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Lydia went on a race


Wed 10 Jul
Report written by Cardiff runner

*Wow!! What a brilliant night at Cosmeston Relays...

What a difference a year makes...From 2018 with just 3 GoodGym teams to 2019 with a huge 7 GoodGym teams and 22 runners. We have progressed from a pile of bags under a tree at last year's event to a gazebo (Thanks Mikey), picnic blankets and a big GoodGym flag last night.

With just Mat left to bring home the final GoodGym Team still to finish, the prosecco was poured ready for a huge toast and cheer. Mat crossed the line to the best support from all 21 other runners and a cup of prosecco was thrust into his hand for the celebrations to begin. What followed was a yummy picnic, teams trying to get the best jumping photo of their team and of course more prosecco!

Thanks to everyone who signed up, took part and contributed to the picnic, to Marie, Ella and (eventually) Tom for being great supporters, to those who provided cool bags/boxes for our picnic food (special thanks to Ellen and Sophie for helping lay out and clear away the food) and those who gave lifts to others so we could all get to Cosmeston in good time - only Emily caused us concern with her sat nav taking her to the wrong location but she made it to the start pen.. phew! What a great team! We may not have won any medals but I think we were definitely winners, enjoying our social picnic and prosecco and we were the last team standing finally leaving the park at 10pm. Some keen social beans carried on the celebrations into the night heading to the pub... wonder if they have sore heads today??

I'm sure we are all looking forward to the 2020 Cosmeston Relays already!

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

How do you like my jugs?

Tue 2 Jul
Report written by Benjamin Annear

On a glorious summers evening, 20 GoodGym runner took to the streets to combine their running with doing good!

Another Tuesday, another AWESOME GoodGym! Tonight we had two new runners joining us and a very special visitor who came across the border, all the way from England, to join GoodGym for this evening's run.

Let's get warmed up

To get warmed up we started this evening's run with some technique drills. We followed this up with a game of 'Captain's coming!' Runners were encouraged to scrub the deck, catch parrots, climb the rigging, run from port to starboard and mark the arrival of captains girlfriend with a big "oooooooooooo."

Head count

Whilst jogging, we did our headcount and announced what our favourite spread was to put on toast. We had Elvis Presley fans stating that they like peanut butter and jelly, we had some runners who love the taste of butter, other runners who like jam and we have Alex who likes potato on his toast, yes potato - "Smashing," Ben said! - Don't knock it until you've tried it! We wished a MASSIVE welcome to Meri and Emily. We hope you enjoyed this evening's run and will come back again. Emily got herself a red lace #LifesGoals for bringing Meri along. ((Rumour has it Mo Farah is also trying to get his hands on a red lace because, if the tales are true, it will help him run even quicker)).

Running to the task

Ben led runners to the task whilst Emma and Ellen both backmarked.

Welcome to the Global Gardens Allotment

Poppy welcomed everyone to the allotment. She explained the vision of the Global Gardens Project is to create a growing space that supports community-based sharing of food and cultures. At the Global Gardens allotment site, where we were for this evening's task, Poppy is cultivating an organic kitchen garden, celebrating crops from around the world.

Poppy gave runners the following tasks to help out with at the allotment:

  • To water the plantation beds
  • Turn the soil
  • Get stuck into weeding the plantation beds
  • Cut back overgrown bushes to make room for a composting toilet

Everyone was given 30 minutes to complete the above tasks. It was amazing how quickly everyone worked together over that time to make sure the tasks were completed. There was much discussion from those weeding about what's a weed and what isn't. Those cutting back the overgrowth ready for the installation of a compost toilet had the most delightful discussions about who's used a compost toilet before and what compost toilets smell like; Lydia shared her wisdom that sprinkling sawdust over your business helps prevent it from smelling,

It's time to run home

Okay, not quite literally home, but sadly it was time to wave goodbye to Poppy and leave the allotment. We ran back as two groups. Ben led the speeder runners and Ellen led the sexy runners. The speedy group ran SUPER speedy so that Alex didn't miss his train... and fortunately he didn't :)

The RunPunStiltskin Award

Ellen came up with tonight's pun for the run and win the virtual RunPunStiltskin award - Well done! *You are a punny one!

