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Rachel Ripley went on a mission


Tue 26 Oct
Report written by Rachel Ripley

It was deja vu for Max tonight, as he returned to Mr R for the 2nd day in a row. Yesterday gardening, tonight furniture removal.

First we removed a divan bed frame, which was thankfully already dismantled and lighter than it looked. Next was the sofa, which was somewhat heavier and a tighter fit. After turning it on its end and lots of "PIVOT!!" action, we got it through 3 doorways to the outside.

20 minutes work and a massive help to Mr R, who now has space for a hospital bed to be delivered

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Rachel Ripley signed up to a mission • Furniture moving for Mr R
Tue 26 Oct
Rachel Ripley went on a group run
Group run

Like it or leaf 🍁 it!

Mon 25 Oct
Report written by Tom Mutton

Its getting chilly!

This week we did some meeting in a car park, but the good kind!

We met with Susan from Sheffield Litter Pickers who helped us to get tooled up ready for the task at hand which this week was weeding and litter picking a car park in Heeley used by the local co-op shoppers, medical centre visitors and general shoppers.

By the time we were done it was looking as good as a new car park can look...!

We thanked Susan and headed toward the U Mix centre for some paired fitness fun that involved leg/knee lifts and squats.

After a couple of rounds we headed home to stretch off and get burgers bigger than our mouths!

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Rachel Ripley signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Supporting Graves parkrun

Sat 6 Nov 08:30 am
Graves Park, Sheffield, S8 8QD
Supporting local running events

This month we're off to Graves parkrun to help support the event.

If you'd like to volunteer you can have a look at the roles available via: Graves parkrun future roster

Unfortunately we won't be doing a pacing event this time, look out for this in the New Year!

Please sign up here and email graves@parkrun.com with your name, desired role and parkrun barcode number so you can be added to the roster.

If you're new to parkrun you can register here.

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Rachel Ripley went on a group run
Group run

Stools of Engagement

Sat 16 Oct
Report written by Rachael (GoodGym Barnsley)

4 GoodGymmers made their way (with one very impressive run from Celine) to Lavender Court Together Housing to help set up some furniture for the residents.

The plan was originally to help spruce up the outdoor vegetable patch, but Danny from Together Housing told us they had just gotten some lovely outdoor furniture, and so we set to work setting up some of the tables and stools.

Rachel had also brought an amazing vegan red velvet sponge cake, and we all enjoyed a cup of tea and some cake and admired our handywork for the day!

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Rachel Ripley went on a group run
Group run

Providing some lumbar support at Heeley City Farm

Mon 11 Oct
Report written by Tom Mutton

WHAT A TASK we had this week!

It had it all;

  • Sledgehammers
  • Logs
  • Lights
  • Hills
  • Goats
  • Cereal!

We met with the lovely Julie of Heeley City Farm (HCF) who let us into this gem of a place and through the site to the field we would be working in past all of the very cute goats.

HCF have had to have some trees on site felled and the larger logs needed splitting, bagging and shifting so that they can be dried and sold in the future to bring some income into the site which doesn't have any monetary support from the Council and needs to be self sustaining so this was a great way for us to help out.

We got straight to it, splitting.... into smaller teams:

  • Log splitters - 'I wanna be... your sledgehammer!'
  • Assistant log splitters - putting in the 'grenade' splitters into the logs to get them started
  • Log sorters
  • Log baggers
  • Log movers
  • Log shakers (ok, made this one up)
  • Goat petters

We certainly expended some energy and shed some timber on this task! It was great to be out in the night air, a great remedy to any splitting headaches...At times it was hard to see the wood from the trees, but in the end we were told we had made up 24 bags which was a great effort!

After finishing we made great use of the well lit traffic free hill outside for some hill reps in teams where we did 4 reps of:

40% 60% 80% 110% (as the Americans say)

We had a steady saunter back before stretching off and making birthday plans (see listings on website).

Until next time, happy running! :)

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Rachel Ripley went on a mission

Nothing like a well trimmed bush

Sun 10 Oct
Report written by Rachel Ripley

Once again GoodGym takes me somewhere I wouldn't usually go, halfway to Barnsley, but as I was driving to Leeds this evening, I stopped by for a quick mish.

Mrs C suffers from arthritis and long covid, so is struggling to maintain her garden. Today's task: chop back a flourishing fuschia and 3 overgrown evergreens, the latter giving a lovely Christmassy smell when cut.

A straightforward task, for which Mrs C was grateful, with a little added excitement witnessing youths smashing windows at the nearby abandoned cricket club and shouting choice words at them. Mrs C informed one of her neighbours who knows the owners.

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Rachel Ripley signed up to a mission • Tidy of front gardens for Mrs C
Sun 10 Oct
Rachel Ripley signed up to a group run
Group run

SUSTRANS - Clearing NCN6 @Lynwood Gardens

Mon 1 Nov 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Creating a better environment for Active Travel

Lynwood Gardens is a community woodland area at the rear of the Francis Newton pub.

National Cycle Network route 6 (NCN6) passes through and the route is in need of some TLC

We'll be repairing the stone borders, clearing back vegetation and picking up any litter.

Please bring your own gloves and charged head torch and if you have a big GG floodlight, please do charge and bring with you, thanks!

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Rachel Ripley signed up to a party

GoodGym Sheffield's 5th Birthday! 🎂🎉

Mon 1 Nov 20:15 pm
Chakra Lounge , 5 Fitzalan Square , Sheffield, S1 2AY
Party time!

Post Group Run food and drinks to celebrate our birthday! Come along just for the party if you can't make the run.

Chakra Lounge, 5 Fitzalan Square. Indian Fusion menu. 20 guest limit. One small plate and one big plate for £12. BYOB

Menu available at : https://www.thechakralounge.co.uk/ Place your orders by Friday 29th at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14JJfByJCnh2O7sw2HFqMvCpz8S8s4_ociU5Ql4HAxw0/edit?usp=sharing

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