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Group Run // New Task! Weeding @ TNG Youth Centre

Tue 1 Feb 19:00 pm
Bridge House, 2 High St, London, SE20 8RZ
Tidying up the outside of this well used community centre

A Brand New Task!

It's not often that one of these comes around! This week we're heading to TNG Youth Centre next to Sydenham Wells Park. It's about a 2km run from the Bridge House and the run is complete with a couple of hills!

We'll be helping to tidy up the outside of the centre as some of the weeds have gone a little bit wild there.

Please bring gardening gloves if you have them and a headtorch may be useful too!

Running with GoodGym Bromley

🏃‍♂️ Whether you're brand new to running or a seasoned pro, you are so welcome at GG Bromley.

📍 Every Tuesday we meet at the Bridge House pub in Penge. There's a space to leave coats and bags.

🕖 We run at 7pm but turn up any time from 6:45 for a pre-run chat! After doing our good deed we run back to base for 8:30. Sometimes we stick around for a drink!

🧤 Please bring gardening gloves - these are useful for lots of tasks. A headtorch can also be useful when it's dark! 💡

Any questions? Drop Mark an email!

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Wed 26 Jan
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Wed 26 Jan
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Parkrun On Tour (South London Edition): Burgess Park

Sat 29 Jan 08:45 am
Burgess Park, London, SE5 0RJ
A 5k run & to experience a different Parkrun each month with other GoodGymers

Every last Saturday of the month, let's meet-up/takeover a different parkrun in South London, this is the schedule I propose throughout the year:

  • January 29th - Burgess Park
  • February 26th - Brockwell
  • March 26th - Southwark
  • April 30th - Hilly Fields
  • May 28th - Tooting
  • June 25th - Crystal Palace
  • July 30th - Peckham Rye
  • August 27th - Beckenham
  • September 24th - Dulwich
  • October 29th - Clapham
  • November 26th - Catford
  • December 17th - Bushy

Meet at the start line 10-15 minutes before, run the Parkrun at your own pace and those who finish first can cheer on the rest! After everyone has completed their 5k run and we get that all important group photo, for those who want to stay on, we'll get a hot beverage (whatever is your poison).

What are parkruns?

Parkruns are free, weekly, community events all around the world. Saturday morning events are 5k and take place in parks and open spaces. You can run, walk or volunteer at parkruns. You can even take your dog (if you have one) along! If you have never run a parkrun before, they are a great way to get into running in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Remember, it's FREE, but you can register here to keep a profile (number of parkruns you do, times, etc.).

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Group run

Toying Around 🧸

Wed 26 Jan
Report written by Sam Lefevre

Not really... 👀

As we approach the end of the January Challenge, GoodGymers from all boroughs are making a last ditch attempt to add to their area's tally. Tonight at GoodGym Southwark's group run, we had 11 GoodGymers representing 6 boroughs - Southwark led the way with Emma, Lindy, Nelly, Paulin and Sam, Lambeth had two representatives: Gayle and Michael, Vic flew the flag for Lewisham whilst Jc proudly cycled from Greenwich with his partner, Geraldine who actually falls under Haringey and finally, staying on the north side of the river, Aine (pronounced AWN-ya) came from Tower Hamlets for her first GoodGym Southwark group run.

After Sam's intro and updates speech, which was interpreted like four times...no wonder we were five minutes late...we all warmed up by running around with a couple of jumps and bends. This was finished off with some quick blasts to get our legs warm and our heart rate elevated!

Our our ice-breaker question to keep in theme with tonight's task was: Which Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movie did you pester your parents to watch all the time as a kid?

The popular choice was Aladdin, but we had The Jungle Book, Lion King, Homeward Bound (classic), Scooby Doo and The Prince of Egypt!

Love is in the air...for Jelly babies

After a hilly 2.7k run from Old Spike Roastery to Salvation Army Camberwell via Grove Hill, we made it to find Geraldine, Jc and Paulin who had cycled there, already starting to clean the exercise mats and kids cushions.

