Rhubarb and cardboard

14 Goodgymers helped their local community in Oxford
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Wednesday 31st August 2022

Report written by Anwen Greenaway

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GoodGym - Masters of tree care!

After several sessions recently caring for saplings across Oxford we are now the self-declared masters of (fruit) tree care. This Wednesday we were in another orchard area planted by the Marston Community Gardeners weeding around saplings, laying cardboard, mulching and watering. We also detangled trees and rhubarb from brambles, and saved gooseberry bushes and black currant shrubs from the encroaching Goldenrod... no, not a Bond villain but a tall yellow flower!

Chips in the pub rounded our evening off nicely.

Congratulations Hattie on your 50th Good Deed!

Session Leader
Area activator
Simon Venn
Fred Collman
Henry Gibson
Hattie Elvins
Ben Foster
Matt Burton
Sarah McFadden
Bethan Greenaway
Rachael H
Anwen Greenaway
Jane Hotchen
Isabella Collins
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Aston’s Eyot
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