11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Coventry
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Tuesday 27th June 2023

Report written by Laura Denham

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This evening 10 Goodgymers made their way to the brilliant charity that is Clothing Coventry and for a few it was their first visit.

We met at Coventry Boys and Girls club, chatted about the weekend and then split into a running and walking group. Louise and Sharon set off with Jackie leading on the walk whilst the rest of us warmed up with Laura. Laura had been researching some new warm up moves which got us really loosened up ready for the run!

The walkers arrived first and Joe met us there. Once we were all present and ready to go, Joanne set the experienced volunteers to work right away with some sorting whilst she gave a safety speech to the members on their first visit to CC. The main tasks tonight were sorting bras and shoes Georgia, Louise, Laura and Lilian were upstairs sorting bras into size order and packing them in boxes. Jackie, Allan, Joe, Deb and Graham formed a human chain to carry crates of shoes outside ready to sort into size and category, i.e boots, school shoes, sandals etc and label the boxes.

There were rather a lot of bras and other bits of underwear and bikinis to sort and the team spent the whole session getting them all organised with a bit of sweeping up in between . Once all the shoe crates were labelled up we formed a human chain again to stack them back up in the warehouse.

Everyone worked shoeper fast (see what i did there) so it was nice to leave with a job completed. Once we were ready to leave, the walkers set off on their way back and we said farewell to Joe who was also going straight home from Clothing Coventry. Making our way to Coventry B&G club, the runners stopped off for a fitness session of uphill pyramids making us work a bit harder seen as its such a short run to CC.

Didn't manage to get a team photo but got plenty of pics of this fab lot getting stuck into the task. Great team effort!

Next week we are off on our monthly visit to Charter House - hope to see you there :)

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Sorting items in the warehouse for Carriers of Hope
🗓Tuesday 5th March 6:15pm

Supporting Refugees, Asylum Seekers and other Migrants in Coventry

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