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Tilly Baker Hine completed a training run • Hot and Sweaty GoodGym Run
Tue 17 May
Tilly Baker Hine went on a group run
Group run

The EduSpace Race !!

Tue 17 May
Report written by Yianny

Oh what a night, late May back in 2022.... This was a really fun one and a task where our GoodGymers could really get their teeth into, let's see what we got up to.

By 6:30pm the sun was still shining and it was a balmy 22 degrees - summer vibes indeed! I had bumped into Maya one of our GGers on the train earlier who informed me that the weather forecast had changed from 50% chance of rain at 8pm to 90% which simply wouldn't do. 🌂

Unbeknownst to the runners the AA formulated the warm up into an anti-rain dance, weaving intricate patterns and side steps which were almost perfectly observed by all the runners. The result of course is that not only did the rain rain stay away but it's not coming again until Thursday!!

This week's category was airlines (favourite, least favourite, simply name any) and we should send a special shout out to Wizz Air for taking care of our Lindy once when she was 'not very well' on one of their flights.

It was a short run to Loughborough Park 1.35 kms each way but that meant lots of time for the task. We were helping out Stephen and Bill from Urban Canopy who are working with the Friends of LP to create an educational garden where there once was a Japanese gravel garden (possibly back in feudal times as now all that was there were lots of weeds)!

Lydia, India (a GGer herself) and the volunteers from Friends of LP were all there so we could get stuck in together with a strangely satisfying weeds clearance task. Stephen explained that the plan is to clear away as much as possible to be able to plan out exactll where and what to plant and create a self-nourishing forest floor garden with each different planted item working in harmony with those around it.

We had a solid 45 minutes to attack the pathways and managed to clear a decent chunk of weeds however by the end looking around it was clear there is still so much to be done. Not a problem though, the team will be down there this week and next to continue the work and we will be back next Tuesday to pick up wherever they have got to and take it forward. We are very excited to see what lays in store at the end of it all! 😍

Check out the photos, we managed to add a little to the huge pile Shauna generated all by herself..... 💪

Thanks to the team at Friends of LP, their volunteers and of course Stephen and Bill for having us and Sarah for being back marker for the evening.

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Tilly Baker Hine completed a training run • Hot and Dusty 🥵 Parkrun
Sat 14 May
Tilly Baker Hine signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Community Gardening @ Thorlands

Sat 21 May 12:00 pm
Thor Lands Gardens , Elsinore House, Denmark Road , London , SE5 9EJ
Will allow the community garden to flourish and for local residents to enjoy the natural space and food that is grow there

Thor Lands Community Gardens in Camberwell offers a range of tasks for us to get involved with! There is an on-going project to convert this half an acre site into a thriving garden for the residents and locals to love. We meet at the "Walled Garden", which for newbies can be located exactly here using "what3words" - share.wished.rips. There is a variety of tasks from composting to weeding, sawing wood to cutting back brambles and raking leaves to planting trees - each week is different.

Health and Safety first: Please be advised that the task owner, Simon, cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and would like us to be considerate, keep social distancing from him and to stay home if you develop a constant sneeze or cough.

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Tilly Baker Hine signed up to a group run
Group run

Loughborough Park Educational Garden Part 1 - Tuesday's Group Run !!

Tue 17 May 18:45 pm
Papa's Park, 10-17 Pulross Road, London, SW9 8AF
Create an educational space for the community

The team at Urban Canopy are helping out Friends of Loughborough Park throughout May to create a new educational garden within the park. http://www.urbancanopy.org/

The space that we are due to work needs a lot of weeds and old plants removed, but it also has a lot of mature trees, which means we are restricted in terms of the tools we are able to use, so there's a lot of work to do!

Tonight is part 1 of a big task which we will complete over two weeks on our Group Runs.

Get signed up and watch the space take shape from start to finish!

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Tilly Baker Hine completed a training run • Morning Run
Wed 11 May
Tilly Baker Hine completed a training run • Got my New Shoes on
Mon 9 May
Tilly Baker Hine went on a community mission
Community mission

We've soiled ourselves

Sat 7 May
Report written by Sam Lefevre

Despite the early signs of rain, three GoodGymers: Claire, Sam and Tilly mustered the energy to come out and help out at Thorlands.

With Spring meaning a mixture of rain and sunshine, lots and lots of things were growing all over the place.

Simon gave us the choice of two tasks, but since Tilly had been promised to plant Hazel trees a few weeks ago, we opted for this.

Yet, there was some digging out bindweed roots and turning over the soil that needed to be done first. We wanted to ensure the bindweed would not grow again and thus, we opted to spend the majority of the session ploughing the soil with the mattock and the new Dutch hoe (no, there wasn't an extra volunteer...it was a new tool).

Finally, we spent the last few minutes putting down the cardboard before dragging across a small tonne bag of top soil to put on top. Unfortunately, we could not get to the task of planting the Hazel trees, but this will be done on Wednesday during the group run - until then!

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Tilly Baker Hine completed a training run • (Sunny Rainy Muggy) Parkrun
Sat 7 May
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