Who needs cupid's arrow when we have bramble bashers? Let's clear the path to our hearts this Valentine's Day!

15 Goodgymers helped their local community in Hounslow
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Wednesday 14th February

Report written by Eloise Carey

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Love was in the air, but so were brambles! Our GoodGym squad swapped roses for gloves and hearts for hedge trimmers this Valentine's Day at Gunnersbury Park. It was a date with destiny, destined to prune those prickly pests.

As cupid's archers aimed for hearts, we aimed for overgrown bushes, determined to show those brambles tough love. With each swing of the bear claws/ rakes of various sizes, we claimed the thorny tangles like a love-sick Romeo cutting through red tape.

Despite the chilly weather, our hearts were warmed by the camaraderie of fellow volunteers. We shared laughs, sweat, and maybe even a few tears as we battled those brambles, but every scratch was a badge of honor, a mark of our dedication to the cause.

The park may have been overrun with thorns, but we were the knights in shining armor, fighting to restore its beauty. And just like in any great love story, perseverance paid off. By the end of our quest, the park was looking more like a romantic getaway than a thorny labyrinth.

So, as the sun set on Valentine's Day, we left Gunnersbury Park knowing that we had not only braved the brambles but also strengthened the bonds of our community. Who needs chocolates and flowers when you have the satisfaction of a job well done and the knowledge that you've made your corner of the world a little brighter?

Until next time, remember: love may be fleeting, but a well-maintained park is forever!

Eloise x Chat

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Martin Giese
Alan Armstrong
Matt Nash
Eloise Carey
Jon Scott-Francis
Will Yates
Sarah-Jane Messenger
Pippa A
Leticia Bessel
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