The Tweet Off Leaderboard

Well done Lucy - You've proved that you are still a force to be reckoned with in the Tweet Off! Here are the current standings on the tweet off leaderboard -

  • LM 9
  • MG 3
  • DRN 3
  • EW 3
  • NS 2
  • MJ 2
  • BA 1
  • NI 1
  • AG 1
  • WD 1
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Lydia has done 50 good deeds and got their black t-shirt Tue 18 Jun 2019

The next time you see Lydia, they might be wearing black instead of red. They've completed 50 good deeds with GoodGym and have earnt their black t-shirt. Give them a nod when you next see them.

Lydia went on a group run
Group run

All for run and fun for all!

Tue 18 Jun
Report written by Benjamin Annear

This evening, 27 GoodGym runners got fit and did good in the Cardiff Community; The run this week also celebrated The Great Get Together.

A HUGE welcome to Chloe and Will who were both running with GoodGym for the first time EVER! Nabeel brought along Will to GoodGym which earned him a RED LACE #LifesGoals. Rumour has it, runners used to pray to their red laces before races for good luck. It is a fact lost in history that the red lace actually helps you run faster! Nabeel and Will have been friends for 13 years and they've also mentioned there is friendly competition between the two of them so we are looking forward to see how this unfolds at future runs!

  • Also worthy of a mention is Lydia's achievement of reaching the 50 good deed milestone! - She has now earned her milestone t-shirt :)
  • The mission runners and coach runners who are doing extra runs outside of Tuesday evenings in order to help isolated older people.

The evening's run celebrated Great Get Together, The Great Get Together is inspired by Jo Cox, who was killed on 16 June 2016. The Great Get Together brings communities together to celebrate all that unites us. It was no secret that running, helping in the community and socialising with each other brought everyone together for this evening's run.

The Warm Up

Along with the standard jogging, butt kicks and high knees, are warm up also included a game. This was a GoodGym Cardiff first! The game was called 'Can you guess the number?' Runners were asked to guess a number between 15 and 30, guess correct and they are allowed to rest, guess incorrectly and you have to do the fitness activity that corresponds to the random number e.g. if the number is 24 and no group guesses correctly then they have to do 24 star jumps.

We ran in 3 groups to this evening's task. We had the Speedy group led by Welsh Dave, the Sexy group led by Mikey and the Pacer group led by Ellen. Mikey had his group doing wall squats at every opportunity and Welsh Dave had the speediest ones in his group doing out and back runs to wear them out! Despite being in the Sexy group, Will showed the pace in his legs when Ben asked him to sprint to the end of the road.

Welcome to the Tenouvus Charity Shop

Carl welcomed us all into his shop. It was warm in there... he explained that he had the shop heating on to try and dry the paint as they've already painted 2 coats of yellow in one of the rooms. Carl remembered that Aimee, one of our runners, knows a lot about Tenovus. He called upon her assistance to share with the runners the story behind Tenovus.

Carl had the following tasks for us:

  • Paint one of the office walls green
  • Paint the sorting room yellow
  • Dress the shop window on the right hand side
  • Size & colour coordinate the clothing rails

As there were LOADS of us, 6 of us went out for a plog of the surrounding streets. In just over 10 minutes, 3 bags of litter were collected; some memorable finds included: a wheel cover, Aunt Bessies roast potatoes packaging and a can of red bull. Llion was tracking litter far into the distance and then running to collect it.

Alice took the opportunity to relax during the task, she was caught in the act by Welsh Dave who took a photo of her in the chillaxing in the inflatable donut. Ellen dressed the person in the shop window in a rather interesting way, at first she only gave the manikin only one shoe.

