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10 runners ran 7.1km to help the Get Rid Of & Donate in Lambeth.

  • George Clarkson
  • Michael Welsh
  • Michael Davies
  • Sam Lefevre
  • Clare Hurst
  • Tilly Baker Hine
  • Kaz Podstolski
  • Lucy Hurley
  • Lasso Traore
  • Milly
Tuesday, 18th of January 2022
Led by Sam Lefevre

Papa's Park provided some warmth to 10 GoodGymers on a cold January night. Lucy and Lasso were waiting inside even before Sam, the run leader for tonight, had arrived. He was here to lead another Lambeth Group Run whilst Yianny is away. One by one, everyone filtered in. Kaz finally received his long overdue Christmas raffle present from Thorland Gardens and we had Milly come for her very first GoodGym group run and earnt herself her first Good Deed! 🎉

After a couple of announcements and mini warm-up session, we were ready to go! However, we still needed to know one another, so tonight's ice-breaker question was: What type of food/cuisine would you serve at your restaurant/cafe (if you were to own one)?

There was a common theme of small dishes (to try as many things as possible) and pasta! We also had the likes of vegetarian Chinese, vegan / veggie New Zealand pies, Welsh Cawl, Anglo Thai fushion and BBQ to name a few.

Keepin' it fly

Tonight's task was decided this morning upon hearing Andrea from GROAD (Get Rid Of And Donate) had low donations on Sunday from the general public. There was a need to spread the word about her charity and where people could donate their unused and unwanted items, especially clothing. Lots of areas around Herne Hill and Dulwich had been flyered, but the Lambeth lot had not ventured south of Brockwell Park. After running just under 2.5k from Brixton to Herne Hill via the quieter Railton Road (compared to the busy main roads), we split the teams into two. Team Croxted Road consisted of Clare, Lasso, Michael and newbie Milly whilst the rest jogged a few more metres to become Team Rosendale Road. George, Kaz and Michael took on the right side of the road whilst Lucy and Tilly took on the left side. There was a method to this madness as they dropped the leaflets in a systematic way. As we approached the end of each road, the two teams met up on Croxted Road to run back, only to be split again. This time into three groups of three to tackle Dalkeith Road, Turnkey Road and Hawarden Grove. As all the runners approached Sam who was waiting at the end of Croxted Road, they were greeted with a 30 second wall sit as the "fitness" part of the group run was just about to get going. The deal was upon waiting for every traffic light to turn green, this warranted a fitness exercise from squat holders to lunges! The run back was quick (as we were running late...), but felt exhausting for most as this was probably the longest group run in a long time! Just under 7k covered! The final thing left was to stretch out all of our muscles 💪 Well done everyone - it was a big effort 💥

Thank You to all the GG-ers

A personal thanks from me to all those who came out and ran a much longer group run (than normal) and at a faster pace (than normal).

Thank You Andrea

GoodGym is all about getting fit and doing good! We praise the runners/cyclists/walkers who come to get fit and help out, but we often forget about our task owner and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andrea for starting up this charity and ensuring donated items are given a second life.

Report written by Sam Lefevre

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Sam Lefevre
Led by Sam Lefevre

Southwark Area Activator. Just a GoodGym tourist looking out for missions and borough hopping around London!

Runners helping out
  • Back marker

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Michael Welsh

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