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Deb went on a group run

Tue 5th Sep at 6:15pm

Read it and sweep

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

10 GoodGymers enjoyed a short run, walk and cycle, in this September heatwave, to Charter house. We welcomed back Dani and welcomed Chloe and Dale on their first deeds, great to meet you both. We also congratulated the superstar that is Laura on her 300th good deed 🎖️

We have really enjoyed doing our monthly slot at Charter house as every time they have had a different task for us to complete, keeping it varied and interesting. This week we met Gianni and his dog Bonnie and our task was to clear a pathway for cyclists taking part in Cov's big bike ride. With a trolley full of tools to choose from we each grabbed one each and set to work, taking it in turns to throw the ball to Bonnie in between.

We raked, swept stones and pulled weeds, working swiftly to make a nice even pathway for the riders to enter the beautiful Charter House gardens. With Dani thirsty for a bit more of a work out Lil and Laura came up with a fitness session plan of uphill pyramids. We said our goodbyes to Deb who was cycling home and Laura P, Louise and Joe set off on their walk back to base then started our uphill pyramids. It was good fun with both Dale and Dani showing us their competitive sides!

Once we were finished we made our way to CBGC and just caught up with Laura and Louise as Joe had left to go home. After cooling down a few of us went for a wee drink to toast Laura’s 300 and present her with a card and a cake made by Deb.

Fab session guys!

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Allan Mansfield
Deb signed up to a group run.

Tue 5th Sep at 6:15pm

General maintenance at Historic Coventry Trust sites

Supporting to give a future to the city’s heritage

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Deb went on a group run

Tue 29th Aug at 6:15pm

LEAF and LET live

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

Ten Goodgymers ran and walked to Earlsdon to deliver some leaflets for a Myton Hospice charity ball. We met inside Coventry Boys and Girls club tonight as it was tipping it down. Deb had very kindly made homemade cakes as we had a double celebration tonight, it was Joe's birthday and Laura D's 100th deed and she had made special ones especially or us - so thoughtful! Laura P also brought along a card for Joe for all of us to sign which was a lovely idea.

Thankfully by the time we were setting off the rain had cleared so we did the warm up outside in the fresh air and then set off for Earlsdon. We met up with the walkers and poor Joe was soaked through after the rain had caught him on his walk to the meeting point. Deb had boxed the birthday cake and ran very carefully ran holding it all the way, once we were all together we sang Happy Birthday to Joe and presented him with his card and cake :)

We split into 2 teams and made our way down the first road, one team one side of the road and one the other. As there was 5 of us on each side of the road it was maybe a few too many so Lil suggested the teams take different roads to make it more efficient and speed things up a bit. This worked much better, we got into the swing of things and the piles of leaflets were shrinking fast. By the time we were ready to leave we had managed to deliver around 600 leaflets, which was fantastic!

It was a lovely evening, finished off with the yummy homemade cake, chocolates and a bag of plums that James had brought along from his plum tree, happy days!

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Deb signed up to a group run.

Tue 29th Aug at 6:15pm

Leaflet delivering for Myton

Join us to do good in Coventry and get fit

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