Let them Sow! Let them Sow! Let the Sow!

12 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Sunday 20th December 2020

Report written by Ellie Dove (She/her)

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12 GG Yorkies assembled at Millennium Fields to help St Nicks on one of their first eco-active days since pre-lockdown 2. Jonathan was there to meet us with an array of tasks to keep us warm on a relatively chilly day: scything the islands of grass which we had left last time, cutting back dead tansy to encourage new growth and turning over grass to sow seeds.

Jonathan started by demonstrating a new technique for exposing soil, and there was swiftly a scramble for spades. A very excited Nikki was thrilled by the new method, which she described as very pleasing, and it was not long until Nikki, Leanne, Ben, Jonathan and Paul Kelly had dug out the marked out area. So they just made it larger. Once finished, a slightly skewiff area of bare earth was ready for seed sowing. Fingers crossed that no-one confuses it for a random allotment plot.

Meanwhile, Ed, Michael, Debs and Max scythed and raked and Ellie and Cara cut back (and later just ripped out with bare hands) dead tansy - the home of the local rare tansy beetle.

Before long, the cold had Ed whinging that he wanted to finish, and once Hero Jonathan had flipped the last patch of grass, it was time for a slightly-out-of-focus/all about Ed group picture. After realising that tier rules meant no trip to the coffee shop to warm up, everyone headed home (some of us via a 15km muddy run).

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Paul Kelly

Sun 20th Dec 2020 at 5:31pm

Excellent festive pun