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Heetu went on a group run

Mon 27th Nov at 6:30pm

Who on earth is Joe Pye!?

Liverpool Report written by Sophie McClellan

Just as the cold snap was really setting in, 4 runners met on Hope street and made our way just over 1 mile to Blundell Street. It was great to welcome Amy for her first task in Liverpool, but 100th overall! Congratulations on earning your wings!

This week we were helping Elaine from Urban GreenUp to tidy up the Wapping site. Having just won a biodiversity award for the project, Elaine was keen to have it looking it's best. Were tasked with leaf raking and removing the Joe Pye (who knew this was a weed!?). Thankfully, due to the sandy soil, the weeds came up with ease and we were able to remove more or less all of it - Well done everyone!

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Ema QuinnSarahCharlotte Proud
Heetu signed up to a group run.

Mon 27th Nov at 6:30pm

Urban Green Up Site with Elaine

Helping the community to keep on top of the beautiful space

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Ema Quinn
Heetu signed up to a party.

Sat 25th Nov at 8:45am

GoodGym Liverpool Does parkrun! (Princes Park)

Taking part in the phenomenon that is parkrun in GoodGym team spirit and enjoying breakfast together afterwards!

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Ema Quinn
Heetu went on a group run

Mon 20th Nov at 6:30pm

A Host of golden Goodgymmers

Liverpool Report written by Sophie McClellan

After a short run from Hope Street, 3 runners were met by 8 more goodgymmers.

This week, we were back at Mulgrave Street Action Group Community Garden where, once again, Khan had a mammoth task for us.

Armed with bagfuls of daffodil bulbs and a few trowels, we set to work on the small patch of grass in front of the garden. Digging and planting until the whole patch was filled.

With the help of new recruit Lee and visiting Londoner Emily we manged to plant four big bags of bulbs - cant wait to see it in the spring for a true William Wordsworth moment!

Well done everyone - it's great to see the impact of the garden expanding!

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SevanEma Quinn
Heetu signed up to a group run.

Mon 20th Nov at 6:30pm

Ema QuinnCharlotte Proud