Thank you loads for your help GoodGym

Carl said a massive thank you to us for our help. He then bid us well on our run back!

On the way back we took a detour via the local park. We climbed up the climbing wall and then went down the slide. Some local children joined in with some of the running and joined in the fun we were having and followed us down the slide too.

We then continued running to town and back to Big Moose. The final stretch was down Queen Street. Many of the runners increased their pace dramatically and many members of the public turned their heads in response wondering what on earth was going on!

Runners covered distances from 3.7km to 5km today - Well done everyone

The Tweet Off!

After the run we headed to the Glassworks Pub and got ready for the tweet off. You can see the runners faces of concentration in the photos taken at the Glassworks.

Well done Darren - You've proved that you are still a force to be reckoned with in the Tweet Off! Here are the current standings on the tweet off leaderboard -

  • LM 8
  • MG 3
  • DRN 3
  • EW 2
  • NS 2
  • MJ 2
  • BA 1
  • NI 1
  • AG 1
  • WD 1
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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

I really really really wanna really weed ya!

Tue 28 May
Report written by Benjamin Annear

If you've attended a GoodGym run then you know GoodGym is a running club that will Spice Up Your Life

Last night the Spice Girls were in Cardiff. People came from far and wide to see them live in concert, and despite the rain that poured down on fans, the welsh weather failed to dampen spirits. To mark this occasion, this run report will contain references to some of the Spice Girls songs. Where I've used song titles I've also included links to the youtube videos, so that avid fans amongst you can listen to some of their songs.

Last week we celebrated our 2 year milestone since GoodGym launched in Cardiff. It was a huge run and so much fun. Now we are entering our third year of GG Cardiff. and I know it's going to be an amazing year!

Tonight's warm up was led by Welsh Dave. He gave us an update of runners achievements over the past week, aka the headlines. We also gave a MASSIVE welcome to Sandra. It was Sandra's first ever run with GoodGym! - Sandra, we hope you had a wonderful time and come back for a run with us again soon. We acknowledged and celebrated Nathan reaching 50 good deeds, we also gave Amy Wildgoose a huge cheer for also reaching 50 good deeds, which we hope she heard from her work.

After playing a few warm up games we split up into two groups. Ben led the sexy runners and Welsh Dave led the walkie talkie group. Due to our quick pace it wasn't long before we reached the site of tonight's task.

Welcome to Mackintosh Community Gardens GoodGym!

We arrived at Mackintosh Community Gardens just before 7pm where Carol was waiting patiently to give us all a warm welcome. . She said the community gardens used to form part of the mansion house, which now belongs to the bowling club. She told us how, over time, the gardens became neglected, and now a group of volunteers have got together to help maintain the community garden space. Carol then told us about the tasks that needed doing that we could help with:

  • Pulling up the weeds
  • Trimming back overgrown bushes
  • Litter picking the streets
  • Moving pallets

During the task Darren and Ella spotted a frog. Darren tried to kiss it to turn it into a prince to make 2 become 1, however fortunately for the frog, it escaped.

After 25 minutes of helping, Ben shouted STOP. Everyone had already finished carrying out their tasks in the nick of time... They managed to get the task done in a whopping 21 minutes, giving them 4 minutes to complete the final touches - Incredible!

Post run fitness Bonanza

The post run fitness bonanza consisted of a 1 mile sprint around the Rec in Roath, Cardiff. Nathan said I Wannabe fast... Ben said if you want to run fast then you need to lift up your knees, drive your arms back, keep your head up and turn your legs over quickly.

Before setting off on the mile sprint Ben said "If you want my future, forget my past, if you want to run with me, better make it fast", and without any further chatter the mile sprint had begun.

