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Group run
Tower Hamlets

The Big Monday Gig: Weeding with Catherine on the Parkview Estate

Mon 26 Jul 18:45 pm
Victoria Park Royal East Gate, Grove Road, London, E9 7HJ
There's biscuits, there’s running, there’s weeding, there’s stretching…

This is how your Monday evening Group Run looks, folks:

  • Meet for briefing in Victoria Park, opposite The Royal Inn on the Park.

  • Run to Parkview Estate in the Greyhound-and-Hare running game.

  • Undertake 45 mins of ferocious, much-needed weeding. Please bring own gloves!

  • Finish with Stretch 'n' Soothe in Parkview Gardens, taught by Laura and Catherine.


What's the Greyhound and Hare game?

It's when we run at two different speeds: runners who want to take it a bit easy accompany Area Activator Laura heading out at a leisurely pace, while the faster runners, who want to squeeze in a more serious bit of pre-task mileage, start a few minutes later with Chris B and aim to catch the chatty joggers up…

What’s with the weeding?

Weeding an estate garden of this size without the use of strong chemicals (that disrupt the wildlife) is not normally feasible. But with GoodGym Tower Hamlets…

What will we be eating?

McVities Gold Bars.

What’s Stretch and Soothe?

It’s where we spend a few minutes at the end of the task ‘landing’ for the week: we’ll run through a few post-task stretches with Laura, and then Catherine, an experienced meditation teacher, will help you finish the evening with some relaxation exercises.

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Laura Williams went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

We Stone the Night

Mon 19 Jul
Report written by Laura Williams

It was a great-sized group that gathered to litter-pick and gravel-spread for our first Group Run of the year.

We met in the far corner of Vicky Park where we welcomed first time runners, ran through the health and safety bits, and enjoyed a couple of dynamic stretches.

Speeds for all

In two groups, we then sped off to The Hub to meet Mark and the team for tonight's activity. The Leisurely Pace Crew took it easy with me, with a nice slow jog via the most direct route, while those who meant business headed off for a mile-plus detour of the East of the park, with our running pro, Chris.

A couple more joined us at The Hub and before we knew it we were dispatched into two groups: the litter-pickers and the gravel-spreaders.

Two teams, two tasks

The litter-pickers headed out to all four corners of the park, enjoying the combination of a stroll with a lot of productivity (and great company), while the sturdy team of eight gravel-spreaders got a Monday workout-and-a-half, as they shovelled barrow full of barrow of gravel, wheeled it to the play area where a team of two proceeded to rake it over the swings.

That's a lot of contribution to your park tonight, team: helping distribute a surface to make the swings safer, and helping clear up after a big, big weekend in the park.

It was a lovely time together: warm, fun, appreciated...

More to come

It's the start of our new regular activity with the Parks team, who are keen to have us back asap, so... well done all.

The shout-outs

A special big shout-out this week to our first time runners, Aarani and Naike and to Chris who suggested the venue and activity for tonight, and for helping plan and lead.

Until next week!

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Laura Williams went on a training session
Training session
Tower Hamlets

For Tree's a Jolly Good Fellow

Mon 12 Jul
Report written by Laura Williams

No Monday blues for these two

It was damp, it was dark, it was always doubtful. But not for Stephen and Simon, who showed up promptly at the fallen tree for tonight's fitness session.

Unfazed by the prospect of essentially having personal training, they got stuck straight in to the warm-up exercises ("So this skater squat I love for the adductor stretch, and this hamstring balance, well, it's really good for stretching and working the hams...).

Quite the line-up...

We stuck to tonight's plan of the race masterclass and covered:

  • Hill running along Meath ridges (yes, surprisingly effective), along with hill running technique.
  • ITB stretches.
  • Standing oblique recruitment.
  • Multiple versions of the Bulgarian split squat (including a jumping version...ouch).
  • The best walking lunge technique.
  • High knee drills.
  • Standing stretches for the whole lower body.

It was an amazing session to teach - I felt very lucky. Everyone worked hard: gave it all a bash, including tough, treacherous ridge-running, all accompanied by fun chat, with topics ranging from dinner plans, running and cycling twinges and events we're training for.

