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loves her nephews, aikido, growing her food, bouldering, hiking, running, a good picnic or sharing food with friends & ... adventures!


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Percy Pud 2023
🗓Sunday 3rd December 9:30am

📍Admiral Rodney S6 6RU

Fast festive fun 🎅

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Celine (she/her or they/them) went on a group run

Mon 2nd Oct at 6:30pm

Celebrating a new PERMANENT cycle route!

Sheffield Report written by Kim Longbon

Tonight, we welcomed two new GoodGymers, Alexi and Christina, who joined us for a slightly longer run than normal, almost 6.7km altogehter. The run was glorious, even if it was raining!

We headed west to meet the Super Simon of SUSTRANS who was ready with litter pickers and shearing gear to tidy up the newest permanent section of closed road to link up the cycle routes. The majority of the team brought in the 5 bags of litter with Katie snagging and umbrella, and Celine grabbed some shears and a spade to tidy up some of the over-hanging and out-stretching foliage.

Overall, a great session all round!

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Ema Quinn
Celine (she/her or they/them) signed up to a group run.

Mon 2nd Oct at 6:30pm

Ema Quinn
Celine (she/her or they/them) went on a group run

Mon 25th Sep at 6:30pm

Hilly Heeley Green goes weed free

Sheffield Report written by Celine (she/her or they/them)

After an uphill run to Heeley Green Community Garden, we marvelled at the view with a beautiful sunset and admired all the hard work the community group had put in since we visited last - a new mural was added over the pond, the flowers were in blossoms and the fruit trees - including a peach tree! - looked strong.

Our host Fran explained the task: a pesky and unruly border was encroaching over the path which was taken over by nettles and other weeds and a bush.

We then grabbed our spades, dug, scraped, uprooted and plugged branches through fences, putting on our head torches in the process. Ah the days are getting shorter!

In no time, the path had been litter picked by Michelle and Jono, while Rachel, Tim, Sergiu, Cat, Charly, Becca and Celine freed most of the path up.

What a gorgeous community project led by the local residents of Heeley Green!

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Ema QuinnLinda Cairns
Celine (she/her or they/them) went on a community mission

Sun 24th Sep at 8:30am

Owning the finish line for 99

Sheffield Report written by Linda Cairns (she/her)

Run Directing, time-keeping and funnel managing done. Nailed. Sorted. For 99 children. GoodGymers owned the always hectic, often chaotic finish funnel with precise clicking, and assertive organisation. Children were cheered across the line including a just 4-year old running for his first time; no parents dared enter the funnel and all times were in synch with finish tokens. What teamwork!

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Ema Quinn