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15 Goodgymers helped their local community in Cardiff
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Tuesday 11th January 2022

Report written by Michael

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Our Second group task of the year and a return to Samye Foundation. Today 15 of the goodgym Cardiff Crew got together for the task at hand. We split into our two groups, the walkers making their way straight to the task, whilst Michael led the runners a longer way around to make up their KMs.

We soon made our way to Samye and were welcomed by the lovely Lorraine, with water ready to quench our thirsts. Tonight we were;

  • Cleaning under the gazebo and weeding so that it would be spruced up ready for the locals to be able to sit under there.
  • Weeding the back yard space, again to allow the locals to use the enjoy the space and get it Spring ready.
  • Finally after all the green finger work it was more green finger work - panting the shed a nice green.

Speaking of green fingers.......Who has ever seen this wonderfully weird character...........Green Claws

But I digress, the lights were put out so that each team could see their task at hand. Those at the front swept, weeded and made it all look as good as new. All the leaves swept were put into the planters to keep the bulbs that were sprouting nice and warm. Out back we were going feral on all fours as any weed between paving slabs were removed and bagged up, whilst the painters got to work turning the shed from Red to Green.

Tools down - it's time for some soup to warm us up and get us fuelled up to head back.

The Shed will need some additional work - I feel a repeat task coming UP...

Looking for something to do this Weekend? Why not join in and help us with the goodgym January Challenge.

Saturday 10:00 We will be helping the new community space at Riverside Medical Centre by loading turf into a vehicle from up the road in Canton

Saturday 12:00 Back to StarGarAllot again to help take down a greenhouse and make space for their new polytunnel....and I hear Camilla may be bringing soup

Sunday 09:00 We will be helping out at Junior parkrun

Get clicking and sign yourself up to a task or two.

NEXT TUESDAY - sees us returning to Church of Saint Edward to help finish pruning the buddleia and weed the raised beds ready to be used by the 'Forget Me Not' Cafe regulars come Spring. Sign Up HERE

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Samye Mindfulness and Well being Centre
The Mindfulness and Well-Being Centre for South Wales is a compassion-based mindfulness training centre in Wales.

The Mindfulness and Well-Being Centre for South Wales is a compassion-based mindfulness training centre in Wales. They have been operating as a charitable company since 2006. Their large, fully-equipped premises offers complete range of on-site holistic therapies and conference services. They offer mindfulness classes, meditation retreats and well-being services to the people of Wales and the rest of the UK. They are a centre mainly staffed by volunteers and rely on the goodwill and generosity of volunteers to run our mindfulness and well-being activities.

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Packing down for the Railway Gardens Clothes Swap in Splott
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Supporting the Clothes Swap event.

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