Here were the finishing times;

  • 1 - 6 .00
  • 2 - 6.09
  • 3 -6.09
  • 4 - 6.15
  • 5- 6.50
  • 6 - 6.57
  • 7 - 6.58
  • 8 - 7.45
  • 9 - 7.54
  • 10 - 7.59
  • 11 - 8.00
  • 12 - 8.13
  • 13 - 8.35
  • 14 - 8.39
  • 15 - 8.53
  • 16 - 8.59

Well done everyone who took part in the mile sprint. It was tough as it was a warm night. Remember your time and you can try and beat it next time. It is a great baseline to get an idea of your measure of fitness.

After the mile sprint we headed back to the Big Moose Cafe to warm down and then head across to the Glassworks for drinkypoos.

The winner of this week's tweet off was Darren - Well done matey - you're on fire! Here is the tweet off leaderboard -

  • LM 7
  • EW 2
  • MG 2
  • NS 2
  • MJ 2
  • DRN 2
  • BA 1
  • NI 1
  • AG 1
  • WD 1

Next week we will be helping out St Alban's Primary School - Say you'll be there

So it's goodbye for now... , until the community mission on Thursday,

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

Doing our best at school... A* grade ... we are never too tyre-d for a GoodGym run!

Tue 23 Apr
Report written by Benjamin Annear

22 GoodGym Cardiff runners ran to help St Alban's Primary School

We had an absolutely lovely post Easter holidays run planned for this evening. Approximately 2.2 miles to St Alban's school and then the same distance back.

After meeting at Big Moose, dropping our bags and having a quick natter, we were outside by 6.30pm doing our warm up. Wasting no time, we then moved quickly onto introductions. We welcomed Emma to her first ever GoodGym run - A HUGE welcome to you and we hope you come along again :D We are a nice bunch! We also congratulated Rosie for reaching 100 GOOD DEEDS!!! Wooo, Rosie can now claim her wings (A brand new t-shirt)... Well done - you've earned it! :)

For our run to St Alban's we split into 3 groups; We had Mikey leading the speedy runners, Ellen leading the sexy runners and Ben leading the walking group aka. the walkie talkies!

Welcome to St Alban's Primary School

We were greeted to St Alban's school by Rachel, Jen and Gemma. They had a number of tasks that kept us moving and helped the school out in the process ... Fantastic!

  • Llion and Meg were outside the front of the school picking up litter and sweeping mud and fallen branches
  • Lucy and Nathan were attaching ribbon to a fence. The fence was the backdrop to a small outdoor stage that would allow the children to use their imagination and creativity skills.
  • Lowri decorated a tree with pieces of ribbon - She informed me that this task has now become her favourite task to date!
  • Mikey, Mike, Martin, and Welsh Dave moved tyres and swept the outdoor area - They said it was very tyre-ing.
  • Sue and Emma sorted cupboard space that was in the school hall.
  • Lydia, Sophie, Rosie, Matt, Oli, Aimee, Emma and Alice were all cleaning up the playground that was on the left side of the building. They were also moving tyres. Sophie and Lydia also moved a metal frame arch.

Thank you so much for helping us - You've made a massive difference in such a short time and helped us out loads

Rachel, Jen and Gemma were so thankful for our help. They bid us an enjoyable run back to Cardiff city centre and waved us off as we left. Jen offered to lead the run back but quickly decided against it when we all agreed... instead she helped us get on our way by blowing her whistle.

Tweet off scores updated by Nathan Swain

"Some super quick retweets this evening. But fastest of the lot was Meg! A new addition to the leaderboard." Lucy is still top of the leaderboard... but how long for?!

  • LM 5
  • EW 2
  • MG 2
  • DRN 1
  • BA 1
  • NS 1
  • NI 1
  • AG 1
  • WD 1
  • MJ 1
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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

Did you hear about the birds and the bees?

Tue 16 Apr
Report written by Benjamin Annear

GoodGym comin' atcha on a Tuesday evening!

