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Tue 9th Jul at 8:30pm

Dave WhiteRachel White
Julie went on a community mission

Sat 22nd Jun at 10:30am

Strictly no sandwiches!

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Kingston upon Thames runner

Five GoodGymers assembled to assemble

Armed with Alan keys, screwdrivers and glue, we put together flat pack furniture donations from Wayfair ready to hit the shop floor at the British Heart Foundation store

The crowning achievement and group effort was a desk - with multiple different screws, a drawer AND a cupboard - accompanied with a manual which made it very clear that not only should people and weights not be placed on top; but possibly most importantly, no sandwiches.

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Dave WhiteLucinda LuiHarvey GallagherSevanJulieRachel White

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Rachel White

Sat 22nd Jun at 11:41pm

Definitely no sandwiches! 😂

Julie done 50 good deeds and got their black t-shirt 🎉

Tuesday 4th June

Black T-Shirt

Black T-Shirt

Julie done 50 good deeds and got their black t-shirt

The next time you see Julie, they might be wearing black instead of red. They've completed 50 good deeds with GoodGym and have earnt their black t-shirt. Give them a nod when you next see them.

Rachel WhiteSevanHarvey Gallagher
Julie went on a group run

Tue 4th Jun at 6:30pm

Anyone for tennis?

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Rachel White

It's game, set and match at the British Heart Foundation shop where we set up a sporting window display. Julie, Jade and Rachel met for a shorter group run this week to help build our distance back up. We did a couple of kilometres and met Sabir, Luke and Jana at the task venue.

One large metal crate had already been filled with racquets, balls, and other sporty items, along with a big plastic container filled with trainers and football boots. First job that Luke, Sabir and Rachel started on was to tie all the shoe laces together once they had been paired and set them up in a display. Whilst that activity was happening Jana set about dressing up the mannequins in sporty attire, careful to select eye-catching colours and styles. Julie, Jade and Sabir sorted the racquets so all the tennis ones were together in a wire basket and all the cricket, hockey and squash accessories were in another.

Time went quickly and the area soon transformed! Well done team.

Before we left we congratulated Julie on achieving 50 good deeds - what a superstar!

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SevanJulieRachel WhiteHarvey Gallagher