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Community mission

Rubble without a cause

Sun 19 Jan
Report written by Southwark runner

Nine GoodGymers headed back to Surrey Docks Farm this sunny afternoon for our regular community mission, including Hannah who joined for her first GoodGym deed. Welcome Hannah, we hope to see you again!

We had a variety of tasks, from the chilled path weeding, through to the slightly more strenuous goat poo shovelling, and the hardcore, hardcore digging. At the end of the session each team had made quite a difference. The pathway was beautifully clear of weeds. The hardcore was well dug over, with the large rubble removed and ready for some trees to be planted. The goat pen was almost spotless, although the chickens were already making their mark again as we left.

We had time to give the goats some food, then headed off into the sunset.

The next mission to the farm will be Sunday 16th February. Sign up here

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Susie signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Helping out at Surrey Docks Farm

Sun 19 Jan 14:00 pm
Surrey Docks Farm, Rotherhide Street, London, SE16 5ET
Helping a working community farm

Come and join us for our new regular monthly missions to Surrey Docks Farm.

Our task will vary each month, but could include helping out with the gardening and vegetable patches, shifting manure, as well as some livestock tasks like sweeping out the goat pen!

Tools etc are provided, and there will be time to hang out and feed the goats after.

It can get quite mucky, so don't wear your best running kit / bring some wellies if you're super organised.

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Susie went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

No DOOR Mr. Nice Guy

Mon 13 Jan
Report written by Laura Williams

Storms becoming the norm

Storm Brendan was no match for 31 robust Tower Hamlets runners this evening, who gathered in wind and rain to warm up for this evening's three-task bonanza...

But we were still doing the TRIO

  • Bryon was leading the task to Cranbrook Community Food Garden, to help Eileen and Janet with some much needed clearing, and fixing of vegetable beds.

  • Leo and Isabelle, in the meantime, were tasked with leading a team through drenched, congested streets, to shout from the rooftops about the wonderful activities neighbouring St Margaret's House have coming up, in a big leafleting job.

  • And I led a team back to Hollybush where Margaret met us with tasks galore, from de-weeding paving stones, to planting pots, to shoveling mulch and sweeping leaves.

It was a night-and-a-half. But I'm afraid Storm Brendan's pelting rain and howling winds were no match for this lot. As bin liners were filled, leaflet piles emptied, compost shifted, the evening's work got done regardless. And with smiles.

The usual incredible stuff.

And a CHOICE of workouts no less.

And then Chi headed 'round to our favourite basketball court to prep for this evening's session. And so with two trainers on board, the lucky group got to pick from a running session led by Yours Truly or conditioning work led by Chi. We finished with a little balance and cardio work before running back through slippery streets to our hotel steps for a final calf stretch.

A wrap or what.

And so to tonight's shout-outs...

Here's what I want to highlight tonight: every session I thank our Task Force, because they do so much to enable our lovely, growing sessions to run the way they do. When we need to accommodate three tasks, they appear like fairy godmothers of fitness. Here's how it looks to a trainer:

  • Task Force member Leanne got in touch over the weekend to ask if the group needed any help for today.
  • Bryon stepped forward today to lead the Cranbrook Task.
  • Leo stepped forward earlier today to lead the leafleting task.
  • Isabelle stepped in to lead the walkers.
  • All our regular task force (Kat, Lieke, and those above) help me to make decisions like whether to relocate our fitness session (weather exception needed); who gets what lighting equipment; route navigation; backmarking...the list is endless.

...And other thank you's tonight go to Chi, for yet again helping to deliver the group some really fabulous, effective fitness content, catering to all abilities. Thank you from us all.

What's coming up

Now. Do you want the good news or the great news? Next week, we're at a brand new task! And it's indoors. Yep, we're heading to Limehouse Town Hall for Week 1 of a two-week task helping the Limehouse Town Hall Consortium Trust prep for a bold building makeover...More details and sign up can be found here.

Oh, and the even better news, you don't have to wait that long for more GoodGym Tower Hamlets activity: on Sunday, Leo and Isabelle are leading another Junior parkrun event, where you can take your pick from a range of volunteering roles. The details and sign up for that one are here.

Until next time, have the most wonderful of weeks. Stay warm, stay well, and hope to see you very soon.

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Susie signed up to a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

THREE TASKS TO CHOOSE FROM: Gardening at a Community Food Garden OR shifting soil at a local estate garden OR leafleting for St Margaret's House!

Mon 13 Jan 18:45 pm
Town Hall Hotel - Hotel Entrance, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF
Come and take your pick from this huge variety of local tasks. Followed by the 'Get Race-Ready' fitness session!