It's here.... Tuesday... finally! GoodGym day. You know, I firmly believe that in 1000s of years time GoodGym Cardiff will still be running (Excuse the pun) and that great legends and stories of GoodGym Cardiff will be told to the masses.

Anyway, let's get on with reporting on tonight's run.

Who turned up!?

This week Nathan Swain made an appearance on the Tuesday run! Nathan gets involved in community missions and missions to help older people however doesn't often make it to the Tuesday group runs as he leads a youth club on the same evening. He also hung around after for the tweet off to make sure there wasn't any cheating going on... Nathan takes the tweet off very seriously. Who else? We also had Rachel, Alice and Marion all come along - They haven't been to a Tuesday group run for a while so it was so nice to have them join in - Wish we could see you all every week :)

Lets get warm!

To make sure our muscles were warmed up enough ready for the run ahead, we did warm up exercises that got the blood flowing. Our warm up involved bouncing on our tip toes, lunges, high knees and butt kicks!

Let's get our run on!

Adam led runners to Bute park whilst Martin, Su and Rosie all backmarked ( The 3 musketeers making sure that nobody got left behind). Ben led the walking talking group.

The fitness circuit bonanza

At Bute park we all stopped to do some fun fitness exercises. First, Ben told everyone to run and find themselves a leaf, which they did - Some runners got very attached to their leaf. Ben then asked everyone to line up with their leaf, to sprint for 10 seconds and then place their leaf where they stopped. They then had to repeat the run and reach the point where they put their leaf onto the floor - Some people couldn't beleaf they found their leaf again... they were definitely releaved.

Then it was time for some fun circuits. Runners ran to station 1; there they had to do star jumps for 30 seconds, then they had to squat jump to station 2; there they had to do squats for 30 seconds, then they ran to station 3 where they had to do press-ups for 30 seconds.

The fitness circuit bonanza ended with a wheelbarrow race - OH YESSSS!

Welcome to the Samye Foundation

The mindfulness and wellbeing centre always love having us visit! Lorraine gave us very much needed water when we arrived so we could rehydrate.

The tasks for tonight included:

  • Putting up bird boxes
  • Planting cauliflower plants
  • Weeding the garden areas, laying fresh soil and sprinkling seeds for the bees and butterflies

25 Minutes of hard work got the jobs done. Lorraine was impressed with what was achieved, thanking us and offering us tasty nibbles to make sure we were properly fueled for our run back to Big Moose.

Time to run back

Ben led the walkers back and not long after Mikey followed with the rest of the pack.

Well done everyone on tonight's run - You all looked great, ran well and I look forward to doing it all again next week when we help St Alban's Primary School. Click here to get signed up so you don't miss out

Tweet off!

Well done Lucy on winning the tweet off this evening!

Here's the updated league table. Lucy is smashing it this year. But there's another 33 points (approx) up for grabs until the Christmas party award ceremony

  • LM 5
  • EW 2
  • MG 2
  • DRN 1
  • BA 1
  • NS 1
  • NI 1
  • AG 1
  • WD 1
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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

Leap Plog!

Tue 26 Feb
Report written by Benjamin Annear

This evening 24 GoodGym runners got their plog on, running the streets of Cardiff cleaning rubbish with each stride.

It's Tuesday which means GoodGym is in town! (This makes it the best day of the week!). This week we went plogging. Before our run we put our gloves on and got some empty bin bags.

Warming up before the run!

It's important to limber up and get our bodies ready for intense plogging, and what better way is there to do that than with some games!

  • In the Race / Over the line
  • Pirates life for me!

We then did a headcount and welcomed new runner, OLI to GoodGym. Welcome to GoodGym Oli!! I know we're a very enthusiastic bunch and we really hope you come running with us again :)

Let's go plogging!

Mikey was ready to lead the plog. Armed with the route he led the runners towards the Castle. They were going to continue following the route however the perimeter of Cardiff Castle had been littered following the heatwave we've experienced in Cardiff over the past couples of days. After a few minutes of plogging along the grass, the grounds were beautiful and they carried on following the designated plogging route.

