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Oxford Mutual Aid evening shift
🗓Wednesday 14th December 6:00pm

📍Richard Benson Hall OX4 1UR

The Christmas edition

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Wed 30th Nov at 6:00pm

Ovals and heckles

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

It was a chilly night for a litter pick, with winter starting to make itself felt, but we turned out in force at Rose Hill Community Centre.

Our litter picks in the area around the Community Centre and the estates surrounding The Oval are always highly appreciated by the staff at the community centre and the local Low Carbon group - we were even joined by a member of Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon group last night.

With quite a large area to cover we find it's best to split into smaller groups to tackle different streets - divide and conquer! We set ourselves an hour limit so that no one got completely chilled to the bone and scattered across Rose Hill, litter pickers and yellow rubbish sacks in hand. We got heckled by a local who appeared to think that we were the Council and should clean up the area more often (the big 'Community Litter Pick' stamp on our bin bags not seeming to give them the clue that we were volunteers), found masks, cigarette butts, hedges full of cans, and all the other usual suspects. Aladdin put us in a cheery mood when we got back to the community centre with his gold sequin shirt, very Pro photo taking, and appreciation for the clean-up job we'd undertaken.

Our litter picking conversations included possible updates for the GoodGym litter bingo cards (newspapers are out, wet wipes are in), whether squirrels really get addicted to nicotine from littered cigarette butts, and favourite festive treats. Clearly we need to be supplying panettone, cheese and biscuits, and mince pies at our Christmas 'do'!

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Hattie Elvins
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Wed 21st Dec at 7:30pm

Turf Tavern

Mulled wine and festive cheer

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Anwen Greenaway
Hattie Elvins
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Wed 14th Dec at 6:00pm

Anwen Greenaway
Hattie Elvins
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Wed 16th Nov at 6:00pm

Don’t muddy the tentacles!

Oxford Report written by Bethan Greenaway

A damp but hardy group of Goodgymers gathered at Ark-t this evening to help with preparations for the upcoming light festival.

Transforming the garden with an (ironically) underwater theme in mind we draped white plastic over the trees, fencing and climbing frame, fastened giant tentacles to the teepee and trees and gave the area a spruce and tidy.

*Hopefully the decorations will withstand the amazing amount of rain that we were pelted with!*

Big well done and excellent garland wearing to Megan for achieving her 10th good deed this evening!

HUGE thank you to you all for turning out is SUCH grotty weather xxxx

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Anwen GreenawayVicky Arnold
Hattie Elvins
Hattie Elvins went on a community mission

Wed 26th Oct at 6:15pm

Botley Baby!!

Oxford Report written by Bethan Greenaway

This evening we ventured to Botley to blitz the inevitable litter hotspots that build up and hide under the autumn leaves

A slightly chaotic start due to gridlock traffic necessitated chats about the weather and crisp sandwiches (always a good idea).

Once all were present and correct the garland of joy was presented to our newest and most unofficial member Miss Penelope! Thank you Julia for bringing her to meet us all!

We set out lights and litter-pickers in hand to tackle a few grot spots and amassed a large mountain of bags before our time was up. Items found ranged from the depressing (sharps, dealt with safely) to joyous (£10 given to Ben to take to the Halloween quiz), and the inevitable pants!

You are all wonderful and apologies again for my late arrival and stressful witterings!

Welcome to Goodgym Anja and Steve, we hope to see you again soon!!

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Matt BurtonBethan GreenawayVicky Arnold
Hattie Elvins
Hattie Elvins went on a group run

Wed 19th Oct at 6:00pm

Divide and conquer

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Oxford Mutual Aid are a wonderful organisation based in Cowley. They provide food parcels and hot meals for a huge number of people across Oxford. We helped them out regularly during the depths of the pandemic, and after a few months off we were back!!

Our tasks were many and varied. Some sorted nappies, some restocked shelves, some cleaned, some sorted recycling, some portioned up dry goods, and some organised a plethora of vegetables!

In true Goodgym style many hands made light work and we left the hall in a better state than when we arrived.

Welcome to GoodGym Suzy.

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Vicky ArnoldMatt BurtonAnwen Greenaway
Hattie Elvins
Hattie Elvins went on a group run

Wed 12th Oct at 6:00pm

Pants mean prizes

Oxford Report written by Bethan Greenaway

A gaggle of Goodgymers donned high viz and head torches to clear up one of Oxford's grot spots.

The area around Boundry Brook nature reserve and Florence Park can often get very mucky but today the mound of rubbish bags was satisfyingly small.

We still managed to find some random itens; jeans, road signs, Angus's keys........

Well done everyone and welcome to Goodgym and to Oxford to Takeshi!!

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Matt BurtonAnwen GreenawayBethan GreenawayVicky Arnold