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12 Goodgymers helped their local community in Liverpool
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Monday 8th January

Report written by Ema Quinn (She/her)

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Our first task of the 2024 on a crisply cold evening with the fabulous Vicky from Litter-Clear Volunteer supporting her Bloomin' Bays project!

12 Goodgymers came together on Tunner Road, with Liam and Heetu running from Lark Lane for some extra miles, picking up Aditya and Jo at the Suitcases on Hope Street to then run onto the task meeting point, the Suitcases on the corner of Tunnel Road / Earle Road, joined by 8 others (including Sallyann who had said she was too tired after doing the Round Sheffield Run on sunday but her FOMO got the best of her and out she came!)

After a little confusion with names (sorry Jo!) we welcomed Jo visiting from GoodGym Exeter (and look forward to some further ad hoc visists!), and welcomed back Matthew after 18 months of not being at a Monday evening session, lovely to have you back Mat!

Setting lights in tree branches and picking our tools, we quickly got going on clearing the first bay of weeds and debris. Some scraping, sweeping and lopping of branches later and the first bay was ready for a few daffodil bulbs to be planted around the tree. We made sure Aditya planted some of these so when they bloom in the spring we can all have a little smile and remember our good friend who is about to go back home to India and will be very much missed!

With 20 minutes to spare we jumped onto the second bay and with some speedy work got that cleaned up too! We'll be back at the Edge Hill Suitcases on Monday 29th to plant some bulbs around the Luggage Trolley and surrounding land

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Litter Clear-Volunteer (LCV) , a campaign aimed at turning untidy greens into welcoming community spaces and general litter clearing in the L7, L8 and L15 area of Liverpool. Taking requests from communities and making positive changes to reclaim abandoned green spaces. Absolutely everyone will benefit from a cleaner and greener environment. Neighbours and friends, It's time to take pride in your area.

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Ema Quinn
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Painting fences and a shed at the Mulgrave Street Project
🗓Monday 29th April 6:30pm

Supporting a community garden project

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Jack Da Silva

Mon 15th Jan at 12:53pm

Great work all!