The plogmentalists, Adam and Chay, couldn't stop themselves from picking up even the smallest pieces of litter. The ploggers also ran past hundreds, thousands? of football fans who appeared to have no idea what on earth we were doing... (((Nathan - did you see us???))) Runners then split into teams, taking one side of the road each. FIona was quite territorial not letting any plogger from the other team collect litter that wasn't on their side. There were THANK YOUS from many members of the public, who appreciated our efforts.

Fitness session

With plogging done it was time for some fitness! A 1 mile sprint around Victoria Park was in order... 321, GO. Blink and you would have missed them.

Cool down

We then ran back to Big Moose where we reflected on the evenings plog which was PLOGTASTIC!! We ARE going to do this again that is for sure.

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

Your task is pane and simple... " You need to dress the shop windows with a Spring theme."

Tue 19 Feb
Report written by Benjamin Annear

It's goodgym day!

Yes that's right. Tuesday is here at last! And I (Ben) am also glad to be here to lead the group run with you all. After arriving back to Cardiff from Seville one hour before the start of GoodGym I'm glad my flight was on time and I made it back safely!

We are now settling back into Big Moose (One of the best cafe's in Cardiff, if not the best!). We started with a warm up... playing a fencing style warm up game whereby we had to get into pairs and then try and be the first to tag our partners leg three times. The winner had to do 10x star jumps and the loser 10x squat jumps. Next we played a game of 'rock, paper, scissors', however our actions for each had to be extremely expressive and involve considerable physical movement to ensure the game gave everyone a sufficient warm up - the game also involved running so it was definitely a good warm up!

We then quickly regrouped for a headcount and declared/announced our favourite holiday destination - people shared some very fancy holiday destinations!! ooooooo. We also took a few moments to introduce ourselves in the headcount and give a HUGE warm GoodGym welcome to LLION! Welcome to GoodGym Llion; we are this crazy and fun all of the time and we hope you find comfort in coming along and being part of GoodGym Cardiff - You are more than welcome :)

Feeling warm, ready and raring to go, it was now time to get into our groups! Mikey was leading the speedy group, Ben was leading the sexy runners and Aimee was leading the sexiest walkers! Before setting off each group was allocated a back marker that made sure nobody got left behind!

Let's go!!

Aimee and Lucy were part of the sexy walking group tonight.. the whole of Cardiff were turning their heads and doing double takes as they demonstrated the sexiest walking ever seen at GoodGym! Some people had to pick their jaws up from the floor because they were that darn good at sexy walking!

The sexy group displayed the sexiest running forms EVER and Cardiff was definitely most impressed! (Apparently people didn't blink just to be able to look at the runners for longer undisrupted).

The speedy group... well they were too quick to be noticed... they were like the secret agents of the running world!


Carl, the manager of the Tenvous store on Clifton Street, was so pleased to see us! He greeted us with a huge smile on his face and welcomed us in. He said "I know you like to run and do good and I have some tasks which I'd be really greatful for your support with". Carl told us that he needed each of the windows decorated in a Spring theme, he needed some clothes steaming and also he needed clothes sorting so that stock that wasn't selling could be moved to a different store.

Let's get to it! Immediately we began doing what we do best... working as a team to get the tasks we had been set done as good as we could in the alloted time. There were 2 groups dressing the shop windows, Lucy and Darren were steaming the clothes and another team were sorting through the clothes to bag items that would be sent to another store.

Halfway through the task Carl brought out an expensive Burberry designer jacket. How much do you think this jack retails for? Everyone's brains began ticking... I won't tell you the RRP of the item, but I can tell you that you can pick it up at the Tenovus charity store at a very good price and much cheaper than if you brought it brand new!

After 30 minutes the windows looked amazing, many clothes were steamed and stock that hadn't been sold was bagged up!

