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Mon 24th Jun at 6:30pm

Festival Lark

Liverpool Report written by Julie Inge (She )

Task Summary:

On Monday, 24 June, a dedicated group of GoodGym Liverpool runners gathered for a litter pick task around the streets surrounding Lark Lane. The litter pick was planned as part of our ongoing efforts to keep the local area clean and welcoming, especially following the recent Africa Oye festival that brought many visitors to the neighborhood.

Task Details:

Meeting Point: - The task kicked off with Sallyann leading the run from Hope Street, setting a brisk and energetic pace for the group. Other members met directly at the task location near Lark Lane.

Initial Observations: - Upon arrival, it was noted that Lark Lane itself had been freshly cleared, likely due to clean-up efforts following the Africa Oye festival. This allowed the team to focus their efforts on the surrounding streets, which still needed attention.

Activities: - The team split into smaller groups, each taking a different street or area to maximize coverage. - Armed with litter pickers, gloves, and bags, they meticulously collected rubbish ranging from plastic bottles and food wrappers to discarded cans and cigarette butts. - The new members, Hannah, Renata, and Lana, were enthusiastic and quickly got into the groove, learning from the seasoned GoodGym members. - Jo, visiting from Exeter, brought a fresh perspective and shared stories of similar initiatives back in her hometown, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. - Heetu walked very slowly due to blisters developed during yesterday’s 34-mile walk but showed great determination and contributed significantly to the task. - Sallyann, who had been off for many weeks due to injury, made a strong return, inspiring the group with her leadership. - Ema was missed due to attending the Woman of the Year event.

Achievements: - By the end of the session, the group had collected 17 bags of litter, significantly improving the appearance of the streets around Lark Lane. - The task not only made a visible impact on the local environment but also strengthened community bonds among the participants.

Challenges: - The only minor challenge was coordinating the large group across different streets, but with effective communication and teamwork, this was swiftly managed.


The litter pick was a success, demonstrating the power of community action in maintaining public spaces. The involvement of new members and a visitor from afar added to the sense of community and shared responsibility. Heetu's perseverance was particularly inspiring, showing that even physical discomfort couldn't deter the GoodGym spirit.

Thank You:

A big thank you to all participants for their hard work and positive energy. Special thanks to Sallyann for her excellent leadership and to Jo for joining us from Exeter. We also missed Ema and look forward to seeing her at future tasks.

Gratitude: The community expressed their gratitude throughout the evening. Residents and local business owners were particularly appreciative, stopping by to thank the team for their efforts. Their kind words and encouragement were a testament to the positive impact GoodGym has on the local area.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next GoodGym task!

Photographs: Pauline, as usual, captured the event with her excellent photography skills.

Next Task: Stay tuned for details of our next task, and as always, keep up the great work!

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Pauline HarrisonKashEma Quinn

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Ema Quinn
Ema Quinn (She/her)

Sat 29th Jun at 9:19pm

Amazing report Julie! Xx

Pauline Harrison

Sun 30th Jun at 7:41pm

Fab report, Julie...thanks for the mention 😁xx

Sallyann Hardwick

Tue 9th Jul at 7:38pm

Fabulous report Julie

Heetu signed up to a mission.

Sun 23rd Jun at 10:00am

Trimming ivy for Mrs M (WK1) (flexi)

Improve visibility, security and fencing

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Pauline HarrisonEma Quinn
Heetu signed up to a group run.

Mon 24th Jun at 6:30pm

Lark Lane Litterpick

Keeping Lark Lane and the surrounding area litter free!

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Pauline HarrisonEma Quinn
Heetu signed up to a community mission.

Sun 1st Sep at 9:00am

Pauline HarrisonEma Quinn