Pa’int no stopping us, last night we were all Gogh, Gogh, Gogh!

24 Goodgymers helped their local community in Hammersmith and Fulham
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Hammersmith and Fulham

Tuesday 19th February 2019

Report written by Beth Nelson

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A run that wasn't for the paint hearted...24 GoodGym'ers ran 3km as they went back to school to tackle a big painting challenge

Another Tuesday evening where there was no rain and snow, what a treat! Despite it being a great deal fresher than it was last Tuesday we were not complaining, plus we had the bonus of an indoor task where the team would be doing some cathartic painting!

A big welcome to Becky, Hannah, Jonathan, Katie and Lily who all joined us for either their first EVER GoodGym run or first GoodGym H&F run - hope to see you all again very soon! It was lovely to have so many new faces tonight amongst the ever wonderful regulars, thank you all for coming along.

Tonight my voice was pretty much MIA so Catriona kindly helped out with the intro and round-up of this week's news as we formed a unformidable double act, Ant and Dec be very afraid! (or not!)

You snooze you news...

  1. February Long Run - This Sunday, starting at 9.30am or 10.30am depending on the pace you would like to run from Brixton Station. For all the details and to sign up, click here.
  2. Morden Hall Park - Trust10 Trail Run - Also on Sunday, meet at 8.30am near the White Bridge in Morden Hall Park. Sign up here. It is FREE - there are no admission charges at Morden Hall Park.
  3. Community Missions - One this Sunday, from 12pm, help finish the painting at the sea scouts HQ in Putney, sign up here and another on Saturday 9th March, from 10.30am - help finish sort clothes donations for St Mungo's Reconnection Post in Hammersmith, sign up here. No DBS check is required for a community mission.
  4. Mission Changes - Make sure you read this week's 'Goodweek' email about how they are changing and also check your settings to make sure you're ready for the call-up! If you'd like to get involved with missions you need to be DBS checked - please sign up for a doc check and bring along your documents for checking.

As we went to start the name and number count, Sarah and Catriona put a hold on proceedings as they completely surprised me with their own announcement and the reappearance of the wings from last week. Wings successfully attached and first aid kit now with Sarah after the humourous comment of "Ooo you're quite small, Beth" - yes, it's hidden well...!

School runnings

With the name and number count and short pulse raising warm-up completed we headed off on our very short 1km run down to our task tonight at Flora Gardens Primary School. It wasn't long before we arrived at the school gates and were buzzed inside by the school's Business Manager, Jeanette who was waiting for us inside. As a group we all walked through the outside area of her school, admiring the massive outdoor area that was kitted out with ping pong tables, basketball hoops, a bandstand, amongst other fun kid's activities everywhere, it was huge, what a fab place to go to school!

The breakfast grub!

We were warmly greeted in by Jeanette who briefly explained the age range of the school, the meals they provide for breakfast so that no child goes hungry and how unfortunately like most schools they were facing tough financial pressures so did not have the Monet to pay for full price paint and professional redecoration. Thanks to Community Repaint, a brilliant scheme that redistributes leftover paint into their communities at around a third of the price, Jeanette had managed to source around 60 litres for under £150 and the many helping hands of GoodGym runners. What a steal!

We had it covered...

Tonight's task was to make a start on painting the walls of a room used for the children's breakfast and after school club and Jeanette's office upstairs in a bright 'Gilbert Green' or 'Heavenly Horizon' colour. As space and paint brushes were limited Sarah had kindly planned a circuits session outdoors in the playground so the group split into two groups which rotated after 20 minutes.

Jeanette had been really organised and had all the paint cans and paint brushes at the ready for the team, she even kindly provided some cereal bars as a thank you and some large L'Oreal t-shirts that had been donated to the school for when the children do arts and crafts - tonight they proved very valuable in covering everyone's GoodGym tees and sportswear. T-shirts on, all the prep that was left was some masking of the fire alarm and the covering of the floors with some recycling bags. As Sophie and I headed upstairs to scout out the size of Jeanette's office room they stumbled across another secret stash of cereal bars, which they decided to keep quiet from Will and Johnny!

Abs fab!

With half the group efficiently painting away in the warmth of the indoors, the other half of the group were being put through a tough circuit session that consisted of lunges, supermans, burpees and other beneficial core exercises to improve fitness and ultimately aid our running, rumour was that Sarah had based this on one of the fitness sessions run by GoodGym Trainer, Ana...thankfully for the group, not Mr Abs on Tour, Chi!

A blue green that was all white!

With the rotation of the groups seemless, the walls were quickly being transformed from their original white colour to the fresher and brighter blue and green colours. Unfortunately, as always the time had flown by and it was time to call it a night. With all the paint brushes put down a quick team photo was captured in front of the room's windows so that the fantastically painted walls of the room were visible. With the final handwashes completed we all regrouped outside and headed off on the final part of our run down through Furnival Gardens, along the towpath and back to base - with a couple of bonus squats thrown in when we regrouped.

Cake to cake our day!

It wasn't long before we were all back at base for our cool down and stretch. Cool down and stretches complete the class were dismissed to enjoy some delicious and moreish homemade treats - a biscuit cake made by Johnny and chocolate brownies made by Catriona in celebration of my 200th good deed!

Thank you for all your hard work at the task tonight, hope you all enjoyed the cathartic painting and run. Next week we're heading to Gibbs Green Tenants Hall where we will be doing some more painting! Sign up for next week's run here. Have a fab week and hopefully see many of you next week where I will hopefully be a little more vocal!

Thank you so much for the winged surprise and all the cake based treats, I was totally blown away. You're such a lovely group and an absolutely joy to lead, big love and thanks to you all!

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We are a Local Authority maintained primary school. Like many schools due to the reduction in funding we are struggling to maintain the interior of our buildings to ensure they are suitable for our pupils.

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