I dink there is p on this brick.....😜

10 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southampton
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Monday 29th January

Report written by Wilson

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Our task this evening was to clean bricks! It was fun from the start with Richard demonstrating how clean we needed to clean the bricks, (I'm sure he had picked an easy one!) Some important things to note were how to clean the "P" on a brick and how to decide if a dink was just a dink!

Ellie and Hannah got to work by collecting the bricks from the big pile and wheelbarrowing them up to the two cleaning stations

Judy, Val, Sarah, Amanda and Wilson were armed with tools at their cleaning tables, ready to scrape and remove mortar and paint from the bricks. (Not as easy as Richard made it look)

We welcomed a new volunteer Leszek to the task this evening, after helping with a task on Sunday it was great to see him join us for our Monday session. Together with Janet and Helen he helped in the shop to dismantle parts of the counter and treat some of the wooden worktop.

Once the work in the shop was complete the whole team got stuck into brick cleaning.

The time whizzed by and the hour passed quickly. We managed to clean 58 bricks!

Once cleaned up, used bricks have a monetary value of 60p each, the farm will sell the bricks to a local reclamation company.

We dink we only made a slight dink in the pile of bricks so we will be back soon for a Saturday session to do some more!

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Aldermoor Community Farm
Nurturing the potential of people and land

ldermoor Community Farm was started in 2014 as business owned by its members – a co-operative. This was a great way to start, but in 2020 we transitioned to become a charity and now benefit from being a project of Alder Trust. Not only do we now have the financial benefits of being a charity, but we are part of a larger organisation, a local charity with similar values and goals. We benefit from a wider governing body and from basic admin support, giving us more energy to focus on our work on the land.

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Help support refugees by providing essentials distribution

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