Take me running, painting in the rain

11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Cardiff
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Tuesday 7th November 2023

Report written by Michael

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Take me running, painting in the rain Feel it washing over me, oh oh Join us, running, painting in the rain Cover me in ecstasy , oh oh

So that's out the way now and possibly stuck in your head! Last night 11 goodgymers got together, despite the rain, to make their way on a lovely night time run to help out with some painting of railings.

Michael, led the crew on the quickest route tonight, so that we could get as much painting done as possible. First, we had to get into the office for the equipment. Luckily the key holder was in the Choir and could see us looking all confused at a locked door.

We're IN

Just as we had the equipment out and we started, our organiser Julian arrived, just in time to get stuck in with the rest of us. We were brushing the railings with wire brushes, being followed by the painters. We split into a few groups, with three of us heading off under some trees to paint, which we were thankful for when it started to rain!

Time to Call It

We cleared the equipment and put it back into storage, as we got warmed and dry with a quick bit of food from the lovely Choir with no name. A quick group photo, and it was time to head back for a nice social.

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