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Pass It On - Giving unwanted household goods a new home
Don’t let your rejected items end up abandoned on streets or in landfills, where they can sit disintegrating and damaging our environment. Reach out to Get Rid Of and Donate, arrange a free collection for your unwanted goods and help us be there for everyone who needs us.

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LambethCommunity mission
Ellie HoranCharlie PageMaria KostouliaSam LefevreNathan Wood

Ellie's first good deed!

Sunday 24th September

Written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

We welcomed Ellie, who came for her first good deed and saw the brilliant work GROAD does as she helped set up the Open House with Maria, Nathan, Sam and three GROAD volunteers.

They setup the main hall with tables of clothes, household items, toys and books.

They also took in donations from variety of people, but after two hours they had to stop. Most of the items had been put out.

Well done all and another warm welcome, Ellie!

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LambethCommunity mission
Maria KostouliaSam LefevreJake Thompson

Launch day

Saturday 23rd September

Written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

Maria and Sam attended GROAD'S launch at LJ Works! They emptied out two boxes of clothing to hang up on the clothing rail outside as the sun was shining!

There were a few people present to get the free items.

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LambethCommunity mission
Sam LefevreLindy MacfarlaneDianeMaria KostouliaDaryl ShawGemma

Welcome back to St. Faith's

Sunday 10th September

Written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

After six weeks of summer school at St. Faith's, GROAD was back to use the hall room for their Open House on Mondays.

There were plenty of help from GROAD, but equally from us at GoodGym as not only did Lindy, Maria and Sam (who came from other GROAD session before) were present, but Daryl, Diane and Gemma arrived too.

Many hands make light work as within an hour they converted the hall room into an Open House of donated items from clothing to household goods.

They also had plenty of donations from the public as Shed 2 started off as empty, but by the end of our session it was full to the rim!

It was great to be back at St. Faith's and thank you to all that came 🙏

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LambethCommunity mission
Sarah BeckLucy Hurley

GROAD’s new home

Wednesday 9th August

Written by Sarah Beck

Lucy and I were in Loughborough Junction to help Andrea before the big launch on Monday. We pulled out some weeds, cleaned windows and hung up a load of clothes on rails

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LambethCommunity mission
Jo BowenSam LefevreWill R. Carpenter

Last Open House setup until the school term starts

Sunday 9th July

Written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

Jo, Sam and Will met up with two other GROAD volunteers to prepare for the last Open House of the summer as St Faith's Community Centre will be using the hall for their summer programme for kids.

This meant that we had to ensure everything from Shed 2 was cleared before we could get on with sorting the items in the main hall and outside on the patio. Throughout the session, we had to be agile as people kept on coming into donate, so we had to be welcoming before a food delivery arrived and we had to be quick as the delivery person couldn't stay long.

Still we did what we could do within the hour and a bit.

It's all happening at Edward Alleynian until September, when St Faith's is back up and running!

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SouthwarkCommunity mission
Paulin Shek

Sorting donations for GROAD

Sunday 2nd July

Written by Paulin Shek (she/her)

Today I went to help at GROAD (Get Rid Of And Donate) by sorting some donated clothes. It was just me, so I put on a podcast and got to work. The time passed very quickly and I managed to use up all the hangers. What was left were a few bags on children's clothes, which I refolded and put them together into one box.

This is all ready for the community drop in event which is happening tomorrow. I hope all the donated clothes find some new owners! :)

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