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Leafleting for The Porch Day Centre
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Julia went on a community mission

Sun 4th Dec at 8:30am

Brisk and Bouncy at Junior Parkrun

Oxford Report written by Ben Foster

On a brisk Sunday morning, 4 Goodygymers joined other regular volunteers at Florence Park Junior Parkrun to oversee 50 super runners kicking off the day with a 2 km run.

Julia with baby in tow marshaled near Flo's, while Trev gave en expert first timer's welcome and marshaled on the first corner. Kieran was on barcode scanning duty to help give a flawless set of results for the morning. Ben was Run Director to give the main briefing, set up and set down for the run, dish out high viz for keen volunteers, and to make sure the results all match up from the event.

Thank you to everyone who helped out!

Next week is the 3rd year anniversary for Junior Parkrun at Florence Park for those who want to take part. We'll be back at Florence Park on 1st January so keep an eye out for the volunteer call for that.

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Vicky ArnoldAnwen GreenawayKieranJulia
Julia signed up to a group run.

Wed 7th Dec at 6:00pm

Julia signed up to a community mission.

Sun 4th Dec at 8:30am

Anwen Greenaway
Julia went on a community mission

Sat 19th Nov at 10:00am

Quite the spectacle

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

10 GoodGymers, and our honourary GoodGymer Penny, took on our semi-regular task of clearing up the litter in Magdalen Wood. Magdalen Wood is a lovely patch with a terrible litter problem. We are always sad to see how much rubbish is thrown down in the woods between our visits. This time, with the brambles and nettles dying back, we were able to get at a lot of the problem spots more easily and clear litter that may have been sat under a tangle of vegetation for a while.

We filled sacks and sacks with cans and bottles, picked up several Unidentified Metal Objects, a bike frame, pieces of carpet, glasses cases, and most sadly of all a full sack of needles.

We're happy we left the woods in a better state than we found them, but it's sad that this is such an ongoing problem.

Welcome to GoodGym Lydia - lovely to meet you!

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KieranJuliaVicky ArnoldAnwen GreenawayBethan GreenawayMatt Burton
Julia signed up to a community mission.

Sat 19th Nov at 10:00am

Magdalen Wood litter pick

Remove litter in this trash hot spot

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Julia went on a community mission

Wed 26th Oct at 6:15pm

Botley Baby!!

Oxford Report written by Bethan Greenaway

This evening we ventured to Botley to blitz the inevitable litter hotspots that build up and hide under the autumn leaves

A slightly chaotic start due to gridlock traffic necessitated chats about the weather and crisp sandwiches (always a good idea).

Once all were present and correct the garland of joy was presented to our newest and most unofficial member Miss Penelope! Thank you Julia for bringing her to meet us all!

We set out lights and litter-pickers in hand to tackle a few grot spots and amassed a large mountain of bags before our time was up. Items found ranged from the depressing (sharps, dealt with safely) to joyous (£10 given to Ben to take to the Halloween quiz), and the inevitable pants!

You are all wonderful and apologies again for my late arrival and stressful witterings!

Welcome to Goodgym Anja and Steve, we hope to see you again soon!!

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JuliaOlivia WallerMatt BurtonBethan GreenawayVicky Arnold
Julia signed up to a community mission.

Wed 26th Oct at 6:15pm

Julia went on a community mission

Sat 24th Sep at 10:30am

Tried to think of a litter-picking pun but they were all rubbish.

Oxford Report written by Vicky Arnold

Five Goodgymers met at the Perch pub for a litter-picking stroll down Binsey Lane in the autumn sunshine.

We swapped war stories from litter picks gone by, and chatted about everything from why James Bond would actually be a terrible spy to whether you could name a baby after an emoji, while clearing up the usual detritus found on the roadside - cans, bottles, food packaging, random lumps of metal - enlivened by many golf balls and some excellent teamwork in negotiating barbed wire.

Our haul of five hefty bags was deposited in the bins at West Oxford Community Centre, leaving Binsey Lane much tidier than we'd found it.

Well done to Timothy on his first Good Deed, and congratulations to Dan on his 10th - sorry we didn't have the Garland of Joy for you to wear this time!

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Olivia WallerTimothy Alison Acton McConnachie-KayeMatt BurtonJuliaBethan GreenawayVicky Arnold

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Anwen Greenaway

Sat 24th Sep at 2:35pm

Well done!