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Meadow Maintenance at Iffley Glebe
🗓Wednesday 1st May 6:00pm

📍Richard Benson Hall OX4 1UR

May Day in the meadow

Bethan GreenawayVicky Arnold
Imogen PierceBecky
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Rachael H
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Wed 1st May at 6:00pm

Rachael H
Rachael H (she/her) went on a community mission

Sat 24th Feb at 10:30am

Brambley Saturday

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

South Oxford Adventure Playground have a small patch of woodland at the edge of their site. It is currently fenced off and inundated with brambles. They would like to be able to take the fence down and allow the kids to access the whole area, but the brambles need to be got under control for that to happen.

In an hour and a half we made great progress on removing brambles; raking. lopping , and piling them up outside the fence line. One more session before we get too far into the spring and the woodland should be a lot safer as a play area.

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Katie FellowsVicky ArnoldBethan GreenawayAnwen Greenaway
Rachael H
Rachael H (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Sat 24th Feb at 10:30am

South Oxford Adventure Playground

Clearing the ground in te woodland area

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Rachael H
Rachael H (she/her) went on a group run

Wed 10th Jan at 6:00pm

(N)ice work if you can get it

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Last night we stomped the streets around Florence Park delivering flyers for Oxford Mutual Aid. The OMA food bank are recruiting for more volunteers, particularly people to deliver food parcels, so we went house-to-house with their information leaflets. Hopefully they will have an influx of new helpers as a result.

It was a chilly night so we regrouped at The Jolly Postboys pub at the end to warm up.

Welcome to GoodGym Jonah!

congratulations on reaching the 10 Good Deeds milestone Imogen!

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Anwen GreenawayKatie FellowsBethan GreenawayVicky Arnold
Rachael H
Rachael H (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Wed 10th Jan at 6:00pm


Volunteer recruitment for Oxford Mutual Aid

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