We have three tasks for you to choose from this week. Yay, let's hear it for amazing 2020 opportunities!

You and the team have the option of:

  • Joining Eileen and Janet for more SOS gardening help at Cranbrook Community Food Garden

  • Heading to Hollybush to finish Saturday's mulch-moving and tree-planting work!

  • Taking to the local roads of Bethnal Green to post fliers promoting some exciting new events at St Margaret's House

This will all be followed by some fitness laps and running-specific moves at beautiful, neighbouring Meath Gardens.

Sign up today. All fitness activity is suitable for all fitness abilities, and we have new faces every week, so you'll receive the warmest of welcomes!

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Susie went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Stair Force One

Mon 6 Jan
Report written by Laura Williams

A tremendous January turnout

It was a lovely sized group of 39 who divided into two terrific tasks tonight for our first Group Run of 2020.

We met in our intimate little hotel room, warm and welcoming, before heading outside to say hello to our new runners, run through our tasks for tonight, give the January Challenge a big shout-out (thank you, Kat & Becki and warm up for the evening's activity.

Two tasks, of course

Task force member Lieke was leading a group of 8 to help Cranbrook Community Food Garden clear a huge Christmas leaf backlog, while I was leading a team to Oxford House where task owner Jess had a big variety of tasks ready for us.

The Cranbrook crew cleared and bagged leaves and repaired netting from vegetable beds, and generally worked tirelessly with task owners Janet and Eileen until the whole garden was FIXED, before clocking up some extra miles, as they raced to join us at Oxford House in time for our fitness session.

Meanwhile over in Derbyshire St, the multiple Oxford House teams set about: litter-picking in front of the arts centre, scrubbing stone steps and window sills, and touching up all the walls of the building. Busy, busy bees.

...And two trainers

At 8 we met in the theatre for this evening's fitness session, where we were lucky enough to be joined by Chi, who started the runners off on a brilliant but tough warm up. He then handed over to me for a lower body and abs interval before re-taking the reins and blitzing abs and upper body a bit more.

Before we knew it, it was time to finish our last rep, and re-join Jess in the reception area for our cheerios and pics, before heading back to the hotel, for a final stretch for the evening.

An incredible night. What a start to the New Year.

Big, big January shout-out's

Big thank you's to our incredible task force who stepped in both over the weekend to lead the second task, and to help plan tonight's run, as the sign-ups just kept on climbing!

Thank you to Chi for fabulous fitness instruction, and for some wicked pics. And thank you to Lieke and Isabelle for fab pics too.

And a HUGE warm welcome to our new runners, Pauline, Alison, Alex, Ellinor, Mathew, Jess and Lucy,. Thank you for being SUCH an asset to our first run of 2020, for doing so much, and for the smiles and fun. Please, please join us again soon.

What's coming up...

On Saturday, we're running an additional session. Yep, this is one for all our regulars, but is especially for our new runners! So, if you're new, or reading this and contemplating joining us, this is your session. It's one of our longest established tasks, it's an amazing gardening task and we have a full and varied fitness session to follow, catering to all fitness abilities, so please do sign up.

Until then, have a great week, and hope to see you very, very soon.

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Susie signed up to a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

TWO TASKS TO CHOOSE FROM: Back to Oxford House for our FIRST VISIT OF 2020 (or some SOS gardening at Cranbrook Food Garden)

Mon 6 Jan 18:45 pm
Town Hall Hotel - Hotel Entrance, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF
We're back to Oxford House, the SPLENDID community arts centre for a fun, fun, fun indoor task!

Come on board our first task of the year as we head to this wonderful indoor venue to lend the team a hand as they make brilliant preparations for the year ahead.

We're now also sending a smaller team around the corner to Cranbrook Community Food Garden to help longstanding task owners Janet and Eileen clear a big leaf backlog.

This will be followed by an INDOOR FITNESS SESSION, guaranteed to kickstart your 2020 goals.

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Susie went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

“I don't care about the presents, underMEATH the Christmas tree”

Mon 16 Dec
Report written by Laura Williams

A good sized group or what!

A wonderful sized group gathered on our hotel steps last night for our final run of 2019. We welcomed first time TH runners Laurel and Chris (thank you for your wonderful contribution to tonight’s run, and we hope to see you very soon). Yes, the December drizzle kept no one away as we whizzed through our warm up, shuttling through sweepy leg squats and high knee palm-taps before forming two groups for tonight’s double-task delight.

