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Every Litter Bit

Wednesday 22nd November

Written by Brahma Pochee

As I rode easterly racking my grey matter for a thought provoking question to lubricate the start of our session, I came up with emphatically nothing. Asides from builder related questions, which I couldn't bring myself to asking. Luckily, Rosie and I whipped up some words about design; "what's the ugliest or most annoying building?". Some ugly gaffs in Farringdon, The Walkie Talkie building and the The Strata were easily picked. Some good finds here if you want to a further delve into fugly construction.

Rolling down the Greenway we snaked over to Park Village Oasis, as did our chat, from first impressions to Malcom Gladwell books and builder tales. We were warmly greeted upon arrival, given the scoop about the community garden (the council forgot they owned it....) and led to our spot to transform. Luckily Dan showed up at this point, some say he has the energy of six pedigree horses, I can't confirm or deny this. What I do know is that the section we were to clear will have an orchard planted there, and it was pretty gross. Full of litter and an abundance of thorny weeds. With the help of four other lovely local ladies from the area we completely rejuvenated the spot, completing the first phase of the orchard mission. The quality of the job was reflected in the offer of drinks, we kindly turned down the temptation of a beer and were treated to tropical juice and water.

We'll head back here, I'm sure they'll have much work to do in the coming weeks and months. It's great to have another local partner to lend our support to.

Next week we head the other way, Bow bound, as we work with Kieran, in his permaculture come youth charity. Sign up here

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Trough Guys

Wednesday 15th November

Written by Brahma Pochee

Brisk fresh air marking the middle of November, four of us met at The Printhouse, discussed the task ahead, the ongoings last week and this week's Random Weekly Question: "who's your most played artist?" Radiohead, Maria Callas, Taylor Swift, Jamiroquai and Stephen Isserlis (googled 'best cellist' and found him).

We strode down to The Up Garden, with one mad fan joining us along the way, discussing hospital visits with kids, the vocal range of welsh people, the new UCL building and more. New joiner Sybil heroically caught up with us, after just missing us leave. Kev and Dan further bolstered our output. A simple trough decanting session, we shoveled and dug, removing the soil, then tipped it over and finished the job. A few other small tasks to finish; shifting breeze blocks and moving a table. A somewhat low-key session for the Up Garden, but that's no bad thing.

Really great to have some new faces, hope Sybil and Rebecca enjoyed their shift. Next up we have a brand spanking new session at Park Village Oasis. Just getting the details to set it up, will share on the whatsapp group.

Have a good one peeps.

Till next week,


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Never Too Mulch of a Good Thing

Wednesday 8th November

Written by Hilary (she/her)

We welcomed Rebecca on her first ever GoodGym session, and also Jack for his first with Newham, touristing down from Barnet. Great to meet you both, hope to see you again soon!

The evening’s numbers benefited from Ruth’s six monthly reverse commute from Chelmsford as well as the regulars in the form of Paul, Brad and Matt, we had a decent size turnout to lend some compost moving capability down at Rosie’s school.

But first, we paid tribute to Brahma’s traditional Random Weekly Question – topically (in the context of the King’s speech), what law/legislation would you introduce or get rid of? I now realise what a challenge it is to remember what everyone has said, but it went something along the lines of getting rid of visa restrictions/the monarchy/20mph limits/lifetime ISA limits/north sea oil and gas licenses but we’re going to make trains free. All interesting answers…

Next we hopped down the Greenway, passing the Cathedral of Sewage and the bit that smells at the moment but not normally (honest) before taking a left down towards our destination at Plaistow Primary School. We were there to help set up a couple of beds for some very small children to grow veg. Hurrah! What a great thing to do – it involved scraping sand out of a playhouse type thing, digging out the weeds and emptying the beds ready to line them with said scraped sand and then a load of new compost so that they’re ready to plant up and be enjoyed.

Job done, we headed back up the Greenway to the PrintHouse to enjoy a pint of orange juice and lemonade or similarly refreshing beverages.

See you next week – we’re back at the Up Garden, which is always a top session. Sign up here.

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Clad We Came

Wednesday 1st November

Written by Brahma Pochee

Just a few of us met at Print House, we discussed "amazing and awe-inspiring things of the natural world" on route to Cody Dock - starling murmurings, life and the improbability of existence and an ibex's incredible cliff-side poise.

Billed as a midweek exercise in catharsis with the loose usage of demolition in the run listing. A more measured deconstruction happened on site, as the Princes joined us and Charlotte finally caught us up. Basia, our old mate at Cody Dock, was there to lead us to cladding removal glory. Tooled-up with drills and some hustle, we set about methodically taking off all the cladding. Once we limbered up and got up to full speed...we were literally unstoppable. If you wondered how effective your Wednesday eve was, see the before and after picture, evidence of your clout.

We nipped back and said our goodbyes to our Charlotte. We will miss your sarcastic retorts, openness and general lunacy. Good luck in Calais and beyond, see you soon mate.

Next week we head to Plaistow Primary, sign up here

Till then,


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Happy Stump Day

Wednesday 25th October

Written by Brahma Pochee

Good midweek vibes in Stratford supplemented by the fact it wasn't hammering it down. We discussed that burning question on everyone's mind "what conspiracy theory irks, baffles or makes you laugh most?". Some informative answers, namely the fifteen minute city conspiracy and the PM of Australia VANISHING in 1967 -need to look into this more, remarkable stuff. Plus some good solid conspiracy idiocy, like everything Russell Brand says, David Icke's lizard lunacy, Q-Anon's viral rise and Covid state-backed ideas. It's a confusing world, let's simplify it with barmy unfounded claims - it's alluring.

Anyway..back to topic, Up Garden side-project, led by the towering Dom. He's keen to grow food for the residents in a little plot gated off from the public-accessed Up Garden. We went to town on it, tearing and tugging out weed membrane. Managed to roll it off like sticky carpet, really satisfying stuff actually. We then spent the rest of the time violently attacking an unsuspecting stump. Expedited by onlooker Hilary, finding some pruning tool that sliced right through the roots. Some more jostling, digging, pulling ensued, but eventually we were stumped no more. Should allow for the project to continue towards the planting phase, bravo team.

Think next week is a certain Charlotte's last session before she dances towards foreign shores, come and give her another send-off, it might be the last time for a few weeks. And she's bringing a bloody good cake. Separately, I reshuffled the sessions, Plaistow Primary now in two weeks. Cody Dock exhibition hall demolition next week, should be a good one, sign up here

Have a gorgeous week and weekend, see you next week.

Till then,


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Saturday 21st October

Written by Sharon

Hilary and Graham headed to Emanuel Church after completing a very soggy Wanstead Flats parkrun.

Kevin and I took a leisurely bimble to join them.

The task from Sybil today was to clear an arch of grass,removed weeds and rubbish,dig in some compost and plant a mixture of spring glowering bulbs.

The advantage of being at the front of the church was being able to let local residents know what we were doing.

Once all the bulbs had been planted,grass and weeds placed on the compost pile we headed in to the church for refreshments.

One of Sybil's fellow church members Ajennie had made us some cheese toasties,drinks and also cut up some fresh fruit. Revered Chigor also joined us and they told us about the weekly projects they have to help the local community and that they have a place a bid for funding in The Big Vote

We will be listing the information regarding how we may be able to help with their weekly projects.

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