

  • Adam Buxton
  • Who trolled Amber Heard
  • Gardeners World
  • Just one thing
  • Dungeons and Daddies
  • Changes by Annie Mac
  • The rest is history
  • My favourite murder
  • This podcast will kill you
  • The rest is entertainment
  • Taskmaster the peoples podcast
  • Blank check
  • 28 ish days
  • Ukraine cast
  • Bad women
  • Things fell apart
  • How to fail
  • Duolingo Intermediate French

Then on to the more serious business of clearing up the trash. It's always quite interesting the different litter we find in different parts of town. This is an area full of retail parks, so although we picked up the usual food detritus we were surprisingly low on booze cans and bottles this week.

Welcome to GoodGym Andy! Always a joy to have Django the pup along, and glad to have made Botley a little safer for his paws.

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JuliaAnwen GreenawayBethan GreenawayVicky Arnold
Julia went on a community mission

Sun 17th Mar at 1:04pm

Book delivery for Mrs H no.26

Oxford Report written by Julia

Mrs H had a lovely birthday a few weeks ago with her family. She recommends the Bay Leaf in Eynsham for a good takeaway! She is a bit fed up of all the rain and wind and hopes for more sunny and dry weather soon. She's looking forward to going to a senior citizens' lunch later in the week.

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Vicky ArnoldAnwen GreenawayBethan Greenaway
Julia signed up to a group run.

Wed 20th Mar at 6:00pm

Julia went on a group run

Wed 13th Mar at 6:15pm

Clutching at Straws

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

The brief: Plot a route around as many of the Oxford Monopoly board locations as you can in an hour.

The tasks: Take litterpickers and plog as you go, and see how many GoodGym posters you can put on display around the city.

The scoring system: 1 point for every monopoly board location you make it to, 1 point for every GoodGym Task related item you spot along the way, 5 points for every GoodGym poster you put up.

This game/task brought out some serious competitive streaks in our running and walking teams. Sneaky tactics were used, like dividing the group to reach more locations, sprinting to an extra monopoly board square with 3 minutes to go, and deploying the (ex) Lord Mayor as a GG Task related item. Fun and exercise was had, we raised awareness of GoodGym, picked up plenty of litter, and it was a quirky way to plot a walk/run route around town.

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JuliaMatt BurtonAnwen GreenawayBethan GreenawayVicky Arnold
Julia signed up to a group run.

Wed 13th Mar at 6:15pm

GoodGym Greatest hits

Scavenger hunt/Good Deed mash up

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Julia went on a community mission

Sun 25th Feb at 1:00pm

Book delivery for Mrs H no.25

Oxford Report written by Julia

Not much of a chat with Mrs H today. She was busy getting ready for a celebratory meal with her family because... today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Mrs H and I hope you enjoy your party with your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

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Katie FellowsVicky ArnoldBethan Greenaway
Julia went on a community mission

Sat 10th Feb at 10:30am

Going for broke

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Take 11 GoodGymers, give them 2 hours, 5 cedar trees, dozens of bulbs, and a collection of shrubs.

Et voila..,ground and the fence got cleared of ivy, holes were dug and cedar trees planted, spring bulbs got in the ground, half a dozen holly and privet shrubs were planted, plenty of tennis balls unearthed.

The casualties: one fork broken in half (Ben doesn't know his own strength!), one eye had an argument with a holly bush (thanks to Steve for his expert eye wash skills).

Welcome to GoodGym Amy.

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Anwen GreenawayBethan GreenawayMatt BurtonVicky Arnold
Julia went on a group run

Wed 7th Feb at 6:00pm

Star-tling what you find when litter picking

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Last night we went WEST out of our normal East Oxford/Marston stamping ground. We know there are some litter hot spots on and around the Botley Road, and the challenge is to time our litter picks there when the undergrowth is not too dense but the river isn't in flood.

Our clean up crew divided into 2 teams with one heading towards the grot spots along the river, and the other heading to Oatlands Recreation Ground. Some exceptional litter finds were uncovered, from items of clothing to car registration plates, a fire extinguisher, cuddly emoji star, an Unidentified Netty Object (is it a hammock? Is it a fishing net?), but no papier maché spear this time.

Snacks were had to celebrate Bethan's 21st-and-a-bit birthday, and then we scattered into the night feeling just a little bit smug and virtuous for our clean up efforts.

Lovely to have a GG tourist join us from Southampton tonight. Good to meet you Ellie!

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Anwen GreenawayJuliaMatt BurtonVicky ArnoldBethan Greenaway