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Setting up a Tiny Forest for York
🗓Friday 12:00pm

📍Somewhere in York YO?

Let's work together to launch a Tiny Forest in our area

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Tamar Goudie (Tay)
Tamar Goudie (Tay) went on a community mission

Fri 24th Mar at 12:00pm

Busy Bee-friending

York Report written by Barbara Griffin

Tay, Jenna and I met Beki from City of York Council to continue improving the path near to Acomb Wood. With Beki’s help we managed to lay the last of the 2 bags of the rocky stuff 💪, extending the path and filling in some holes in a side path which will be completed at a later date. We were joined by an unusual bee which decided to perch on the edge of one of the bags until Tay relocated it to a nearby hedge. After an hour we departed just as the rain started, but fortunately it didn’t last long. The cafe stop afterwards was very welcome!

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Paul Kelly
Tamar Goudie (Tay)
Tamar Goudie (Tay) signed up to a community mission.

Fri 24th Mar at 12:00pm

Path building part III

Making the path leading to Acomb Wood more passable for local people

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Tamar Goudie (Tay)
Tamar Goudie (Tay) went on a community mission

Sat 11th Mar at 10:30am

Having a shed load of fun!

York Report written by Vicky

This was quite possibly my favourite task of all time. Why? Here's a list

  • burning stuff
  • demolition
  • bashing things with a sledge hammer
  • wildlife (including a very unphotogenic rat)
  • power tools (electric saw)
  • treasure (marbles and a sling shot)
  • lovely people, all equally enthusiastic
  • very grateful people at the orchard
  • perfect weather

we hope to be back soon to do more burning... watch this space!

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Paul Kelly

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Paul Kelly

Sat 11th Mar at 7:31pm

The rat was pretty cute, he just didn't like having his photo taken 🐀

Tamar Goudie (Tay)
Tamar Goudie (Tay) signed up to a community mission.

Sat 11th Mar at 10:30am

Shed demolition!

Help develop Holgate Community orchard

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