Group run

All Aboard The Hogsweed Express!

7 GoodGymers made their way 2.1km to help the 48th Portsmouth Squirrels in Portsmouth.

  • Katie Carew-Robinson
  • Samantha Belfrage
  • Laura Wells
  • Jen Stoneham
  • Katie London
  • Dave
  • Richard
Wednesday, 24th of April 2024
Led by Jen Stoneham

As some of us missed out on our Hogwarts letters, we weren't able to apparate or head to our task by broomstick this evening, so a gentle jog was in order.

Our task this evening was to empty out the planters and re-home the veggies in some plant pots until a new home for the raised beds can be found.

Our team of budding Herbology students could have done with some help from Madame Sprout, as identifying what was weed and what was vegetable was a bit of a challenge. Hence the confusion between Hogs Weed and Hogwarts, inspiring the run report this evening.

Richard, under the careful supervision of Mini-GGer Alice appeared to have cast a Geminio charm, uncovering an ever-multiplying harvest of potatoes!

Katie and Sammy were on strawberry duty and were able to salvage most of the plants. I would guess the Sorting Hat would put these guys in Ravenclaw, they had to use a lot of smarts to ensure they were saving the right plants! Sammy also discovered Professor Moody's missing eye and one of Aragog's babies in the soil!

Laura and Dave were on litter picking duties, and were able to use the new extendable litter pickers to Accio litter! with a summoning spell.

Hagrid would have been mighty pleased with our groundskeeping skills this evening, well done everyone!

Report written by Jen Stoneham

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Katie Carew-Robinson
Katie Carew-Robinson
Wednesday April 24th, 2024 20:34

Yes, you did it! 100 points for Griffindor for an excellent run report. ⭐🪄🧙

Katie London
Katie London
Wednesday April 24th, 2024 21:24

Brilliant report writing an outstanding owl!

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Jen Stoneham
Led by Jen Stoneham

Area Activator for GoodGym Portsmouth. I swear like a sailor, burp like a foghorn. Human A - Z of Portsmouth. Ultimately charming.

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