Thank you so much everyone!

Carl couldn't believe how much we had got done in the short space of time. Carl, supported by Aimee, then went out to judge the window dressing contest. There was a winner for the best family window display and another for the best spring themed window! A huge well done to both teams.

Now time to run back!

It was then time to run back. Mikey led the run back with Ben back marking. The run back was fast and there was still time to spare before the end of the run. Not wanting to waste the opportunity for more GAINS, Ben had everyone doing shuttle run sprints for the final 5 minutes. To end the run we gathered in together for a warm down. We took the opportunity to do stretches whilst reflecting on the evening's run.

WELL DONE EVERYONE! Get signed up to next week's run now by clicking here!

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

Knot wanting to cause offence... Painting eternal knots at Samye

Tue 12 Feb
Report written by Benjamin Annear

So glad you found your way to the run report! Whether you joined us on the run or just weren’t able to, here you can read about what went on and see the exciting photos from the task!

Back at Big Moose

It’s been a long 3 weeks that’s for sure! 3 weeks ago Big Moose closed temporarily as a result of Health and Safety concerns. Fortunately for Big Moose and us, these safety concerns have gone, and the cafe has now reopened… Make sure you visit there for a coffee!

Let’s get warmed up!

It’s vital to warm up those muscles before engaging in intense exercise… We don’t want to be getting injured on the way to a task! The warm up consisted of running between a blue wooden construction wall and a concrete wall, approximately 100 metres apart. Warm up exercises would change from jogging to high knees to butt kicks to jumping strides and back to jogging.

We welcomed a new runner to GoodGym this evening… WELCOME ALISON! It was so lovely to have you come along for a run this evening and your gardening skills were weedly good! Well done to Aimee and Ellen who both completed a mission on the weekend. Martin and Ben both took part in the Llanelli half marathon on the weekend too - Kudos to youuuu. And Lucy took part in Pontypool cross country - Have you seen that photo of her with the big smile on her face whilst running up a hill? It was clear she was thoroughly enjoying it.

Anyway, it’s time to get going… let’s go go go!!! We ran as two separate groups to the Samye Foundation. Mikey led the speedy group and Ben led the sexy ones, and WOW DID THEY LOOK GOOD! After about 20 minutes of running we made it to the Samye Foundation.

*Welcome to the Samye Foundation! *

Lorraine and Andrew welcomed everyone to the Samye Foundation. Lorraine told people who hadn’t run to Samye before about the centre. They explained how at the centre they promote mental health wellbeing and believe that nobody should be left to struggle with their mental health – The Samye Foundation really is an incredible place.

Feeling motivated to help their cause we couldn’t wait any longer to get stuck in. Lydia and Lucy both grabbed the yellow painted and headed to the kitchen. Andrew, Su and Aimee all armed themselves with miniature paintbrushes to paint the eternal knots on the metal fence white. Helen, Alison and Ellen all weeded the car park. Martin, Adam and Welsh Dave (He tells us he isn’t actually Welsh but we don’t believe him) all moved soil to the plantation bed at the back of the centre. They then planted daffodil bulbs and stacked up smaller plantation beds so they looked aesthetically pleasing.

Wow GoodGym! You guys are incredible. In half an hour you managed to do that!?! You are welcome back anytime.

Lorraine was so pleased with what we managed to achieve in the short space of time we were there for. To our surprise, Lorraine invited us in for some post nibbles before we ran back… They are so kind at the Samye Centre, they want to make sure we have enough energy to be able to run back to the city centre.

Our run home

On the way back to the city centre we ran back as one group. Mikey didn’t give the runners at the front an easy time though… he got them doing sprint drills!

When we arrived back to Big Moose Adam led a warm down. Then we quickly reflected on the evening's run and Lucy told us about what was coming up in the next few weeks... Exciting times, that's for sure!

See you next week folks!

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