🥾 Stop hoggin the cheesecake 🍰

23 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 17th April 2023

Report written by Nicky Woodall (she/her)

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☀️ 23 superb GoodGymmers met for our group run on this beautifully sunny evening. We were thrilled to welcome Simon and Bernie for their first group run sessions, brilliant to have you along. And there was even more to celebrate, including Lucy's wedding last Friday and Vicky and Abigail's excellent Vale of York race performances yesterday 🙌

🌳 We had three groups heading to Acomb Wood (which, very confusingly, isn’t actually in Acomb, sorry Abi!) Amy led the party pace crew while Michal led another running group (who apparently did sprints over Hob Moor - good work guys 👍). We also had an excellent turn out for the cycle crew this evening, with 7 of us hopping on our bikes 🚲

🥾 On arrival, we were greeted by Beki from the council and four bags (two of hardcore, two of hoggin) to be distributed along the footpath. We set to work swiftly and got a good system, with groups of shovellers, barrowers and rakers all working incredibly hard. Jenna rightly pointed out that the hoggin looked like a “buttery biscuit base” from a cheesecake, causing all our mouths to water 🍰

💪 In no time at all, we’d used up all the materials and completed the first bit of path, with two layers! There was some excellent teamwork involved, with various communication methods for signposting the barrowers to the correct shovelling location. There was also some great collective team strength involved in heave-ho-ing the bags onto the wheelbarrows once they were deemed “light” enough 👏

👏 Beki was thrilled with our progress and has invited us back to distribute the final four bags, which we’re looking forward to 👌

📸 After a quick team photo, it was time to pack up the van and for our different groups to head off, meeting back at base for stretches before heading to the pub for more wedding celebrations (including some excellent brownies and cookies, which were swiftly demolished). Whilst there, some of us learned the difference between jealous and envious (and some of us remained confused) - a little English language lesson to top off the evening 🔤

🥳 Good work everyone, and thank you for a lovely evening. We’ve got other sessions happening this week (including planting on an equally sunny evening tomorrow) so do join if you can 😁

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