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Running the water station for the BTR Liverpool Half Marathon
🗓Sunday 17th March 8:30am

📍***Otterspool Prom*** L17 5AL

Keeping runners hydrated and cheering them on!

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Heetu went on a community mission

Sat 24th Feb at 11:00am

Charlotte Proud

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Sallyann Hardwick

Sun 18th Feb at 5:19pm

Running down after Princes Park run if anyone else fancies joining me

Heetu signed up to a community mission.

Sat 24th Feb at 11:00am

Clearing the Japanese Gardens in Festival Gardens

Visitors will be able to access the garden more easily and see the beauty of the gardens.

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Pauline HarrisonEma Quinn
Heetu went on a community mission

Sat 10th Feb at 11:00am

New Year New Here!

Liverpool Report written by Bekah West

The Pagoda Arts Centre works to be “a big family for those people who have an interest in Chinese culture”, and it was a big Goodgym family who turned up on a bright, chilly February Saturday morning to help prepare for Chinese New Year.

Five of the Goodgymmers met at local Princes Park for Parkrun, then headed straight to the task afterwards (and by headed straight, we of course mean via a local coffee shop to refuel!)

On arrival, a fantastic 14 Goodgymmers had turned up to help out, and introductions were in order as we had three new members who had each separately heard about Goodgym and decided to join us. Welcome Mel, Pri, & Aditi!

With so many willing pairs of hands the team sailed through a number of tasks, to prepare the centre for the Chinese New Year celebrations the following day. We cleared out an alley, moved furniture to make space for the performance, litter picked, swept and cleared leaves and weeds from the exterior, mopped floors, hung decorations, cleaned toilets – you name it, we sorted it! Hidden talents were unmasked when veteran member Sophie casually confirmed which way to hang a Chinese sign, revealing she’d studied Chinese and translating the sign for us. It just goes to show you never know how much people have to offer, and even after all these years Goodgymmers can still surprise us.

In no time the centre was looking clear and refreshed and there was even time for a rare treat of a cuppa together provided by the centres kind staff.

The Pagoda do a huge variety of great work including ESOL lessons, Tai Chi, Orchestra performances and a number of events for the Chinese community, so it was fitting our help was so varied and we were glad to contribute to the fabulous celebrations taking place over the weekend.

Gong hei fat choy!

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Pauline HarrisonSevanEma Quinn

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Sallyann Hardwick

Sun 11th Feb at 12:37pm

Fabulous report lovely task and welcome to Mel Pri and Aditi

Heetu joined the GoodGym Race Team. 😎

Saturday 10th February

Race Team

Race Team

Heetu joined the GoodGym Race Team.

Heetu is part of the GoodGym race team. They pledge to support those around them and the Race Team pledges to support them. Heetu is going to push themselves and achieve some extraordinary things.

Pauline HarrisonEma Quinn