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Mark Gilyead completed a training run • Hackney
Sun 26 Sep
Mark Gilyead completed a training run
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A Brush of Paint to the Head

Wed 22 Sep
Report written by Mark Gilyead

Three absolutely legends (not sure if it's okay to include myself in that...) gave up their Wednesday evening for a jog to Melvin Hall to do a spot of painting!

We had a relaxed 2k run to get there, including a chat about the wonders/dangers of axe throwing, as you do.

When we arrived, we searched for John who armed us with some paint, brushes, white spirit and some post-run cokes 🤫😋

Our task was to add some protective white paint to a particularly absorbant gate... We soon found out that said gate didn't like white paint much and due to our various painting styles, we realised we were definitely going to need to come back for a return visit!

I had a quite loose "artistic style" and Nick went for the thick approach, which led to one gate becoming quite patchy... Clare however, went for a thin and consistent layer, creating a more aesthetically pleasing gate...

As the title of this run suggests, paint did indeed get everywhere. Oops.

We left the gate in a bit of a state, but the paint takes 16 hours to dry so we couldn't do another coat anyway - phew! Next time it'll look awesome. 👌

Great stuff guys! 👍

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Mark Gilyead completed a training run
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Group run

For Fox's Sake

Tue 21 Sep
Report written by Mark Gilyead

Tonight, 12 GoodGymers met on the streets of Brixton for two tasks ✌️

Two for Tuesdays 🍕🍕

We ran as one to Loughborough Farm, where most of the group met Emily who instructed in preparing the ground for an event they have coming up this weekend.

This involved levelling some soil and spreading a load of woodchip on the ground. There was also an interruption from a friendly fox. 10 points if you can spot it in the photos!

Group 2 were off to do some leafleting for the brand new Friends of Loughborough Park who have organised a monthly litter pick! We were spreading the word so other people can join to make the park look it’s best 👌

We blitzed a few roads near to the park and only got a little lost finding our way back to Loughborough Farm! 😬

We had a quick thigh-busting game of squat squat goose in the park before a light jog back to base!

Great work guys!!

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Group run

I believe I can flyer...

Mon 20 Sep
Report written by Mark Gilyead

Tonight we were spreading the word about St Christopher's Hospice's new C.A.R.E. building which has it's opening event for the public on Saturday!

We were armed with a few hundred flyers and a few roads and a couple of flat blocks to blitz on our group run, and even though there were two of us, we still smashed it in good time ⏱

As [Ian](Ian noted, we really did have quite the tour of 20th century buildings, from art deco flat blocks to old manor houses to ultra modern new builds along our designated routes!

Each taking a side, we jogged round the estates, with a little detour around the park, and racked up a solid 5k!


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Group run

Sanding and painting benches at Hillside Gardens

Tue 5 Oct 18:45 pm
Papa's Park, 10-17 Pulross Road, London, SW9 8AF
Providing quality seating at this lovely green space!

Hillside Gardens Park is a fab spot on the way to Streatham which has a great team of volunteers, but they've asked for a hand with sanding down some benches and painting on some wood preservative!

It'd be great if you can bring gardening gloves and head torch would be awesome too! 🧤💡🧤

It's about 3.5k each way and a bit of a hilly one 👌

New to GG Lambeth? We're a super friendly group who meet at Papa's Park near Brixton Station at 7pm on Tuesdays. We run to a local organisation, do a physical task for them and run back by 8:30. You can leave things in Papa's Cafe where there's a loo too! Email me if you've got any questions??

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Mark Gilyead completed a training run • Run to & Brockwell parkrun
Sat 18 Sep
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