The runners were welcomed in by Catherine and the warmth of this indoor task as we all caught our breath and took off any excess layers. The task was simple: do a deep clean of all the toys in the cupboard with disinfectants, dry them and put them back. This was necessary task as the toys are used by 20+ kids for 3 days a week, so this would ensure the toys are kept relevatively clean on a regular basis.

Initially, Aine, Emma and Lindy were taken away to do an extra task - put away bags of old rags in the attic as they weren't collected today, but essentially these old rags are sold in order to buy nappies for the baby bank.

Everyone had a designated disinfecting station as Gayle and Sam brought out the toys from the cupboard. In turn, everyone took a toy to wipe them down with a damp cloth before placing it in an area to dry.

We've been here 20 minutes, looks like we're almost done and we still have 20 minutes here....maybe we can do a 5-10 minute HIIT session

Famous last words by Sam as suddenly everyone took their time to wipe down the last remaining toys and realising we had the bigger toys (cars and alligator) to clean. Yet, this gave more time for Sam to roam around and talk with everyone. Upon asking everyone earlier in his speech, if anyone knew of any couples who met through GoodGym (as Valentine's is coming up), he found out that Geraldine and Jc met after the Big Half last year at a GoodGym celebration party....love is in the air as they had their own Valentine's yesterday (avoiding the big day itself).

As we packed away the last toys and folded the tables, Sam was indecisive on a spot for a group photo as everyone else was fuelling up on Jelly babies 🙃 We found a spot, took a few photos and thank Catherine. We said our goodbyes to the cyclists as we ran back to Peckham along the main road with various runners shooting off along the way back to Old Spike!

Despite it not being the first Wednesday of the month, Aine, Gayle, Michael and Sam opted in for a pint at The Angel Oak as they found themselves *unofficially *competing in the last two rounds of The Big Fat Quiz (Wednesday nights from 20:00)....according to Michael, we would have smashed it!

Thank You to all the GG-ers

A personal thanks from me to all those who came out tonight as the winter chills are starting to creep in! A big effort for tackling the uphill route on the way there and for cleaning all the toys!

Thank You Catherine

GoodGym is all about getting fit and doing good! We praise the runners/cyclists/walkers who come to get fit and help out, but we often forget about our task owner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Catherine for helping out those in need, especially those families who have nothing and can use a helping hand! A big thank you for staying at your office later than you normally would on a Wednesday night.

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Wed 26 Jan
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Wed 26 Jan
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Wed 26 Jan
Tue 25 Jan
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Group run

Portico, Portico, Wherefore art thou Portico?

Tue 25 Jan
Report written by Tim Wheatley

Last night 11 of us met for another Tuesday night group run at Papas Park. we were running to the Portico Gallery in West Norwood, its one of the longest run we do at Lambeth Goodgym, a total of 8.5 km, so we were feeling a bit nervous about whether we would make it or not. 😲

Lambeth TF member and all round creative superstar Tim led the group out start to finish - awesome stuff Tim!

After a quick warm up we set off at a steady pace and started the climb up to West Norwood. The run was long, and hard work but we all made it and felt very proud of ourselves. At the Portico Gallery we met John who explained that they were painting the floor for a music video this week so needed everything on the floor moved up onto the stage. We split into two groups, half of us rearranged the stage whilst the other picked up tables, chairs, picture frames, plants, mirrors and benches and carried them over to the stage for storage.

In under 25 mins we were done and the floor was clear and ready for painting. John was very happy as it would have taken him hours to move all the furniture on his own.

As we left we said goodbye to some runners who made there own way home, the rest of us then ran back another 4k but luckily this time it was down hill.

For lots of us it was either the furthest we had run in a long time or our first time doing that distance so when we go home we felt equally exhausted and triumphant! 🤩

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