A Wheely Good Xmas Party

14 Goodgymers helped their local community in Ealing
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Tuesday 12th December 2023

Report written by Sevan

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As we come to the end of another year and another year of good deeds, that can only mean one thing... it must be time for lots of silliness and merriment at the GoodGym Ealing Xmas party!

This year was no different as we got together at the Draper's Arms in Ealing. First up, it was time for drinks and a late dinner after another GoodGym Ealing tradition, our task to prepare St Mary's church for their Xmas services.

As drinks were drunk and stomachs stopped rumbling, it was time for the first event of the night, the GoodGym Ealing awards. As a nice bunch of people, there was an award and a badge for everyone 🙌. Chris was recognised for his work as the area's S-Club 7 lovin' Sound Engineer, Christos was the Phoenix who changed areas and rose from the ashes of injury and Emmanuella was outed as a Double Agent for her work with Cultivate.

Steph then announced that he was Santa Claus and got his big sack of presents ready for each of the GoodGymers to rummage around. It was time for Secret Santa of course. Even with a £5 limit, there were still some choice gifts for us busy GoodGymers including some gardening gloves, a head massager to relieve the stress of a challenging group run and a big box of chocolates 😋

Finally, the part we'd all been waiting for 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 Milly and Claire's big quiz! Rounds included Ealing history, identifying Milly's favourite celebrities and the innovative make-a-wheelbarrow-from-a-sheet-of-tinfoil round.

At the end of the night, the food was all gone, the drinks were gone and team Never Mind the Bullocks (or something like that) were the proud winners of the quiz of the year!

Right. 2 weeks off then we go again! 🚀

Session Leader
Area activator
Miriam Payne
Emmanuella Contopoulou
Harvey Gallagher
Mike C
Jenni H
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Muscles against food waste 🤜🍌🗑️ Unload deliveries for South Ealing Community Food Cupboard
🗓Tomorrow 10:30am

Help make surplus food available to anyone and everyone from the local area

Jo'AnneRaja Muhammad AfsarMartin Giese
3 GoodGymers are going - no space left 😢

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