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Tue 9th May at 6:45pm


Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Last night's slightly less controversial group run for the Lambeth GG community and it was a lovely one - head out for a run, circle (or square, or triangle) back to base at Papa's Park and then help out weeding and tidying the grounds.

First up a warm welcome to Lara who joined GG for the first time last night - it was lovely to have you with us Lara!

Also lovely to walk in and find a hand made thank you card for GG from Valcie and the Papa's team and some treats pre run.

During this evening's introductions runners were asked to name an ideal first date place (and why) as well as choosing between a run and a HIIT session, the answers ranged from fairly 'traditional' going to a concert, restaurant, bar, walk in the park to tandem bunji jumping... Most of the group voted for a run rather than fitness - sorry Frances - with the caveat that it was a circular / triangular / parallelogrammical one. Hmmm

Anyway we set off for a quick 3km circuit and looped down to Clapham North then back up via Ferndale back to Brixton. Once back at Papa's we grabbed tools out of the shed, black bags and were tasked with clearing all the weeds along the stretch of yellow fence and then going into the netball court and clearing away around the bases of the trees there.

We had a solid 40 mins plus and managed to do a good chunk of work pretty much clearing everything and filling 3 huge black bags.

And so that was it, great to see everyone chatting and sharing stories during the task and then all away while it was still light out and only the lightest of drizzle to boot!

Big thanks to all and see you next time.

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Alice Gregson
Alice Gregson signed up to a group run.

Tue 9th May at 6:45pm