Peaceful, fun, useful...What more could we ask from a Monday night. Well done, everyone.

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Group run
Tower Hamlets

Victoria Park: Run, Chat and Pick (and move gravel!)

Mon 19 Jul 18:45 pm
Victoria Park Royal East Gate, Grove Road, London, E9 7HJ
As Summer starts in earnest, we head to Victoria Park to join the team...

Join us for our first Group Run of 2021!

We're heading to the vast outdoor space of Victoria Park together, where the grateful Rangers team will task us with a 'litter hotspot' mission-and-a-half.

A new, small task has been added to the litter-pick: a group will be moving a large pile of gravel, and distributing it over the park...

Come and kickstart your fitness routine for the week, as we meet beforehand to run, or walk-and-jog, our way to the activity...

What you need to know

  • We'll be meeting inside the Royal Gate East entrance to the park, opposite The Royal Inn on the Park.

  • After hello's and need-to-knows, we'll divide into two groups to head to our task:

Those who want to walk/walk-and-jog will join Area Activator Laura, to enjoy a leisurely route across the park.

Those who would wish to enjoy a slightly longer run will join our Chris B for a more scenic route to the task.

  • We will be working with the Parks team on every aspect of health and safety, so rest assured all bases will be covered. We will also be bringing spare gloves, hand sanitiser and anything else we consider necessary!
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Training session
Tower Hamlets

Mondays at Meath: Face-to-face fitness session

Mon 12 Jul 19:30 pm
Meath Gardens, 1 Smart St, London , E2 0SN
Aaand it's BACK. We take our glutes to the grass to get in summer shape.

Welcome to Team Monday.

We'll meet in huge, picturesque Meath Gardens, for a fitness session led by Area Activator Laura, which will run as follows:

  • Welcome and hello's
  • Quick lap of the gardens
  • Racing masterclass (different types of speedwork, strength training essentials and injury Q&A)
  • Cooldown and stretch


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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

First big Summer litter-pick in Meath Gardens

Mon 12 Jul 18:30 pm
Meath Gardens , 1 Smart Street, London , E2 0SN

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

We come with gloves, bin liners and litter-pickers...We mean BUSINESS.

After an already busy start to the summer, Meath Gardens' trash needs a little TLC.

Join the team this evening for a great big litter-pick: sociable, spacious - and conveniently located for our Monday night fitness sessions!

What you need to know

  • We will be meeting by the basketball court at 6:30pm.

  • This task will be run by Tunde of Friends of Meath Gardens, our own Simon, a Meath Gardens pro, and assisted by Area Activator Laura.

  • We will spread out over this vast, picturesque area for the following 45-60 mins, visiting rubbish hotspots, filling bag after bag.

  • This task runs alongside the Monday night Meath Gardens fitness session which will be taking place at 7:30pm, directly after the task.

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Laura Williams has done a 12 month mission streak. Mon 5 Jul 2021

Wow, Laura has completed a 12 month mission streak. That means they've cleared gardens, moved furniture and changed light bulbs in spring, summer, autumn and even winter. Show your support and give them a massive cheer!

Laura Williams went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Rake it to make it

Mon 5 Jul
Report written by Emma Rapley

A determined group of GoodGym’s finest met at the Kedleston Community Centre to do Margaret’s bidding in the lush surroundings of the Bethnal Green garden.

Lots of fun was had by all whilst being threatened with inclement weather. It didn’t stop us. We donned our protective gardening gloves and got to weeding, raking and general tidying. Around the halfway point, Margaret exclaimed that we did an excellent job and then indicated that more could be done… that’s the right thing to say to an enthusiastic bunch of GoodGymmers and we happily carried on with our tasks. Various puns were banded about and many poses thrown.

Hats off to Sara who managed to clear masses of weeds under the beautiful red acer tree, Simon who proved a constant good sport at smiling for the many cameras that were turned in his general direction, and also to Laura who not only did plenty of weeding but also showed us how to engage those obliques whilst taking photographs.

Everyone else was pretty marvellous too.

Thanks to all that joined and helped out.

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