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Setting up a Tiny Forest for York
🗓Sunday 28th April 12:00pm

📍Somewhere in York YO?

Let's work together to launch a Tiny Forest in our area

Tristan FeatherbyRadu ChirvasutaMikki SwannSteve Rice
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Tamar Goudie (Tay)
Tamar Goudie (Tay) went on a community mission

Sat 13th Jan at 10:30am


York Report written by Laura Barrett

Nine of us walked, ran and cycled to Railway Pond, which for some of us was our second task of the morning. Our task was to help remove rings of ivy from around the tree trunks in order to protect the trees whilst leaving some of the ivy as a habitat for insects and other wildlife. We were offered a variety of tools to choose; axes, saws, loppers, bill hooks and secateurs. Unsurprisingly the axes were popular until we realised that apart from the largest stalks the secateurs were more effective! We welcomed Richard to his first Goodgym task.

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Vicky HearsonLaura BarrettPaul Kelly

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Richard Grayling

Sat 13th Jan at 1:06pm

Lovely to meet all you GoodGymers! We picked the warmest January day in memory, I think :-)

York runner

Sat 13th Jan at 9:57pm

[This comment has been deleted]

York runner

Sat 13th Jan at 9:57pm

Didn't feel that way at 8:30 on the Knavesmire!

Tamar Goudie (Tay)
Tamar Goudie (Tay) went on a community mission

Tue 9th Jan at 6:15pm

Bingo baggings

York Report written by Vicky Hearson (she/her)

8 of us met us to do some litter picking in little Knavesmire woods and bag a square on the January Bingo. Some bonus squares ticked off with selfies and muddy trainers too!

After 30 minutes we had a good haul including a hub cap, cardigan and a sleeping bag!

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Laura BarrettAmy WoollardAidan KettleVicky HearsonPaul Kelly

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York runner

Wed 10th Jan at 12:15pm

Love the pun 😂👏🏻👏🏻

Vicky Hearson
Vicky Hearson (she/her)

Wed 10th Jan at 5:55pm

I was rather pleased with it!

Tamar Goudie (Tay)
Tamar Goudie (Tay) signed up to a community mission.

Sat 13th Jan at 10:30am

Removing Ivy from tree Trunks at Railway Pond

Protect the trees around the pond to create a green space for people to walk

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Laura BarrettVicky Hearson
Tamar Goudie (Tay)
Tamar Goudie (Tay) signed up to a community mission.

Tue 9th Jan at 6:15pm

Laura BarrettVicky Hearson