Two-tasking it for our final run of 2019

Lieke led a team of 6 over to the Parkview Estate where Catherine was waiting with tools and instructions on how and where to plant the new delivery of fruit trees, as she and other members of the Residents Association work tirelessly to transform this beautiful spot into an environmentally friendly, edible estate. I meanwhile took a team of 20 over to Meath Gardens where brilliant Joanna and Jane were waiting in the cold patiently for us and were brilliantly prepared! We had such a lovely variety of tasks to choose from: staking trees, planting trees, moving mulch, shifting woodchip…Lots and lots to do, and the large team were kept very busy right up until 8pm.

Our final visit of the year to The Fitness Tree

And so we said our appreciative goodbyes, posing for pics, rolling eyes, and jumping for joy before making our way over to our favourite fitness tree for tonight’s fitness session. Steve, our resident running chief (thank you Steve, you have breathed new life into our drills) led our running tonight, with Leo and Isabelle heading up the hare team (the runners wanting to take it a bit easier for a variety of reasons), who headed out for the lap of the park with a good headstart before Steve led the greyhounds, tasked with catching them up. The runners arrived back at the tree panting but ready for the tree’s signature move, the beloved Bulgarian split squat before moving onto the tripod push up, standing crunch, plank with sweep & kick (eugh, what a way to see out 2019 – well done, everyone), and then we made our way back to our beautiful hotel, where we’d kindly been given a large room for the night and were able to enjoy Sarah’s homemade mince pies, Chi’s Dead Man’s Fingers rum, Laurel’s game-changing chocolate stolen, and lots of lots of nattering and laughter. 2019 – you have well and truly rocked.

Our truly dedicated Task Force

A big shout out tonight to our incredible task force: to Lieke for leading the Parkview task, and other Community Missions this year; to Leo for some great pics and leading some fabulous Community Missions this December, to Isabelle for managing our growing social side of things (we’re getting there!) and heading up tasks, and to Bryon for being on board with everything, always in the background and leading some great Community Missions too.

Thank you to our beautiful Borough

It’s been an incredible year at Tower Hamlets: we’ve made more new friends in the Borough, and had some wonderful times, from our evenings at Parkview and Meath to enjoying the Council’s brilliant #BigCleanUp, to our game changing nights of 5-aside in Shoreditch with the wonderful Get Fit Feel Inspired team.

2020 looks set to be a great year – we are SO LUCKY to enjoy the company, drive and determination of some of our Borough’s most dedicated individuals and organisations, who see community as something more than a hashtag: a word that means coming together like no other, for smiles, sweat and for the long haul. We here at GoodGym Tower Hamlets feel blessed and unbelievably appreciative, and can’t wait to see you in 2020.

Have a wonderful break, everyone.

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Susie has completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym. Sun 15 Dec 2019

Susie is a now a pretty committed GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the fifth time

Susie went on a community mission
Community mission

How mulch wood could a Goodgym chuck if a Goodgym could chuck wood

Sun 15 Dec
Report written by Southwark runner

Nine Goodgymers met today for another afternoon on the farm. Welcome to Richard who came along on his first GG run, give him a cheer!

Today's task was to tidy the paths by the public plots (which are similar to, but legally are not, allotments).

This involved weeding first, then forming an assembly line of woodchip across the farm to mulch and make sure the weeds couldn't reappear.

Richard and I had a minor diversion to help keep the cows hydrated by moving a water butt. They were not having much luck with buckets, as they keep knocking them over!

After a solid two hours, we made it half way down the plots. There was just time to give the sheep their appetiser of oats before feeding time, then we all ran off into the dusk. Bex was very pleased with our work, well done gang.

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Susie signed up to a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Moving mulch in the bluebell wood at Meath Gardens. Followed by the Muscles & Mistletoe party!

Mon 16 Dec 18:45 pm
Town Hall Hotel - Hotel Entrance, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF
Calling all GoodGymers - come and join our last Group Run of 2019!

Come and join the crew for our last Monday Group Run of 2019. We're going to be heading to see our fave team at Meath Gardens, for a variety of outdoor tasks, including moving mulch in the bluebell wood.

Then we'll head to the best Mystical Fitness Tree for a fitness session like no other: the playlist will be Summer Vibes; the moves will be metabolic meltdown, and we'll squeeze some running in too. And all fitness content is suitable for ALL levels: if it's too tough, you're injured, or you just don't like it, our trainer Laura will find you a modification.

Then we're going to be heading back to our beautiful base at the Town Hall Hotel where we have been very kindly offered our large hotel room for the evening, to enjoy a few drinks, seasonal snacks and a natter.

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