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Sat 17th Dec at 10:00am

Lowland heath restoration on Parkwood Springs

Many local people were very upset by the fire, the blackened area of land is a reminder of this. This work will help the area to recover more quickly. .

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James Smith
James Smith went on a community mission

Sun 4th Dec at 11:00am

Katie Carew-Robinson
James Smith
James Smith signed up to a community mission.

Sun 4th Dec at 11:00am

Make an orchard with Bramble Farm

Growing food for the local community

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James Smith
James Smith went on a group run

Wed 30th Nov at 6:30pm

Pack to the Future

Barnsley Report written by James Smith

Tonight, three intrepid GoodGymers ran to assist the Barnsley Churches Drop-in Project (BCDP) for a final time at their current premises. They're being evicted, so are needing to clear out all of their stuff. We assisted with moving a variety of boxes and crates out of the building, up the driveway, and across the road to be stored in the lock-up there. It's strange seeing the old place looking so empty, but it was still a hive of activity this evening. They were still handing out hot drinks and food to a few individuals from the hatchway as usual too, just to add to the mayhem. We were falling flat(pack) as we moved the stored items in flatpack crates from the control-center hub room out the back door and over the road to the lock-up, in a crate escape. It's all about relocation, relocation, relocation! We all worked very hard without the need for any packing of the whip; it's lovely to see. We moved crates filled with clothes, crates filled with food, stacks of cups, hoovers, files, cautionary signs, heaters and more. An industrial oven was also maneuvered and carefully into a waiting van. It was a great workout.

'Drop-in like it's hot!'

Before they find a new building they will be distributing food and drink on the streets as they did before they got this location. Plans are in the works to assist them with this in future, Peter is keen to utilize GoodGym's ability to run speedily around town, doing good as we go! Peter number 2 had a natter with us whilst carrying bits n bobs back and forth; he has some tasks for us at the Carer's Garden, a task which we used to love going to years ago. He is in charge of this project now, taken over from our old buddy Gordon, and is keen for us to come back and help out- we are of course thrilled about this and happy to oblige!

From moving boxes, to box jumps.... after we had shifted all the stuff to safe storage space, we said our goodbyes to the staff and also to the building one last time, then went on our merry way to do alternating flights of box jumps and squats up the stairwell of Glass House. At the top we used the railings to get some extra purchase for our stretches and pats on backs.

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