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Tuesday 12th March 2024 6:15pm - 7:30pm

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(Leaf)lets get together and feel alright

Tuesday 20th February

Written by Laura Denham

8 Goodgymers made it out for Myton tonight to deliver leaflets, advertising 2 Myton events going on this year.

5 of us met at Coventry Boys and Girls club then took a steady jog over to Spencer Park where we met 3 more of the group who made their own way there. We split into 2 group to try and cover more ground and ventured around the streets of Earlsdon dropping leaflets and checking out the handsome doors along the way. The pile went down quickly and we managed to shift 513 leaflets in 55 minutes, nice one gang!

On the way back into town we managed some fartlek training between the trees and then a meet and retreat around Greyfriars Green. Following that we took a slow run back to CBGC.

Shout out to James for his 50 good deeds tonight, you can now claim your black belt in Goodgyming :)

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Tree-mendous effort!

Saturday 13th January

Written by Laura Denham

7 GoodGymers joined the small army of volunteers for Day 2 of the Christmas tree collection to help raise money for Myton Hospice and Pass the smile for Ben. What a morning to be out, the weather was beautiful!

Jackie, Vickie and Laura arrived at 9 ready for a briefing and to be directed to our station where our role was to unload the vans. Graeme, James, Katherine and Nigel were out in the vans collecting the discarded Christmas trees covering Leamington, Rugby, long Lawton and Binley Woods.

The vans arrived steadily where they were emptied by the main organiser's of the event. Jackie, Vickie and Laura then dragged the Christmas trees to the pile, ready for their impending doom. There were lots of trips backwards and forwards and some of those trees were heavy so a real all over body work out.

Jackie and Laura left at lunch time so we didn't manage to catch Katherine and Nigel, their van was so big to fill they didn't manage to get back to base until after lunchtime. They did amazing and managed to collect 51 trees in total!

James and Greame managed a fairly incident free trip apart from the van door jamming and they couldnt open it! Graeme sorted it - phew - and the van had to be repacked, strapping the trees to the roof in the dark.

After completing a wholes days shift, Vickie managed to rack up just over 7.5 miles - wowzers!

Give yourselves a pat on the back, you all did amazing! It was a great day, we had a laugh and met some lovely people and in total the team collected a whopping 1250 trees - woo hoo!

Good luck tomorrow Vickie and Graeme on round 2! They have also sent the sign up form for next year already, who is in?!

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Fly(er) another day

Tuesday 19th December 2023

Written by Laura Denham

Thanks to everyone that made it to the last session of 2023 for our final leafleting drop!

As it was a little to far for a run from town, we met at the task this eve and took a casual stroll around a new(ish) estate in Westwood Heath. It was great to have Vic and Deb join us and to see Lil on the mend.

We split into 2 teams again to try and cover more ground and seemed to get around the area super quick. It was nice to check out people's Christmas lights and posh abodes! Taking it a bit slower meant we got to have a nice chat too, all in all a lovely evening.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, enjoy the break and get ready for some more GoodGym action in 2024!

p.s. Graeme hope you feel better soon!

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Dasher a good idea ? there's a lot of reindeer !

Sunday 10th December 2023

Written by James

All four Goodgymers made there way to Leamington spa Victoria park to Support Myton Hospice and the 5k Santa Dash!

It was a cold damp morning when I arrived, and within 1hr the whole of the park was filled with bright red Santa outfits and bustling energy. About a thousand or so Santa's had turned out to help raise money and run the race, amazing !!

Great effort by all the Goodgymers Katherine, Nigel and Jackie. All of them dressed in amazing reindeer outfits. They turned up to marshall for the race and cheer everyone on ! And great to see Graeme had turned up to run it ! It was fun day with lots going on with Tambola Raffle's and stores with foods and drink. A lot of fun and festivity and even though it Absolutely poured down, everyone was in high spirits ! It was a lot of fun , can't wait till next year !!

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Leaf-let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Tuesday 12th December 2023

Written by Laura Denham

9 Goodgymers out spreading the word about the Christmas Tree collection covering approximately 4 miles.

7 of us ran from town to Cheylesmore to meet Graeme and Maddie who were meeting us on route. We split into 2 teams to try and cover more ground and get to the streets we missed on the last leaflet drop. Another 500 leaflets delivered - high fives all round!

Thanks to Laura for leading during the task to accommodate walkers and runners and cheers for the pun Maddie! Graeme has also taken the taken the left over leaflets to deliver, as his street happens to be a road we didn't get round to, so thanks in advance Graeme!

Whoops! I didn't get a group shot so apologies for that folks, will do better next time!

Last group run of the year next Tuesday so get your running shoes on for our last sesh! Join us for another leaflet delivery to help Pass the Smile and Myton raise as much money as possible - who is in?!

Laura x

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Flyering start

Tuesday 21st November 2023

Written by Laura Denham

A squad of 9 enthusiastic GoodGymers ventured out tonight distributing leaflets for the christmas tree-cycling collection service. We welcomed back Rob - great to see you and catch up :)

We made our way over to the Cheylesmore area, meeting up with Chris and Claire along the way, navigating the streets using google maps and Dale - thank you! Together, in 50 minutes we covered 10 roads, delivering 504 leaflets with a distance of around 3 miles.

Well done everyone and great team effort from taskforce with leading a second team and guiding.

Shout out to Graeme who intended to come tonight but couldn't make it but is gonna deliver some leaflets tomorrow - nice one Graeme!

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